Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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From October 3 to 10, Haifa Film Festival Festival on line
How does it work?
This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the festival will take place as a virtual event only. The festive experience will be streamed from the Carmel to every
cinephile's private screen in Israel.
You could watch the films on your computer, your television, even on your cellphone screen.
Ticket sales will start at the morning of the 27.9
Tickets will be available to purchase beginning on the designated on-sale day for each film, and can be bought until the screening hour of that film.
The sale is online only. the "seats" are limited.
Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the button Buy Tickets on the film page, on the internet Festival Schedule site, and on Last Chance To Buy web page.
You may choose to purchase a package of tickets at a reduced price, and even a Festival Pass that gives you a full access to all of the films.
Just like the past festivals, each film has its own scheduled time and virtual venue. The number of screening is limited, and so is the number of participants.
You could have a bigger flexibility when it comes to the exact time of streaming.
The films will be available for streaming for 24 hours starting from its designated screening time.
You could watch the films on your computer, your television, your cellphone screen and tablets (Android and Apple - in the latest version). We recommend
using an up-to-date Chrome browser on your computer for the best streaming experience. * Explorer browser is not supported You could also connect your
computer with your TV screen using a suitable cable (a HDMI one, for instance); if you have a smart TV, you could use a streamer – Chromecast, for example.

Festival Competitions
International Competition
The International Carmel Competition
Israeli Competitions:
The Documentary Competitions
The Short Film Competitions
Israeli Competitions Awards:
The Documentary Competitions awards
Best Documentary Film award
Special mention to a Documentary Film
The Short Film Competitions awards
Best student film award
Best independent film award
Best animation film award
International Competition:
The International Carmel Competition

On line Conversations with creators
Eretz Ir - Emanuel Mayer chats with Yaki Elon, the director of the film
In Secret - Poetry Clara Winter talks to Lina Chaplin, the director of the film
Body of Truth - Ruthi Director a Conversation with Director Evelyne Shlass
Bitter Honey - Danny Rosenberg chats with filmmakers Udi Klinsky and Revital Oren
The Red Veil - Dr Shmulik Duvdevani speaks with Peter Mostboy, the director of the film
Heroine - a dialogue with directors Shani Egozin, Shira Schneider, Hava Rochlin, Mia Kaplan
The Church - Benjamin Friedenberg speaks with Anat Tal, the director of the film
Winter Journey - A Conversation of Dr Yael Granot Bein with Screenwriter Martin Goldsmith
Leaving Heaven - Tal Barda speaks with Ofer Freiman, the director of the film
Susita - Assaf Galai speaks with Avi Weisblai, the director of the film
Woman sits in director's chair - Dr Meirav Alush-LeBron interviews filmmaker Smadar Zamir
Relic - Anna Somershap's Conversation with Director Natalie Erica James The Names of the Flowers - A Conversation with the Director
The Names of the Flowers - A Conversation Between Yaron Shamir and Director Bahman Tawasi
Songs of Oppression - A Conversation by Yaron Shamir with Directors Marianne Fair Muraga rt Estefan Wagnerstein Wagner

From October 3 to 6, The 41th Acre Fringe Theater Festival , Old City Acre,  program    

