July in Haifa 2020
Films at Haifa Cinematheque
Films at the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art
In Haifa  cinemas
Beit Nagler Cinematheque
Rosh Pina Cinematheque
Kibbutz Yagur
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Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa

Haifa Museum of Art, Cinema Shabtai

Haifa Cinematheque
For  seniors, ShlishiBeRevii, The 3rd (age) On the 4th (Wednesday)
Family Saturday quality films from around the world!
On February 15, 10:45,The Storm Boy, by Shawn Seet, Australia, in English, Hebrew translation
On February 29, 10:45, The Storm Boy, by Shawn Seet, Australia, in English, Hebrew translation

On February 15, 12:45, Honey Boy, from Alma Harel,

On February 15, 20:30, Electricians by Boaz Armoni
On February 19, 18:30, Honey Boy, of Alma Harel,
On February 21, 21:00, Wester stars, by Bruce Springsteen, live performances and documentaries! In English, Hebrew translation
On February 20, 22:00, The lodge, by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala, in English, Hebrew translation

Cinema Cafe Amami

Museum of Art, Ein Harod

Rosh Pina Cinematheque

Carmiel Cultural Center

Yes Planet Haifa

Galil Hamaravi University Institute, Acre

Beit Nagler, Kyriat Haim

Bar Kolnoa HaAgaf 2, Downtown Haifa

Yad LeMeginim, Yagur

Beit Gabriel, lake of Galilee

Eshkol Payis, Nesher
Cinemas have not yet opened, stay tuned and we will stay in touch!
Week of July 2
Weekend Movies
From July 2, 18:00 to July 4, 24:00, Truman - Friends to the end of Cesc Gay, In Spanish, Hebrew subtitles, English See
the link: vimeo.com/196793016 Password: cinweekend0720
From July 4, 18:00 to July 6, 14:00, A taste of life, by Francesco Palaski, See link: vimeo.com/286940265 Password:
haifacin0720 Zoom projection
On July 2, 21:00, Exit the living room Screening of the hippest movie !!! Descent to the top, by Elad Kiden, followed by a
discussion by Zoom with the creators moderated by Galit Hogi, Registration and obtaining a link
Staff recommendations from the Cinémathèque
A foreign country, by Shlomi Eldar, documentary, link to see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYnFTTxtzS8
Alliance: about women, God and what is in between, made by Nurit Jacobs Yinon link to see https://vimeo.com/154495984
The Saint Kibbutz, from Naomi Moore Haim and Nachum Greenberg link to see https://www.youtube.com/watch?
The kibbutz, from Anat Seltzer link to see https://www.modiandanat.com/hakibutz
Cultural heroes: the rich are friends, directed by Uri Rosenwax, Ness and Zoya Cherkesky the current scene of plastic art
link to see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qHrTY3crGc
Images that changed the world, The most recognizable images in history, link to see https://www.kan.org.il/program/?

Week of July 9
Weekend Movies
From July 9, 18:00, to July 11, midnight., Cinematheque on line, Aurore, directed by Blandine Lenoir, See link: vimeo.
com/245585978 Password: cinweekend0720
From July 11, 18:00 to July 13, midnight, Cinematheque on line, Black River, by Erick Zonca, film adaptation of the book
by Dror Mishani. See the link: vimeo.com/268330116 Password: haifacin0720
On July 9, 21:00, Cinematheque on line, Exit the living room Projection of a film Laces, by Yankul Goldwasser with zoom
and 10:30 p.m., discussion with the creators, moderated by Galit Hogi,  to register and receive a link https: // www.
On July 12, 19:00, Cinematheque on line, Yad Vashem Watch Club, Le Traducteur, by Martin Schulick, Opening
remarks: Benjamin Friedenberg, presentation by Liat Ben Habib, link for viewing and conversation https://forms.
yadvashem.org / he / course-registration? id = 1030
Team recommendations
The Lost Crown - The Keter, The mystery of the lost pages, the codex of Aleppo, directed by Avi Dabah link to see https:
Adi Yefet Fox's Appelfeld table, a fascinating and complex image of the inner world of Applefeld. link to see https://www.
The injured Syrian, from Racheli Schwartz link to see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6a_lfvHWk8&vl=en
Oded Davidoff missing file link to see https://www.kan.org.il/program/?catid=1463

Week of July 16
Weekend Movies
From July 16, 18:00 to July 18, 24:00, Women on the sixth floor, by Philippe Le Guay. Link to see https://vimeo.
com/437576222 Password: cinweekend0720
From July 18, 18:00 to July 20, 24:00, La Ch'tite famille by Dany Boon, Link to view https://vimeo.com/276902678
Password: haifacin0720
On July 16, 21:00, Sortir au salon, Screening of the film Longing by Savi Gabizon, 10:30 p.m., followed by a discussion
with the creators. Link to register and receive a link https://www.eventbrite.ca / e / 112927713832? fbclid =
Staff recommendations:
-La Promise, Directed by Anat Schwartz, In France, these are the “Jews”. In the districts of Netanya, Ashdod, Jerusalem
and Tel Aviv, they are called "the French". Link to see https://vimeo.com/228722266 Password: promise01
-Humus au curry Directed by Yoni Ziegler and Noam Pinchas, Link to see https://www.youtube.com/watch?
- A wonderful failure, Magnificient failure, by Jasmine Kainy https://vimeo.com/116081821/f243b0e2e2
-Be like my father from Inbal Shprintzak Link to see ttps: //vimeo.com/55724068
Password: avi_for_forum

