Haifa: Golden age
Every year, Haifa Municipality wants to show its warm relation to the Senior Citizens of the town and organizes
very diverse activities, adapted to all, that take place during the whole month of November and for some of them
The lobby of retired people in Haifa

The lobby of retired people was created in Haifa in 2004.
It's aim is to be a voice for retired people, a weak part of the society,
who are hurt more and more by the economic and social decisions
taken by the governement and by the local authorities.
It is civil, independant and animated by volunteers .
1. to improve the status of golden age people living in Haifa.
2. to encourage retired people to be active : "retired people on behalf
of retired people"  in the field of social activities.
3. to collaborate with organizations that work for the amelioration of
the quality of life of older people.
4. to lobby effectively to influence official decisions concerning rights
and duties of retired people
5 to  make the voice of the ever growing population of elderly people
heard, a voice that has so often been ignored till now.

today in June 2006, we have almost 3000 members
WITH YOU ....we will be even more!

web site :
write to us: email: webmaster@seniors-haifa.org
tel: 0523-704084     04-8721486
Municipality of Haifa activities for the elderly. In every district,  
Bituach leumi   The National Insurance Institute * 6050
Senior Citizens Advice Service Bituach Leumi * 9696

Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel,
AACI Haifa seniors division
Millie Powell, (04) 857-0507; Dorothy Fajans, (04) 824-2885
Activities  in Milab Clubs and in Matnassim
Gymnastics, Feldenkreitz,Pilatis,  special exercices  
against osteoporosis, meditation, Tai-Chi,
ping-pong, folk dances , 1960 dances
Drawing , jewelry, wood carving , ceramica,
carpentry, etc...
Computers et Internet
Study of languages
Ulpan for Hebrew , Arabic, English , French,
Yiddish, Spanish, Italian
Sensitive Intelligence
Positive thought
World Cultures
Creative writing
Thanks to its pleasant climate, Haifa  has always been a place of choice  for Seniors and pensioneers
Repairs, renovations at home, a hairdresser, a cook  to prepare a meal?
Shilo Association , in partnership with the municipality can help you
Practical information
Repairs,  hairdresser, catering, help at home
Clubs, meeting places , activities
November, month of the Golden Age.
the NIL provides income and daily assistance according to the needs of the elderly
Haifa Municipality Arnona Discount for  seniors     
The Haifa Municipality gives a 30% discount on City Real Estate Taxes (Arnona) on the first 100 square
meters to all Seniors whose monthly income is below 8,221 nis for a single and 12,330 nis for a couple.  You
must bring with you a document (ishur) from Bituach Leumi that states that you do NOT receive Kitzvat Zikna
and documentation of your income from abroad as well as 3 months of bank statements from your checking
If you receive Kitzvat Zikna from Bituach Leumi you are entitled to a 25% discount on the Arnona regardless
of your income. Bring an ishur from the Kitzvat Zikna department of Bituach Leumi.  
The Haifa Arnona office has moved to 2 Huri Street.  Their phone number is 1 700 700 060 and they answer
from 8:30 – 2:30 where they usually ask you to leave your number and they will call you back.  
Municipality of Haifa,
Haifa Municipality Seniors Organization
Kol Zhut        hotline *8840
rights and entitlements in Israel
Kol Zhut for seniors
Kol Zhut for new immigrants
Pensioners information from the Ministry of Absorption
The 5th Israel Gimlayeda
On October 25, 26, 27, The 5th Gimlayeda, Festival of the Golden Age,
details and inscriptions in clubs for seniors  Milab   04-8629437 or at Beit
Hecht 04-8353515, Esplanade, auditorium Rappoport, Haifa
On October 25 and 26, Feast of health in the morning, organized by Shilo,
The program aims to enable seniors to try different  programs free of charge
9:00-9:40Tai Chi, Chi Kong,  Gardens of the auditorium, Rappoport
auditorium, Haifa
9:45-10:30,  Nordic Walking
9:45-12:30, Petanque, spices, medicinal plants and vegetables, our
four-legged friends, information about volunteering and activities in the
districts of the city
On October 25, 9:30-11:00, The mysteries of memory by Dr. Iris Kleinman
Haetsni, Room 102, Beit Hecht
On October 25, 17:00, Gimlayeda, Perfume of the orchard, a show of songs
in Ladino, with Nirit Aharoni, Ilan Leibowicz, Sigi Hezma, Rappoport Hall,
On October 25, 19:30 Gimlayeda, with Dan Almagor: meeting Haiim Gouri,
steps in  his life and choice of poems, with Sassi Keshet, Gaby Berlin, Yona
Shaked, Einat Orenstein, The Bat Shir choir, the Regev trio,  musical
direction by Uri Kariv, Rappoport auditorium, Haifa
On October 26, 10:30, Gimlayeda, The 1rst Bible Quiz for seniors: The elder
in the biblical texts, presented by Avshalom Kor, Rappoport Hall, Haifa
On October 26, 9:45-11:00, Health and happiness, by Dr. Dina Eisen, Room
101, Beit Hecht
On October 26, 11:00, Gimlayeda,   Gypsy Flames, songs, musicians,
dancers and Gypsies and Russians, musical direction by Gary Lovrov,
Rappoport auditorium, Haifa
On October 26, 17:30, Gimlayeda, Best of Yiddish, Shuli Nathan and Betty
Klein, accompanied by musicians, Rappoport Hall, Haifa
On October 26, 19:30 Gimlayeda,  Sarele Sharon and The Gevatron, Tribute
to Kibbutz, Rappoport auditorium, Haifa
On October 27, Gimlayeda, Day excursion  and activities to the springs  of
Tiberias, use of pools and baths , performance of the artists,  fashion show,
details and inscriptions in  Milab clubs 04-8629437 or 04-8353515 Beit Hecht
Look at the  municipality site to see times of field trips  
Tanach quizz for seniors
Association for the Advancement of Seniors in  Haifa
Haifa Anglo Seniors - Monthly meetings are held on
Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. at the Moadon, 8 Sinai Avenue,
Ahuza, Haifa.  
Remember to bring your used books for Trade-A-Book.
Entrance: 10 NIS including refreshments. All Welcome!
For information call Rose Block, 077-424-5010, or Ruth
Singer, (04) 852-2016. We participate in most AACI
National Senior events, including Continuing Education,
the Senior Congress and AACI Meetings. We publish a
Newsletter six times a year. Subscription is 20 NIS / year.
Two new activities

