Virus Corona Covid-19 crisis

Most cultural, sports, entertainment activities, etc. are canceled or postponed to slow the spread of the
Covid 19 - Corona virus. I am unable to keep up to date and publish these cancellations in our calendar.
Please check with the organizers. With all my best wishes for good health, hoping for better days.
To help you receive your medication Emergency center due to the epidemic of Corona for people in
Phone. 03-5792220   Fax. 03-5792223

The Association of Friends of Medicine was created in 2003 to help the sick and disabled. In no time, he became a leader
in Israel to help get medical and pharmaceutical treatment, while responding graciously and individually to the plight of
tens of thousands of patients from all walks of life in Israel. The organization brings together a wide range of services
and projects aimed at providing the most assistance to patients. The departments are made up of staff, professionals -
pharmacists, lawyers, doctors, business leaders and thousands of volunteers in all fields of activity in Israel.
In 2008, the National Volunteer Council received the exemplary organization, in early 2011, it received the shield of the
Minister of Health, and in August 2013, the Presidents Volunteer Organization was rewarded.
A.R. 58-040-874-8

Ministry of Health  
*8840 Hotline Help for Seniors
Announcement of the Office for Social Equality-Seniors  (free translation)
Dear friends, we are in a period of confinement. We don't yet know the final scope and where it goes, but one
thing is certain: Seniors are the population at greatest risk. I urge you that each senior you have heard about
or around you know the number *8840  which in ordinary times deals with the rights of seniors, but to which
we have now added  staff we have hired and a large number of volunteers to manage all problems (except
health problems for which the Ministry of Health is responsible):
replace a bulb,
go shopping,
everything you need, ….
to prevent the exit of the seniors and to protect them.

Open line to social workers and psychologists from the municipality of Haifa - 04-8355761
8: 00-16: 00

Haifa residents - you are not alone! To cope with personal and family emotions during the Corona and for the
preparation of a gradual return to the routine. You are welcome to contact us
04-8355761 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Some of us, seniors, families, youth and residents who are in confinement experience different emotional
responses to the situation: feelings of loneliness and concern for health, and within the family it can there is
increased conflict, anger and even violence, some due to the many hours spent together by everyone at home.
This is a difficult and complex time for all of us!
Social workers and psychologists in the municipality of Haifa offer you an attentive ear and open an "open
line" to help you and best advise you to cope during this period, and perhaps an opportunity to get out of the
crisis. .
Coronavirus : visualisation of countries that have or have not yet "flattened the curve" , updated daily

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