Manfred Millicent
Sirenes et merveilles,
Vents et marées,
Au loin deja
La mer s'est retirée
Et  la maille,
Comme une algue
Doucement caressee
Par le vent,
Sur le sable doré,
Ondule  en revant...
The first exhibit in Israel of the Haute-Couture designer Manfred Millicent
From August 23rd 2007 to October 2nd GamGaleria , Mapu 27, Tel-Aviv
Manfred Millicent presents her designs On an iron lattice. Let us imagine that the marvelous cloths of a mermaid
have been carried by magic, by the tide and the waves, and have gently been caught On a fishing net forgotten
On the golden sand beaches of the Carmelג€¦
Manfred Millicent
- Begins her career in the world of Haute Couture in the French fashion house Andrevie,
in Paris
- Designer for "And You" as assistant to the Japanese creator Koji Tatsuno; she creates
models for his collection.
- Creation of dresses for Jean-Paul Gaultier (1999-2000 autumn-winter collection).
- Sketch and design of models for Emmanuel Ungaro (spring 2000 and autumn 2001)
- And very recently, creations for John Galliano's spring-summer collections (2004-2006)

Exhibits and projects marking important points of her career:
- Exhibit of a brooch at the Pompidou Center, among prize winning works of the Caplain -
St Andre Foundation
- Prize for Licca's wedding dress and prize winner of the second France-Japan Grand Prix,
for the design of the collection of clothes for Licca, the Japanese version of the Barbie doll
(1998). Invited to Japan by the Takara Co Ltd company.
- Exhibition of knitted creations at the Galliera Museum, Paris's fashion museum, in the
framework of the Weeks of Fashion in Paris 2003.
- Collaboration with Jean-Louis Pinabel: design of dresses to match the feathered hats
especially created for the Prix de Diane (2003).
- Collection of hand knitted works set with semi-precious stones for the famous jewelers
Asprey & Garrard, jewelers of Her Majesty. These creations are worn by actresses at
"Oscar" award ceremonies and by celebs at gala evenings.

Manfred Millicent lives and works in  Haifa
Chic makes  aliyah!
Exposition-sale  at  the Rachel Nemesh Gallery, Moria   22 Haifa
On December 12 and  13 , 10:30-19:30, and December 14, 10:30-15:00
Exposition-sale, On November 18, at Yoline Goldberg's, 10:00,15:00
Exhibit at the Israel Art Gallery, HaMeyasedim 29, Zichron Yaakov,
March 5-25 2008