From June 12 to July 13, IFCINEMA Festival à la Carte Via a dedicated page on IFCINÉMA 9 feature films and 11 French
and African short films in free access on its IFCINEMA platform. with subtitles in English, and sometimes in Hebrew,
Russian and Arabic.
Le Nouveau by Rudi Rosenberg Subtitles Czech English Spanish Hebrew Hungarian Albanian Ukrainian Bulgarian
La Jeune fille sans mains by Sébastien Laudenbach Subtitles Arabic Greek English Spanish French Portuguese Thai
Ukrainian Italian
Swagger by Olivier Babinet Subtitles Arabic English Spanish French Italian Portuguese Romanian Russian Japanese
Rafiki de Wanuri Kahiu Subtitles English Spanish French Hungarian
Jean-François Laguionie's Painting Subtitles Arabic Greek English Spanish French Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian
Albanian Ukrainian Thai
Les Pépites by Xavier De Lauzanne Subtitles English Spanish French Portuguese
Les Chevaliers blancs by Joachim Lafosse Subtitles English French Italian Russian Serbian Spanish Bulgarian
Keteke by Peter Sedufia Subtitles English Spanish French Portuguese Polish
The Aquatic Effect of Solveig Anspach and Jean-Luc Gaget Subtitles Bulgarian English Spanish French Hungarian Polish
Portuguese Greek
Corporate de Nicolas Silhol Subtitles English Spanish Hebrew Croatian Hungarian Italian Portuguese Russian Bulgarian
Albanian Turkish
Olesya Shchukina's Elephant Bike Young audience
La Cage by Loïc Bruyère
Malika and the witch of Nabaloum Boureima Subtitles Arabic English Portuguese Greek Young audience
The Sense of Touch by Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo
Afrique sur Seine by Paulin Soumanou Vieyra, Mamadou Sarr and Jacques Melo Kane Subtitles English French Portuguese
Le Bûcheron des mots by Izù Troin Subtitles English Spanish German Hindi Japanese Central Khmer Polish Thai Vietnamese
Chinese Young audience
Les Filles de Alice Douard Subtitles German English Spanish French Italian Japanese Polish Portuguese Romanian
Antoine Besse's Modern Skateboarding Subtitles English Spanish
9.58 by Louis Aubert SubtitlesEnglish Spanish Portuguese Turkish
Eight by Mathieu Mouterde Subtitles English Spanish Portuguese
Dunk by Sophie Martin Subtitles English Spanish Italian Portuguese

Week of June 18
Films for the weekend travel the world  by cinema Japan, Singapore and France!
From June 18, 18:00, to June 20, 24: 00, Ramen Shop, Directed by Eric Khoo, translation into Japanese and English, Hebrew
and English See the link: vimeo.com/282702454 Password: cinweekend0620
From June 20, 18:00 to June 22, 24:00, Retour chez ma mere Produced by Eric Lavaine, translation into French, Hebrew and
English See the link: vimeo.com/428942344 Password: haifacin0620
On June 18, 21:00, Outside the living room Paper wedding Directed by Nitsan Giladi, Screening followed by a discussion with
Nitzan Giladi, Moran Rosenblatt and other guests moderated by Galit Hogi. to register and receive a link to see sent about an
hour before the screening: bit.ly/2UPznkL
Online film festival
From June 18 to July 11, Epos Festival of art films, with Hebrew subtitles. epos.filmart.co.il
The first film is offered free of charge to subscribers.
Gary Winograd - Everything is Photography Directed by Sasha Waters Freer
The Shepherd, Hans Breuer by Ronit Kratzner View link: bit.ly/2Y8DVEX
Mme G Mme Gottex Directed by Dalit Curve View link: bit.ly/37DbamO
Grosse Directed by Helit Levy View link: bit.ly/2Y8r9pJ
The Duck Journeys, Dudu Geva, Directed by Gabriel Biblioovich Watch link: bit.ly/2YAMpDu
Hebrew Book Week marks a little differently this time. Celebration with more films of the series "The Hebrews" created by
Yair Kedar:
Lea Goldberg in five Yair Kedar houses View link: bit.ly/2CfJJUw
Zelda - a simple woman by Yair Kedar View link: bit.ly/3fAiker
Alarm - YH Brenner by Yair Kedar View link: bit.ly/2BbZPy2
Pay attention again ... We will be back soon
Take away Haifa cinema: the Haifa Cinematheque at your home from Monday July 20
Over the past few months, we've been waiting for the moment when we can return to theaters and have made many efforts to move the moment forward. Unfortunately,
this is not yet possible and will probably be impossible in the near future as well.
During all this time, we have continued to keep in touch with you and to offer you rich and free cinematographic content, to subscribers of the Cinémathèque and to
moviegoers who have joined the weekly newsletter. This week we are also sending you two films for the weekend and a collection of recommendations.
But ... the period is getting longer and we have therefore decided to put the Cinémathèque back into activity in the form of home screenings for each of you.
So, every month, you can watch around thirty different films: old and new films, films on art, Israeli cinema and even films in preview!
Each film will be open for viewing for approximately 48 hours. Some films will be open for a week or more.
The viewing will be done on the well-known and user-friendly website of the Cinémathèque and the operation will be simple and practical for everyone. We cannot
continue to provide the service for free. You can choose the option that suits you:
Existing subscriptions your subscription will be thawed the first time you log in to watch a movie. One month extension as a gift for any subscriber who chooses this
option until July 31
New subscriptions and annual subscription renewals, one month free until July 31.
Monthly subscription, one month from the first visit.
A ticket for each film for those who are not subscribed
Purchase of subscriptions will soon be possible via the website Films will soon be online