May in Haifa 2018
Guided walks and visits

Visits organized by the Haifa Tourism Office
The association has the right to change and cancel visits

Trumpet in the wadi

Free visit of Haifa, The City, Bahai Gardens, German Colony, Market, Daniel Sigalov - 058-6048428 meeting at Gan HaEm, HaNassi 119,

Discover Haifa with a guided hiking tour of Haifa in English , downtown, Louis promenade, a visit to the Baha'i Gardens, the German colony
and Wadi Nisnas Enjoy the aromas and flavors of the Arab market, meet other residents and other tourists, the guide wears a yellow hat
Starting point: HaNassi avenue Gan HaEm

City tour (4h), from the Office of Tourism, Ben Gurion 48, Panoramic tour of Haifa,  by bus (4h) Promenade Louis, Stella Maris,  German
Colony, Wadi Nisnas, please register in advance  04-8535606/101 or at the reception of your hotel,  starting from the Tourism Office, Ben
Gurion 45, Haifa

Tfadallu visit, meeting with the flavors and colorful characters Wadi Nisnas (1h30-2h) please book in advance 04-8535606
On May 12, 10:00, Walk guided by Orna Sid Haifa flavors, house stories and tastings (falafel, coffee, honey candies, stuffed vegetables) in the
German Colony and Wadi, Haifa

Guided walk in Hadar, the history of Haifa, Herzl streets, Haneviim to the German Colony, (2h), free admission, registration in advance
1-800-30-50-90 / 101 square Itskowic departure, between Theodore hotels and Gallery
On May 7, 11:00, Guided Walking in Hadar, Haifa Story
On May 12, 11:00, Guided Walking in Hadar, Haifa Story
On May 19, 11:00, Guided Walking in Hadar, Haifa Story
On May 26, 11:00, Guided Walking in Hadar, Haifa Story

A dramatized visit to the German Colony, guided by actors, please register in advance 04-8535606

Guided walk at the  Carmel Center (Merkaz Carmel) (2h), starting Yeffe Nof Street 89, near the Museum Mane Katz, Louis Promenade, View
of Bahai gardens, sculptures garden, Boulevard HaTsionut down to the Bahai Temple, free tour, depends the number of participants, advance
registration 04-8535606 ext 101 or 1-800-30-50-90, Haifa.
On May 7, 10:30, Carmel Center (Merkaz Carmel) Guided Walk (2h),
On May 12, 10:30, Carmel Center (Merkaz Carmel) Guided Walk (2h),
On May 19, 10:30, Carmel Center (Merkaz Carmel) Guided Walk (2h),
On May 26, 10:30, Carmel Center (Merkaz Carmel) Guided Walk (2h),

Haifa and its magic,  Tour of the panoramas with the mentalist magician Aladdin Yoni, from the Crowne Plaza, views of the Bahai gardens
the Louis Promenade and the stories of the donkey path to Sadat's visit to Haifa, the barrel Ottoman, Dan Hotels stories start: Yefe Nof 111,
Register 1-800-30-50-90 station 101 depends on a minimum of subscribers and weather, Haifa
Magics tour

Dramatized visit, looking for the hidden treasure buried by a pirate in 17th Century, interactive games (6-12), 1-800-30-50-90 post entries 101,
depends on a minimum number of participants start: Place de Paris, Haifa

Guided tour of graffiti in Downtown, Downtown Haifa is home to contemporary fine arts in Haifa, history of artistic development with
HaAgaf gallery, Shaar3, the Kartel completely covered in graffiti and street art done by urban artists leaders worldwide, Know Hope, Klone,
Filfeld, Adi Sand, Tipa Grafic, and of course CFB Haifa, (1:30), Visit conditional to a minimum of participants. Registration Tel: 04-8535606
ext 101, starting Hanamal 36, Haifa

Visit of Graffiti in Hadar, Haifa, Israel Florence of graffiti, Broken Fingaz Crew fortress KEOS, CRASH, graphic Tipa and others discovered
the roots of the most fascinating artistic movement of our time, (1:30), Visit conditional to a minimum of participants Registration Tel:
1-800-30-50-90, meeting near the metro station at 48  Golomb Street, Haifa

