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During Passover (April 4th, 5th, 6th,and 8th) the Haifa zoo, the municipal museums and the
science museum will be open to everyone ג€“ for free!

For children ,
Fata Morgana, Illusion and deception, group exhibit, Haifa Museum of Art
The secrets of Life, DNA, National Museum of Science, Planning and Technology,
Technion Historic Building, Hadar,Haifa

during  Hol Hamoed  Pessach,from April 3rd to 6th , the International Festival of
Children's Theater
Street performances: Les Quietils, Castelet Portative, les Puces Savantes, Felix,
Mrs Hippopotamus on the roof
Private Collection,
Don Quixotte and Sancho Panza
The Little Tin Soldier
Sophie's Drawings

April  5th, 20:30, Ein Gev Festival, Famous children songs, with Hani Nachmias, Dafna
Armoni, Ilana Rubina, and Hanan Yovel, Kibbutz Ein Gev
April 2nd , 9:00-13:00,  April 3rd , 10:00-17:00,  April 1 and 4 th, 9:00-16:00, The story of a
Jewish Child, stories of children during the Holocaust,  Yad  Le Yeled
April 3th  to  5 th, Moses in the Bullrushes, creation of  baskets floating on the water, Chai
Iron Lake
April 3th to 5th ,11:00-16:00, April  7th  11:00-14:00, Pessach at Tefen, treasure hunt,
sculpture, building of a giant pyramid
April 4th and 5th , 9:00-17:00 Music to our ears, music from antique music boxes,  Nisco
museum, Ein Hod
April 4th and 5th, 10:00-16:00, Fun in the Park, photography, origami, weaveaving of
flowers and candies Photographie museum , Tel Hai
April 4th and 5th, 10:00-13:00, Pessach at Emek Hashalom, workshops games, tours, caves
old coins , Emek Hashalom
April 6th, 10:00, Sarele Sharon, Ein Gev promenade
April 6th, 21:00, Tal Friedman, Chavat Hachaiot, Tivon
April 7th, 20:00, Dollbeat, in Aluminum, movement, dance, and visual theater, Kibbutz Yifat
From April 7th to12, 20:30, the Club of the Happy Widows, Hatsafon Theater, Kyriat Haim
April 7th, 11:00, Matinee in Galilee, Naomi Faran, and the Moran choir: Faure
requiem and the cantata Actus Tragicus by  Bach, Yehiam Forteress
April 7th, 11:00, Alto and violin: duets by Ronen Shapira, Mozart, Piazzola, Villa-Lobos and
Paganini, Christopher  Langheim and Hagit Halaf
April 7th, 20:00, Dollbeat, in Aluminum, movement, dance, and visual theater, Kibbutz Yifat
April 12th, 17:30, A story of Bowl and Laddle, produced by the Orna Porath Theater, Beit
Gavriel, Galilee lake
April 14th, 20:30, Doll Beat in  Aluminum, Rappoport Hall, Haifa
April 21th, Opening of the exhibition of boat models, Haifa Maritime Museum
April 24th, 12:00, The King, the Moon and the music Box,  3 stories, produced by the Train
Theater, Alonim forest, (Jezreel valley) (025618514)
April 25th, 17:30, Yuval Hamebulbal, Hatsafon Theater, Kyriat Haim
April 26th, 17:30, Pinnochio, Rina Shani auditorium, Hadera