From October 4   The 30th Haifa Children’s Theater Festival, Haifa Municipal Theater
The 30th Haifa Children’s Theater Festival, Children's festival online    
From October 4, 00:00 to October 17, 23:59,
-Eh ho - VOD, musical playfor little ones Created by Gil-Lee Gore, directed by Dana Devorin, music by Lev Loftus, produced by the
Multicultural Theater for Children and Youth Elmina
-Treasure Island - VOD Treasure Island, by Efraim Sidon, directed by Moshe Ben Shoshan and Raanan Nissim Ferrara, original music by
Lior Ronen, 6+ and the whole family, produced by the Orna Porat Theater for the Youth
-The King's Daughter - VOD by Zvia Huberman, (4-10) King Solomon's Daughter, written and directed by Zvia Huberman from HN Bialik’
s Legend of the Four , movement, acrobatics, music, masks, costumes and theatrical surprises, music by Ran Bagno, produced by the Haifa
Municipal Theater
-Aunt Leah - VOD based on the book by Shoham Smith, directed, edited and dramatized by Hagar Ben-Zaken, music by Alberto Schwartz,
9+, produced by Theater Mofa
-Grandfather Aaron's Rain - VOD based on a book by Meir Shalev, adapted and directed by Mor Frank, produced by the HaKaron Theater,
(4-10), Three Grandfathers Go Seek the Rain, in a adventure accompanied by songs, the value of imagination and friendship
-My Best Friend - VOD written and directed by Hadass Calderon and Oded Haerlich, (5-8), produced by the Kibbutz Theater
-Freedom of movement - (6-12), by Guidona Raz Issa and Sharon Borshtein, directed by Norman Issa, produced by the Mofa Theater
-The Twelfth Night VOD by William Shakespeare, directed by Roni Brodecki, music by Ran Bagno, Movement by Yotam Kalo Livna with
the Haifa Theater Ensemble, 9+ and the whole family, produced by the Municipal Theater of Haifa
-The Plasticine Prince - VOD by Raanan Paz, directed by David Bilanka, music by Assaf Roth, produced by Theater Goshen
-The First Kiss - VOD songs by Yoran Taharlev, adapted and directed by Yaara Reshef Nahor, A Group of Boys and Girls: Love,
disappointments, fears and hopes, soul journeys. Based on a novel by Yoram Teharlev. Show portraying the funny, naive, sensitive and
exciting side of youth with live music
-The Magic of Mozart - VOD by Michal Klein, directed by Itay Bleiberg, original music by Amos Avar Hendi and Alon Nadal, Age 10-4.
Wolfgang Mozart is a musical prodigy, but his talent comes at a price: losing his childhood, spending his time at the piano with adults, and
overshadowing his talented older sister. This tension leads to a major crisis in the family who must learn to get along, produced by the
Kibbutz Theater
-The adventures of the light blue donkey - VOD (6+ and for the whole family), adaptation of one of the most beautiful books written in
Hebrew by artist and children's author Nachum Gutman, adaptation and direction by Shay Pitowski, music by Alberto Schwartz,
choreography by Sharon Gal, with the artists of Haifait, produced by the Haifa Municipal Theater
-The channel - VOD written and directed by Michal Rubin, music by Tami Barak, (4-10) produced by Theater Goshen
-Hear my voice - VOD written and staged by Gadi Tzedaka, artistic advice by Dedi Brown, music by Erez Yulevich, scenography by Zeev
Levy, choreography by Jill Damati-Pingold and Amnon Damati, produced by the HaShaa Theater
-Zohar - VOD by Sharon Gavrielov and Jonathan Schmidt-Chapman, co-creation Rotem Goldenberg and Avraham Cohen, staging by
Sharon Gavrielov, produced by Mekomot Shemurim, advice and guidance: Institute for the Treatment and Research of Autism - Association
for at-risk children
-Wise Men in the Night - A Dream Legend - VOD Wise Men in the Night, Legends of Slam, by Galia Levy Grad and Noemi Yoeli, (4-10),
produced by the HaKaron Theater
-Joel said - VOD Texts and melodies by Ronit Kano, artistic consultant Marit Ben Israel, staging consultant Naomi Yoeli, design Meital Raz,
musical arrangements Jéhu Yaron and Ronit Kano, produced by Le Théâtre du Train, inspired by the book In February we should buy
elephants by Joël Hoffman. Spiritual and poetic songs and dialogues, produced by the HaKaron Theater
-What's your story Tamar?- VOD   Written by many children's theater makers, Ages 5-10. Musical game. There is a power outage at
Tamar's birthday party. She is bored in her room until suddenly she finds her grandmother's mysterious gift, produced by the Haifa Theater
-The King of Siam - VOD  , adaptation by Yaron Kafkafi, staging by Moshe Kepten, - produced by the Orna Porat Theater for Youth
-Uncle Max's Journey - VOD  by Hanoch Levin's book illustrated by Hila Hebkin, adapted by Ido Ran and Ran Bechor, original
compositions by Yoni Rechter. Wonder adventures of Uncle Max who wandered the roads to save a kingdom and found his father, between
emperors, kings and dragons, between the living and the circus and how he discovers surprising things about himself and about the life
-Overseas - VOD Au dela de la mer, poems by Bialik, adaptation by Shahar Marom, (4+), directed by Alina Ashbel, music by Igor Krotgolov,
produced by Theater HaKaron
-Pumi - the tapir that no one knows - VOD based on the book by Roni Hefer, adaptation by Yoav Heiman, dramaturgy by Erez Shafrir,
directed by Merav Shafer, music by Tal Belcharovich, produced by Artsi Theater for Children and young people (5-9)
-Neighbors - VOD by Roe Segev, Yuval Cohen and Amnon Wolf, directed by Roe Segev, (4+), produced by Theater Mofa and Theater
-Shmulikipod - VOD, after the book by Kush, adaptation and staging by Tom Wolinitz, music by Omri Dagan, (3-8), bilingual, produced by
the Almina Theater in collaboration with the Jaffa Theater
-Two on a roof - VOD, inspired by Robinson Crusoe, by Pasquale D'Introna and Giacomo Ravicio Translation by Hani Amit Kochavi,
Adaptation and staging by Dori Engel Artistic advice: Norman Issa, music by Idan Yitzhak, produced by Nefesh Theater and Almina Theater

From October 8, 00:00 to October 17, 23:59,
-I see in color - VOD I see in color, by Barak Gadassi, staging and movement by Adi Gortler, original music by Omer Bollenger Cohen, (5-
-My Hugo - VOD - by Shahar Sitner, music by Ronit Kano, directed by Naomi Yoeli, produced by the HaKaron Theater, (6+)
-It's Ferdinand - VOD It's Ferdinand, based on the book by Munro Leaf, written and directed by Hanoch Reim, produced by Elad, (5-9)
-The Marvelous Elevator - VOD The Flying Elevator, based on the book by Annie Schmidt, adaptation by Shoham Smith, directed by Hagar
Ben Zaken, music by Alberto Schwartz, 5+ and the whole family
-Act in the world - VOD Act of the world, Idea, choreography and staging by Aviv Horowitz, play, movement by Yaara Levi and Aviv
Horowitz, artistic accompaniment by Marit Ben Israel, dance by Yaara Levi, construction of dolls Michael Horowitz, Aviv Horowitz, music
by Gil Lavi, produced by the HaKaron Theater, (4+ and the whole family)
Exhibits, museums, galleries
Plastic arts, guided visits, workshops
Cultural activities 2019-2020 season in Haifa and in the North
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lectures, theatre plays etc.... for children and for adults
The cost per event is much cheaper if you take a subscription.