Haifa, Cultural activities,
series 2013-2014 season
Beit Abba Hushi
Tarbut Neto

Beit Nagler, Kiryat Haim

Haifa Museums
Courses and workshops for adult  and for children
Center for the Arts, Haifa Museum of Art, art for the little ones,
Tikotin  Museum  of Japanese Art,  
Center for the Arts, Haifa Museum of Art,  
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Circle of Culture To register and for more information: Tel: 04-8383554

Haifa, focus on architecture, Guided walks by architect Walid Karkabi

Fantastic trips
Traveling the country with the best guides

Beit Yad LeBanim
Zamir quartet concerts with Vladimir Shmuelensohn, Alexander Gurevich, Lev Mateikov,

Concerts of chamber music quartet Zamir Haifa

Cultural events in the library of Yad Lebanim, meetings with the authors

Ascola, The open University

Hecht Museum, University of Haifa
Lectures, concerts
Story hour(3-6)
information 04-8240308
Playsfor children,  

The New Haifa Symphony Orchestra
Haifa Opera Series

The Grand Classic Series
This season, the Grand Classic Series, comprises classical and vocal concerts as well as operas.  

The Classic Series at Nagler Hall
The Krayot Classic Series will be also run during the 2013-14 season, at Nagler hall in Kiryat Haim. Nagler Hall is one of the
prominent culture centers in Haifa. It's location in Kiryat Haim has turned it to a central venue for the entire Kryot
population and it is the drawing point of the majority of the cultural and community activities in the area. Nagler hall is a
leading culture venue including a 500 seat concert hall and a cafeteria.  

Saturday Night Series at Krieger Center
An intimate series of five classic concerts. Come and enjoy the benefits of listening to a concert in a modern hall at the Kriger
Center for the performing arts.
* Ample free of charge parking** During daylight saving time, concerts on Saturday start at 21:00

Haifa Big Band,
The Haifa Big Band, a subsidiary of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, continues to sell out dozens of concerts and shows in
Israel and abroad.  

Friday Classics
A series of six light and pleasant concerts on Friday mornings. This season, we present top Israeli, conductors and soloists,
winners of many International competitions. The Program offers a diverse repertoire of beloved and familiar music, with the
participation of young Israeli soloists and experienced conductors.
The Haifa Symphony Orchestra has long since made it a personal goal to bridge the gap between the younger generations
and classical music. This goal was set in the belief that opening a window, for youngsters, to the magical world of sound, will
enrich their world, grant them cultural values and help them become more receptive to a multitude of experiences. This
unique series of 5 concerts for children, includes interactive concerts incorporating different art disciplines for every concert,
such as dancing, singing acting, etc. All concerts are moderated and performed in full costume. Sponsored by the Ruben and
Edith Hecht Trust. Subscribers to the ClassiKids series will earn a bonus: Petite Suite - a series of introductory session for no
additional cost. For information about these sessions, click here.

Petite Suite,

The Haifa Chamber Music Society
A large choice among more than 60 concerts and series inquiries and reservations: 04-8363804
The Haifa Chamber Music Society

The different series:
Beyond the bow, together with explanations Carmel Quartet,  
Barocade, baroque ensemble,  
Tel Aviv Soloists musical direction Barak Tal,  
The great quartets,  
Magical sounds with Niza Shaul for 4-10 children and the whole family, 9/11/13, 14/12/13, 15/02/14, 03/22/14, 06/14/14

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra  Series  in Haifa A and B
What suits you best? A complete series of 10 concerts from the best of the world repertoire? or a mini series of 5 concerts?  

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, series Haifa A and mini series A

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, series Haifa B and mini series B

The Israel Kibbutz Orchestra- Netanya
The Israel Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra, Music Director: Shalev Ad-El Spring of nations Inquiries and reservations  
077-466-17-66. Kibboutz Ein HaHoresh 04-6127719 Kimaron Hall, Emek HaMaayanot 04-6065860 Kibboutz Ein HaShofet
04-9598506 Cultural Center, Naharyia 04-6065860

Israel Organ Society
We are happy to announce that the Israel Organ Society, with the collaborationof the Music Department in the Haifa
University House of Arts and of the Hecht Museum will be holding monthly organ recitals especially for members of the I.O.S

Haifa Cinematheque
For more information: 04-8338888 kupot@ethos.co.il
La Cinema, Opera, Ballet, on the big screen

Duo Opera, Cinema, Lectures by Yossi Shifman with projection of a film,

Keshet Eilon

The Carmel Quartet
Concerts with explanations Four concert lectures, presenting masterpieces of the quartet repertoire in a cultural, historical
and musical context.