Visits organized by the Haifa City Museum
A series of guided walks. The tours are guided by the best qualified teachers in this field. The walks take about two hours, come with walking
shoes and water. There may be changes due to weather conditions, for informations, you can visit the site of the
Museum of the City of Haifa,
Compulsory inscription 04-9115888 or   04-8383554
On May 12, 11:30, The 70th Anniversary of the State of Haifa: A Tour of the Bat Galim District, National Maritime Museum, Haifa
On May 25, 9:00, The French Carmel and Ramat HaTishbi, Walk led by architect Walid Karkabi, (2:30), inscriptions 04-8383554, Haifa
On May 27, 8:30, The 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel: A tour of the Israeli mosaic with Alliance Hammad on a study tour of Haifa's
landscapes, with photographic techniques learned in the "Israeli mosaic" " free admission. 073-2608000, Har HaCarmel National Park, Haifa

Outings organized by Beit Nagler 04-8724694

Visits organized by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel 03-6388688
On May 12, 6: 00-17: 00, HaMovil Junction on the Israel National Trail, code 71205188, adult hiking 18+ moderate-hard difficulty, between
Nazareth and Zippori, outskirts of Nazareth, surrounding villages, hills, forests , former aqueduct near Zippori and impressive oaks near
Movil. Lower Galilee, Gilboa and Valleys
On May 11, 2 days on the Israel Trail, code 11105181 river cliffs, canyon, impressive and rich Mediterranean vegetation, Keren Naftali,
Ussishkin Museum, first step on the trail, for families difficult medium difficulty, 10+, Upper Galilee and western
On May 11, Kabbalat Shabbat with birds, code 11110518, bird watching at dusk, visit fish ponds, and waterfowl Carmel, Ramat Menashe, for
the entire Maagan Michael family
On May 12, Mount Dvora to Zippori / HaMovil Junction code 71205188 on the National Trail of Israel (18+), difficult for good walkers, 15
km, Galilee
On May 12, The Nature Start-up - The Secret Language of Plants, Code 11120510, For Families, 5+, Medium Difficulty, Shimri Creek on
Carmel, Maharal Valley
On May 12, Toddlers Walk, at Carmel Rakit Ridge, code 11120518, medium difficulty, view of the Mediterranean and Sharon, flora and fauna
On May 18-19, 2018, Shavuot, family vacation in Galilee! Code 21805182, walks in the lower Galilee and in the valley of springs, Alon Tavor
Field School
On May 19, Ramat HaNadiv, code 11190518, for the family, medium difficulty, HaNadiv gardens and Mansour course in Ekev Ein Zur
On May 20, Nof Carmel for the little ones, code 11200518, for the family, medium difficulty, on the Green mountain, Nahal Alon, Carmel
Ramot Menashe
On May 20, In Kinnereth Country, in the shade of palm trees, code 22005182, for family, medium difficulty, palm groves and heritage sites,
Rishonim stories and sing together songs of Rachel and Naomi Shemer, Galilee Superior and Western
On May 21, A whole world, code 11210518, for families, medium difficulty, the Nachsholim coastal strip, lagoon, sand shells and small
animals hidden in lagoons, Carmel Beach Field School.
On May 25-26, 2018, Another summer, code 12505181, for families, medium difficulty, 7+ a little more green before the summer heat, Golan
Heights School
On May 26, 2018, Picking at Ein Nili, capers and mustards, code 92605189, for families, (7+), medium difficulty, Carmel and Ramot Menashe
On May 31, On the Roads Seminar on Hiking Trails in Israel, Haifa University

National Parks and Reserves Authority       
Guided sightseeing and Enchanted nights in the parks, please subscribe in advance*3639 free guided tours and activities except the entrance

Easy access to the land of streams, an accessible trail in the Nahal Snir Reserve, one of the Jordan's springs, wetlands and developed
vegetation of rare species, Snir Natural Park