Pétanque  is a traditional social game where the players must
place two havy metal balls (boules)  as close as possible to the
the cochonnet ( the little pig, a small wooden ball) thrown at the
beginning of the set from a circle drawn on the ground at a
distance of 6-10m. Players play 1 by 1 (tete a tete) or by teams of
2 (doublette) or 3 (triplette)
Inscriptions and details
Mali Cohen   ou Yehuda Yoz
04-8129200,  or  
Shlomit Agron 04-8384335  on the playground
at the Neve Yosef Community Center,  Rav Mashash 1 aleph,

Nordic walking
Nordic walking is walking with two sticks that allow activation
of the upper body while walking.  
The use of sticks allows aerobic exercising  while working on
muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and on balance.  Sticks
have rubber bands that make the sticks a mobile gym and allow
to perform Pilates exercises  in any place. In Europe where
millions of people are walking,  Nordic activity is highly
recommended for Senior Citizens.
Nordic walking's benefits:
Increases energy consumption compared with normal walking
Operates, strengthens  and  increase the flexible of upper body  
muscles- shoulders, arms, upper chest and back
Improves health endurance and  blood flow  
Reduces lower back strain and lap joints
Relieves muscle tension pain in the neck and shoulders
Facilitates   walk on slopes , descents and on smooth surfaces  
Improves posture and balance
For those who are interested we suggest:
Free trial lesson
Learning in small groups in a series of eight lessons
Training by trained Nordic walking physical education teachers
Possibility of acquiring personal sticks with discounted centrally
Possibly to continue practicing in classes
Information and registration:
Shlomit Agron at Shilo  048384335
Health promotion, program for seniors of Haifa
Health in the morning, practice of Tai Chi - Chi Kung
Workshop  pleasure of walking Hiking in nature: on Israel
path Playing petanque Nordic Walking - a mobile gym  
Worshop: Growing herbs and medicinal plants at home
Workshop to improve the preservation of memory skills
Conferences and lectures for a healthy lifestyle for seniors
On May 17, 10 :00-13: 00, Adding life to years, Health Day to promote
healthy active lifestyles for seniors, experiences and demonstartions, guided
walking, Nordic walking, tai chi, yoga, petanque, and lecture: Physical
Activity, it's never too late, by Dr. Ahuvit Talmor, Family and Sports
Physician, free registration to groups of weekly activities, Hecht Auditorium
and Rappoport auditorium plazza, Haifa
Shlomit Argon, Chil Coordinator - Promotion of health, Shiloh -
development Services of the Association of elderly in Haifa, Tel: 04-8107994
Inscriptions for  sports activities
Sharon Feintuch Boneh 04-8357868
On November 18 and 19 2013 Gimlayada Festival for Seniors program in Hebrew
To see the translation in English  click here