Classics in Personnal View
with Astrith Baltsan, concert pianist and lecturer

The Tel Aviv soloists Ensemble  

Ein Harod Museum of Art
Pearls of music season 3  

Yad LeMeginim, Kibbutz Yagur
Brochure pour la saison 2014-2015


Concerts with Gil Shochat

Around the world
Lecture  presentation, followed by a show on the same subject

Representations of the Yiddishpiel
plays with translation into Hebrew and Russian, including:

Evenings of singing with the Asnar brothers

Theatre for children 8-12 years

Combined subscription: theater, dance and music for 3-7 years

Scottish House, Tiberias

The Jerusalem Israeli Camerata

The Human Voice series

The Instrumental Plus series

subscription in Haifa: The Human Voice - Haifa  The Human Voice series brings to Haifa the biggest vocal performers.  
subscription in Carmiel  - a mixed series of five concerts

Haifa Municipal Theatre
Repertoire plays or invited plays to choose from, including:

Haifa Municipal Theater for children
Hatsagele, series for children 6 to 10 years
Hatsagele, series for children 3 to 5 years

HaTsafon Theatre
You can choose among a large number ofinvited plays and shows
HaTsafon Theatre
The series include:


Hello wonderful country
a  trip to Israel songs

The Jewish Nigun

The exciting cities of the world,
live music combined with lectures and audio-visual shows

The Bolshoi Live HD from Moscow

Series for  children

Motzkin Theatre
Theater series, + plays, stand-up  or shows to choose from Series for children,Theater, Magic sounds, Hannuka shows
Theater series

Classic Emotions
With Gil Shochat, art direction and interpretation

And the chorus returns, Poems and stories of life

The Ashdod Andalusian Orchestra
Conductor and musical director Shmuel Elbaz, musical advisor Yoram Azoulay. with the New Vocal Ensemble, Emil
Zerihan, Benjamin Bouzaglo, Raymonde Abecassis, Lior Elmaleh, Boaz Sharabi Joseph and Jacob Ben-Shabat, Ofir Ben
To subscribe: www.andalusit.co.il | 1-800-693-693 | 04-8806000  Andalusian Orchestra

Giving honor,
The Aznar brothers honor the greatest songs and entertainment shows on the Israeli stage

Satire and stand-up

Comedy and entertainment

International Show

Farsteist Yiddish?

Plays for children

Magical sounds with Niza Shaul, concerts for children wirh stories and explanations

Haifa dance
new season information 04-8353508

Ramat Eshkol synagogue
Lecture series with presentations

Nesher Cultural Center
Nesher Cultural Center, Singing club, the audience sings along with an artist
Theater for kids (3-8)

Musee Ouvert Tefen
As every year, major cultural organizations offer you subscriptions for the 2013-2014 season
You can subscribe to series of concerts, lectures, theatre plays etc.... The cost per event is
much cheaper if you take a subscription.
This choice of cultural activities is very wide. Read  below the translation into English of  
the programs that have already been published and look at the links to read about practical
modalities. Some programs may undergo some modifications.
The series for kids are written in yellow
Look for the relevant color,  for instance

Lectures series
Beit Abba Hushi Tarbut Netto   white
Beit Nagler  grey
Haifa Museums Culture Circle
Beit Yad LeBanim

the New Haifa Sumphony Orchestra , series for kids and for grown ups
♫▌♪▌ ▌ ♪  Jazz
Haifa Chamber Music Society
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Hecht Museum
The Israel Kibbutz Orchestra
Carmel quatuor
Israel Organ Society
Keshet Eilon
Yad LeMeginim, Kibbutz Yagur
Scottish Hotel Ecossais, Tiberias
The Jerusalem Israeli Camerata, family series

Haifa Municipal Theater
HaTsafon Theater
Motskin Theater

Haifa Cinematheque
Haifa Dance Ballet series
All programs can be subject to changes