Beit Shearim every day, 10:00, 11:00 , 12:00, Guided tour, music, archeology, UNESCO site, Historic site of Beit Shearim
Beit Shearim, Guided tours of the Menora cave, please register in advance 04-9831643, guided tour, music, archeology, UNESCO site,
Historic site of Beit Shearim
Beit Shearim Exit from the routine the menorah cave, 10: 30, 11: 30, visit caves decorated with reliefs and inscriptions; the history of the
Jewish people and the story of the menorah in the Land of Israel 1800 years ago.
On May 4, 10:30, 11:30
On May 5, 10:30, 11:30
On May 11, 10:30, 11:30
On May 12, 10:30, 11:30
On May 18, 10:30, 11:30
On May 19, 10: 30, 11: 30
On May 25, 10:30, 11:30
On May 26, 10:30, 11:30

Hai Bar Carmel, for the whole family Eye-level eagle and deer on the Carmel Nature Conservation Island, guided tour, wildlife, Hai Bar
Carmel Nature Reserve
On May 5, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00
On May 12, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00
On May 19, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00
On May 26, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00

Luxury and beauty in ancient Caesarea, the port city built by King Herod
On May 5, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00
On May 12, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00
On May 19, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00
On May 26, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00
Lanterns in ancient Caesarea, the port city built by King Herod
On May 4, evening
On May 11, evening
On May 18, evening
On May 25, evening

Zippori city of the Mishna, once capital of Galilee, seat of the Sanhedrin, Mishna, mosaics of Roman and Byzantine era, Zippori National Park
On May 5, 11:00, 13:00
On May 12, 11:00, 13:00
On May 19, 11:00, 13:00
On May 26, 11:00, 13:00

Tel Megiddo

Outings organized by MAKA details 054-9528110

Outings organized by Ascola,  start from Merkaz HaCongressim, Haïfa  1-700-700-169

Outings organized by MAKA 054-9528110

Outings organized by the Jezreel Valley Regional Council  Regional Département of Knowledge of the Country, founded by  Menachem
Zaharoni zl, 04-6520082, 04-6520126 Fax: 04-6520101

Outings organized by Beit Gabriel 04-8383554

Outings organized by the Merkaz HaHantsacha, Kyriat Tivon, 04-9835506, 04-9837432

Trips, excursions, nature

Next to Haifa
Lake Hula, one of the most beautiful sites for the observation of birds in the world
Observe birds at Lake Hula, 6937069
Botanical Garden, Wizo Academic College, Kiryat Tivon, Last Saurday of the month 9 : 00 and 11 : 00, Visit of the botanical garden, and bird
National Parks: Every Saturday, Guided tours of nature reserves: Hai Bar (Carmel forests), Nahal Mearot (prehistoric caves ) the Hula
reserve * 3639
National Park of Beit Shean, new sound and light,, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, 19:00-21:30, Saturday 19:30-21:30, * 3639
Hai Bar Carmel, Guided Tours and Wildlife every Saturday, 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00, * 3639
Mearot Nahal Nature Reserve,  tours of prehistoric caves, Every Saturday, 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00, * 3639
Tiberium water show On the sea of Galilee,  20:30, 21:30, 22:30, southern part of the promenade
KKL JNF Field trips and activities, 1 800 350 550 Observation of birds at Hula with KKL
Off the beaten tracks, suggestions of the Jerusalem Post
On the footsteps of kangaroos and koalas, Gan Guru, 6488060, Kibbutz Nir David
Haifa and Hadera electricity power stations, free entrance, reservation 03-5677777  
The Naharayim experience, son et lumiere, hydroelectric Tel-Or old station, 04-06753336
Heftzibah farm, On the banks of the Hadera river, free entrance, 04-6348742/4
Every Friday, 10.00, Cruise On a fishing boat On Lake Tiberias,  registration and details: 04-665-8008, Ein Gev
Society for Protection of Nature in Israel Some Yarok tours that take place in the North

