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Homo Sapiens Haifa
Let me love you ...Haifa.  Laisse moi t'aimer....Haïfa,
website of the French community of Haifa and now
also of the Haifa Anglo community.
Haifa, Beauty, not Sleeping!
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Webmaster: Dory Cwikel
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Haifa satellite image
 Ursula Malbin sculpture garden in Haifa
folk dances in Haifa
girls ina park in Haifa
Elijah's grotto in Haifa
laboratory in Technion-superconductivity
Al Jarina  Mosque and Missile building in downtown Haifa
Ph D ceremony at Technion
antique oil lamp
Maccabi Haifa football team
cable car at Rosh Hanikra
Bahai temple and gardens in Haifa
writing on the sea
Haifa seen from the sea
dance at Technion
view of Haifa bay from the Bahai gardens
Beit Hagefen  Arab-Jewish Center-Haifa
Haifa University
Shiri Maimon
Haifa port at night
Haifa Chamber Society Chamber music concert
Haifa by night
Independance day fireworks over Haifa port
Intel quadcore chip
Mane Katz rabbi
Carmelite at the monastery, photo by  Lili Almog
Laisse moi t'aimer
Mike Brant
On Panorama street
Haim Hefer
Radio Haifa
Symphony of a city
Lights wink in the port of Haifa.
Come to our city, they invite you!
A dress of flowers adorns the Carmel,
A scent of pines spreads in the breeze
Rina Shlein
Carmel basket wild flower
Our flower, the "Carmel basket ", salsalat HaCarmel.
Let it always be full of blessings for you!
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Bible inscribed on a grain of sand-silicon nanoparticle, Technion
independance day in Haifa 2000
Jewish Agency: help for finding a job for new immigrants ....Temporarily provided appartments for new immigrants and returning citizens...Haifa Municipality Aliya website...Nanobible at Technion....Ulpan Etsion now in Haifa......the operate in August..... Interactive channel in Hebrew for new immigrants, 191 onYes, 120 on Hot… ..... Click on News...Note…
moon lght on Haifa


Haifa my love,
Let me love you even more

Please write to us, tell us about Haifa
suggest new subjects of interest.
The webmaster
Here are some stamps about Haifa and the Technion, and yes, philatelists, these are copies of French stamps
stamps: mail between France and Israel; mail between Israel and France showing the Bahai temple, Binational stamp exhibition Poland Israel 1991, National stamp
exhibition Haifa 1990, 420 international competition in Haifa, Sara, the renewal of Jewish seamanship; national stamp exhibition Haifa 89; Technion 100 years;
Haifa coat of arms; National philatelic exhibit (2 stamps with Haifa coat of arms); Holiday of holidays-Hag HaHagim
תושב חוזר toshav hozer
Our page alyiah         חיפהעליה-מידע הטבות
ושירותים לתושב החוזר,עליה, חיפה
Aliya Haifa       Haifa Welcomes Olim- New Immigrants
Special Absorption Project for Families and Returning Residents.
A basket of fruit,
red wine,
a white flower,
a piece of bread,
That's what we have,
Come with us....

Naomi Shemer
Exodus, Let me love you Haifa - Laisse moi t'aimer Haifa

A guide to Haifa and the North of Israel  

Laisse moi t'aimer Haïfa, Haïfa en Français, cliquez ici
From Haifa to Near Faraway Cairo

I recall the velvet sugar-cane juice
we drank together
with the smooth blue air
under the open skies,
the sunflower seeds
we cracked together
with jokes
echoing laughter in the sun.

How sweet the roasted sweet-potatoes
were in those rainbow days
of pretty sugar dolls.
But unlike you dear Kadreya,
Friend of my sunny schooldays,
I was told I was just
a visiting guest
though born in the land of the Nile.

Ordered by Egypt my Jewish wings to spread
to search for a new nest,
I have found it on Mount Carmel
and here I mean to stay.
My foremost wish today
is our soldier sons
to bathe in the peaceful rays
their mothers wove
when younger than they
in the near faraway
Rainbow days.
Ada Aharoni
Haifa port by Nachum Gutman
commemoration of air mail between France and Israel
Carmelite nun by  Lily Almog
Obelisk by  Santiago Calatrava
Haifa Port Nahum Gutman
Bible,  binding by Shulamit Sirota
Shulamit Sirotta, Bible
Our Golden book
Sign   Read
420 international competition in Haifa
Hof Hacarmel beach
sunset HofHacarmel beach
Haifa, Haifa
Music David Broza  Lyrics Aviv Gefen
Independance day (1956)
Haifa's eyes
Rosh HaShana in  Haifa
Best wishes for a happy new year from all our friends, click to see the cards
year 5777
commemoration of air mail between Israel and France
Spinoza stairs
Zvi Peterkovsky
US Consular agent in Haifa
Haifa seen by artists
Animals in Haifa
Sculpture garden
Sunset on the Bay
Views from satellite NASA
Sail boats
Sunset on the Mediterranean sea
Hof HaCarmel  golden sand beach
Folk Dances
Antique oil lamp
Children in a park
Nanotechnology: Bible
on a grain of sand
Al-Jarīna Mosque and
Elijah's Cave
Torah ark
Maccabi Haifa football
Maccabi Haifa victory
Laboratory Technion
Dr Honoris Causa, Technion
Cable cars
Independance day
Beit HaGefen 3 religions coexistence
Boats on the sea
Bahai Temple and gardens
Haifa view from the Bahai
Carmelite nun
Chamber music concert
Dance at Technion
Haifa port
Haifa port by Nachum Gutman
Shiri Maimon
The Exodus
Hassids, by Mane Katz
Yom HaAtzmaut fireworks
Chip, Intel, Haifa
German Colony and Bahai gardens at night
Raffineries and chemical industries
World Peace sculpture,
a present by  Wen Yuan Yan
Sunset on the sea by Catherine Leuchter
Haifa University
Maven search engine
Shamash network
Radio Haifa
Mazal Tov! World's oldest man, Yisrael Kristal, 113,  
to hold bar mitzvah in a synagogue in Haifa
- a century after he missed it due to the outbreak of World War One. Mr Kristal
was born in Poland in 1903 and is a survivor of Auschwitz
Technion is attracting more French students
"Dira Ktana BeHaïfa" - Clip by French Olim in Haïfa
realisation: Rudy  images: Pacha
Swimming pools
June in Haifa
July in Haifa