Communnity Centres:   8356466 Berwald 5
Izraelyia Aba Hushi           
  8227850   Abba Hillel Silver 71
Neve Sheaan Neve Sheanan Religious Cultural Center 8226517   HaTichon 38
Beit HaGefen        8525252 HaGefen 2
Abbas                    8511778  Abbas 60
Kyriat Haim West Beit Heine             8413735  HaCongress 43 Kyriat Haim
Kyriat Haim East Beit Nagler              8724694 Ben Zvi 14, Kyriat Haim
Kyriat Shmuel          8716503 Nativ HaTnaim 21
Ahuza Beit Yad LeBanim  8254386, HaYarkon 48
Shaar HaAlyiah Beit Fanny Kaplan 8599172
Bat Galim    8515196   HaAlyiah 45
Neve David  8380816  HaMelech Yehoshafat 6

Carmel Francais  Leo Baeck 8300512  Derech Tsarfat 90
        Leo Beck   9706600   Beit El 3
Neve Yosef               8219200 HaRav Mashash 1
Hadar                      8624231  Jerusalem 29  Matnas
Hadar Tiberias       8507785  Tiberias 15  Maison communautaire
Hadar                      8624231  Beitar 8 Culture sports et loisirs
Hadar                      8624231 Shiloah 1 Etnachta Haredit                  
Ramot Ramot Sapir  8328505  Got Lewin 22 aleph
Ramot Ramat Alon  8325853  Zeev Vilani 2
Ramot Remez           8227127  Burla 3

Clubs Milab:  Culture and leasure for seniors
04-8626491/2 048620437
8626482 Ahad  HaAm 15,
Shoshanat HaCarmel  8107928, Shoshanat HaCarmel 47
Sinai             8346047, Sinai 8
Elie Cohen    8311420, Derech Tsarfat, 55
Grodnai        8660822, I.L. Peretz 32
Neve Yosef               8219200 HaRav Mashash 1
Carmel         8374464, HaNassi 103
Hazait           8527516, HaZait 5
Hawadi         8516292, Hadad 8
Neve David   8370270, shelter, HaMelech Shlomo
Neve Paz       8239622, Hativat Carmeli, 50
Remez           8223930, International 3
Etzion           8642319, Yalag 7
Kyriat Haim Est    8420844, Achi Eilat 31
Kyriat Haim Ouest 8722515 Bosel 45
Romema Ancienne  8344362, HaTslafim 5
Romema Nouvelle  8247045, HaPrachim 1
Menuiserie                      8626564
Clubs for visually impaired seniors
Neve David HaMelech Shlomo 36 8377287
Hadar Hassan Shukri 5 8629638
Ma Nishma 3 Lectures for
seniors  Haifa Municipality -
for culture et  Agency for
senior citizens
Cinematheque: Shlishi BeRevii:
films for the third age on Wednesdays
see cultural agenda-cinema
Ma Nishma 4
NBN Informal Guide to Bringing Your Elderly Parents to Israel
Health Ministry
Rights of and Services for the Elderly

How to Cope with Excessive Hot Weather  
Preventing Falls, Improving Mobility and a Safe Environment  
Cold Weather Safety for Older Adults  
Government centers hot lines

-Senior citizens hotline * 8840
-Senior Citizens Advice Service Bituach Leumi * 9696
Bituach Leumi * 6050
-Shil Counceling service for the elderly 118
-Central Government Response 1299 08-6863100
Hot line for general information about the various government
services,   technical support for the  gov.il website, details about  
government forms and online  payments. No legal advice or
personal recommendations