Nature reserves and parks

Some places to enjoy Nature and historic sites, reserves, brooks  ponds, and beaches
-Achziv National Park, Beaches coves and lagoons, antiques, 04-9823263
-Arbel Nature Reserve, 04-6732904
-Banias National Park, Springs, streams and forest, 04-6902577
-Baram National Park, Ancient synagogue, 04-6989301
-Zichron Yaacov,  Tiul Gan National Park
-Beit Alpha National Park, Mosaics of the synagogue,  (zodiac and sacrifice of Isaac), 04-6532004
-Beit Shean National Park, Roman antiquities, 04-6587189
-Beit Shearim National Park, Catacombs of the Mishnaic period, 04-9831643
-Betekha National Park, Bethsaida, and Majrase Zaki, fresh water, water course or dry path 04-6793410
-Capernaum National Park, Fishing village of the time of Jesus, 04-6793865
-Mount Carmel National Park, 04-8228983
-Hai Bar, vultures, gazelles, 04-8320648
-Caesarea National Park, Antique port and  Crusader fortress, Roman amphitheater, 04-6361358, 04-6361010
-Ein Afek National Park, Wildlife,  swampy areas, 04-8779992
-Gamla Nature Reserve,vultures, Ma'ale Gamla,04-6822282
-Hamat Tiberias National Park, Former synagogue and ancient medicinal baths, 17 springs, Suleiman Steam Museum, 04-6725287
-Gan HaNadiv, Baron de Rothschild Garden, Zichron Yaakov
-Hephzibah park, 04-6241561, 04-6241558
-Hermon National Park, Walks, winter ski resort, 1599-550-560
-Hula National Park, waterfowl, millions of migrating birds, 04-6817137
-Hurshat Tal National Park,  04-6942440, 04-6942360
-Kinneret Park, 04-6757730, 054-2327978
-Kochav HaYarden National Park, Fort Belvoir castle,  overlooking the Jordan Valley, 04-6581766
-Korazim National Park, Ancient Jewish city, basalt, 04-6934982 Korazim
-Kursi National Park, Miracle of the Demons of Gadara, magical bench, 04-6731983
-Maayan Harod National Park, Gilboa, Jezreel Valley near Moshav Gidona, 04-6532211
-Megiddo National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city of Ahab's chariot, water tunnel, 04-6590316
-Nahal Mearot National Park, UNESCO World Heritage, prehistoric caves Acheuliennnes, Mughariennnes,Mousteriennnes, Aurignaciennnes
site and Natufiennnes, 04-9841750/
-Nesher JNF Park, Adventures, drill, Tel Hanan and around Nesher
-Nimrod Fortress National Park, Qal Namrud, Nests of vultures and panorama, 04-6949277
-Ramat Menashe Park, Forest, 1800-350-550
-Rosh Hanikra National Park, Cable, cliffs and sea caves, 073-2710100
-Tel Hazor National Park, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the capital of  Canaanite Bronze Age and Israelite period Galilee, 04-6937290
-National Park Gan -Sahne,  HaShlosha Springs, natural pools, Beit Shean, 04-6586219
-Taninim National Park, Marshes beside the sea, 04-6265151
-Tel Dan National Park, Sources of Dan and antiques, 04-6951579
-Zippori National Park and Alonei Abba,  Jewish and Roman city from the time of the Mishna, antique mosaics, 04-6568272
-Hittin Career, Volcanic basalt flows, Nabi Shuaib, near Mount Arbel
-Heftzibah Career, Unique geological formations, Kibbutz Heftzibah
-Ein Moda HaMaayanot Spring, Pond in a clearing
-Ein Divsha, Spring, Gadot
-Ein Lior Spring, Safed
-Ein Mokesh, Spring, ancient basalt stairs, Ein Zivan
-Cave Maarat Peer,  HaBolaan, Kibbutz Sassa
-Mitspor, Chara viewpoint, overlooking the Nahal Amud, Amiad, 04-6714770
-Nahal Achuza, Trempiada top of Freud Street, Haifa
-Nahal Hik, South of Haifa, near the entrance of Usfyiah
-Nahal Gilbon or Dvorah, 4km north east of Gadot
-Nahal Dishon, Kibbutz Baram
-Nachal Daliot Majarsa, 04-6793410, Ma'ale Gamla
-Nahal Hazbani Nature Reserve, Kibbutz Hagoshrim, 04-6950064
-Nahal Zavitan, Kazrin
-Nahal Itspor, David Nir
-Nahal Saar, Ein Kanyia
-Nahal Orvim
-North Golan Plateau
-Nahal Iron,  Wadi Ara, Barkai
-Nahal Tzalmon, Elyabun
-Nahal Tavor, Gazit
-Park of the Senses, Garden, Zichron Yaakov near the  Carmel wineries
-Adamit park, Adamit
-Alona -Park, Old water tunnel ( Herod ) leading to Caesarea, 04-6388622 Near Amikam
-Port of Ein Gev, Lake of Galilee, Kibbutz Ein Gev
-Golan beach, Tiberias, Golan Beach
-Dor HaBonim Beach Nature Reserve, 04-8252266
-Maayan Zvi Beach
-Sironit Beach, Galilee, Tiberias, at the southern entrance to the city, 04-6721449
-Shavey Zion Beach
-Sea to Sea Trail,  65km hike between the Mediterranean and the Sea of Galilee, Goren
-Ramat Issachar scenic road, Shvil Nof, Beit Hashita
-HaYarden Tayelet, Promenade HaYarden, Kfar Blum
-Shirat HaYam Tayelet, Promenade Shirat HaYam, Tiberias
-Maagan Shavit, Quai Shavit, Marina, fishing pier , Kishon, Haifa

On May 3 to 5, Jane's walks in Haifa!
The community of Haifa and the environment of the Society for the Protection of Nature are happy to take
part in the festival and to lead three walks in the fascinating urban nature of Haifa and its surroundings
On May 3, 15:30, Photographing the Haifa Story, Gan HaLochem - Horev Center
On May 3, 17:30, In Shikmona and its treasures, Schwatina - Bat Galim Cable Car
On May 3, 18:00 A walk in the light of Haifa torches on Galil street The Galil and Trumpeldor corner
On May 3, 18:15, History and sunset observation at Stella Maris, observation point
On May 3, 19:30 Cholenta Tower Haifa, Ruppin Bridge (Ruppin / Kaniel Bus Station)
On May 4, 9:00, Old New - "The Village" and the new neighborhoods of Tirat Carmel, 33 Palmach Street (on
the grass next to the synagogue)
On May 4, 10:00, Haifa El Jadida, Modern architecture of the city (pre-registration) Observation post in the
memorial garden
On May 4, 10:00, Nesher City Historic Heritage (Pre-Enrollment), The End of Haskala Street in Nesher
On May 4, 10:00, Supporters at Hadar, Yosef Street
On May 4, 11:00, The story of small businesses in Haifa through a culinary tour in the lower city, Paris
Square, Haifa, Israel
On May 4, 11:00, The Haifa Trail as a Tourism Opportunity in the City Central Station
On May 4, 11:00, Hadar by Avraham Ben Zeev, Arlozorov Street
On May 4, 11:00, Graffiti tour in Haifa at the Jane Walk Festival, Hasayeret Art Tours
On May 4, 15:00, History of pride in Haifa, At the entrance of Isha L'Isha (Arlosoroff 118)
On May 4, 17:00, The Wadi becomes a city Gut Levin 6, Ramot Sapir
On May 5, 9:00, Bicycle at the bottom - how a bike can save the lower town Bat Galim Cable Car
On May 5, 10:00, Walk in the footsteps of fighters West Parking Park BaLaGan Yagur
On May 5, 11:00, Carmel and the city The Grove of Forty
On May 5, 12:00, Hadar, the best district of Haifa, The playground of the Urim school (Montefiore 17)
On May 5, 12:00, Ramot Remez - a pioneering neighborhood for urban destruction Corner of Henkin Street
and International Street
On May 5, 17:00, From the mountain - Urban trip to Haifa A meeting in the mother's garden at the entrance
of Nahal Lotem
On May 5, 17:00, A visit to Sambor - a rural tranquility in the middle of the city Book Square
On May 5, 17:00, Bat Galim - past, present, future Bat Galim Railway Station
On May 5, 18:30, Haifa mushrooms - the hidden village of Nahal Azov