For the general public
April 1rst, first thumb turning competition on the workplaces in Haifa and Kyriat Haim
April 1rst, 20:30,  Club of the Happy Widows, adapted from the  Club of the Cimetery by  
Mentschell, staging by Ilan Eldad, produced  by Habimah, Hatsafon Theater
April 3rd , Stabat Mater, by  Pergolese and Vivaldi, Larissa  Tetuev and Tamar Zohar,
Axander Rosenblatt, St John church, Haifa
April 3rd and  4th, 20:30, a Perfect Wedding, by Robin Hawdon, staging by
Moni Moshonov, produced by  Habimah, Hatsafon Theater
April 4th , 20:30, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, directed by Yuri
Temirkanov, Shostakovitch  violin concerto no1, with Vadim Repin, and Mahler 4th
symphony with Sylvia Schwartz, soprano, Haifa auditorium
April 4th, Geva Alon, acoustic show, Shuni Forteress, Binyamina
April 4th to 6h,  Theatronetto festival 2007, this year, plays in one act (Akko)
April 4th to 6th ,  Ein Gev Music Festival, Yohanan Zarai songs and songs for children
From April 4th to 6th, workshops master classes for young violinists  by Anne Schnarch,
Hagai Shacham and  Itzhak Rashkovsky. The public is invited to listen, Kibbutz Eilon
April 5th, 20:00, Gala with Avi Toledano,  Solidarity with the French community of the
North , in presence of His Excellency Mr Jean Michel Casa, Ambassador of  France in
Israel, Krieger auditorium, Haifa
April 5th, 21:00, Modern  music concert, by the wind quintet Consequence, Verdi,
Hindemith, Ligeti, Lior  Navok, Kibbutz Eilon
April 10th, 11:00, Conference by Naomi Rubin, about Aharon Applefeld, Poland, Green
Country, Beit Yad LeBanim, Haifa
April 11th, 19:30, Choosing the sex of children, by Maya Peled, Attorney of Law, medecine,
halacha and law, with Dr Dorit Manor, Sharon Bassan, and rabbi Mordechai Zamir, Beit
Yad LeBanim, Haifa
April 12th, Lamentations by Couperin and Charpentier, sung by Yaela Avital and Michael
Okon, with Kimbery Reinei and Boaz Berney (flute) and Zohar Shefi (harpsichord), Beit
Hachesed church, Haifa
April 12th, 17:00, Opening of the exhibit by pupils , Jerusalem, 40 years and 2000
more, Beit Yad LeBanim, Haifa
April 12th, 20:00, Haifa, Relations between Arabs and Jews, generations, Dr Elias Metanes,
Beni Nachshon, Arieh Simchon, Beit Yad LeBanim, Kyriat Haim
, HaifaApril 12th, 22:00, Eric Berman, Rock and pop, Kibbutz Chavoth Chaviva
April 12th, 22:00, Efrat Ben Zur, Martef 10, Haifa
, HaifaApril 12th, 22:30, Arkadi Dukhin,  the Mushroom, Kibbutz Dan
April 12th, 23:00, Mens Rea, Rock, Copengan Pub, Kibbutz Ein Gev
April 13th, 10:30, Baroque in Spain, conference by Alon Klebanow, Tikotin Museum  of
Japanese Art, Haifa
April 13th, 13:30, Matti Caspi, Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva
April 13th, 22:30, Shalom Assayag, Cultural Center, Nazareth Ilit
April 13th, 22:00, Mazi sings Jazz (Mazi Cohen), Martef 10, Haifa
April 14th, 11:00, Folk Dance on the beach, Dado beach, Haifa
April 14th, 11:00, Shachrit Shabat, Shoshana Newman presents her book Childhood at the
Kingdom of Death during the Shoah, Beit Hana Hushi, Haifa
April 14th, 20:30, Doll Beat in  Aluminum, Rappoport Hall, Haifa
at the Kingdom of Death during the Shoah, Beit Hana Hushi, Haifa
April 14th, 22:00, Shalom Hanoch, with Moshe Levy, Kibbutz Lehavoth Haviva
April 15th, le Quartett Carmel: quartetts by Mozart, Shumann and Shoenberg, a part of
which a poem by  Stefan Georg, will be sung by the soprano Rona Israel-Kolatt, Auditorium
Hecht, Haifa

April 15th, Remembrance of the Holocaust, for details of ceremonies held in Haifa, look at
our page Yom Hashoah

April 16th, 10:30, Shubert, sonatas et symphonies, conference by Smadar Carmi Liberman,
Tikotin Museum  of Japanese Art, Haifa
April 17th, 20:00, Mimes from all over the world,  Krieger auditorium, Haifa
April 17th, Israeli Gene Therapy, Technion, Haifa
April 17th, 19:00, Opening of the exhibit Life Saver, group exhibit, Peka Gallery, Amado,
Technion, Haifa
April 18th, 22:00, Eyran Tsur, Elephant Pub, Kyriat Haim
April 17th, 11:00, Why Don Juanis a perfect opera?, conference by Danny Shwartz,  
projection of the film by Zefireli, Beit Yad LeBanim, Haifa
April 17th, 20:00, Zamir quartett, Rachmaninov, Shnitke, Shostakowitch, Beit Yad
LeBanim, Haifa
April 18th, 10:00, Rivers and springs in the Jordanian Kingdom, conference by Inon
Shavtiel, Beit Nagler, Kyriat Haim
April 18th, 18:30, Mine, yours, ours, children and divorce, conference by Tsvika Toran,
projection of the film Living between the lines, Cinematheque, Haifa
April 18th, 20:00, conference by Dr Abraham Wolfensohn, The price and value of
independance, economy, security  and politics, Beit Yad LeBanim, Haifa
April 18th, 22:00, Rockfour, The Beat, Haifa
April 18th, 20:00, Your Father and Mother,  relations mother-daughter,conference by Prof.
Haim Beer, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
April 18th, 20:30, the Philosophy club, Ecology, not exactly what you think,  Uri Mesi and
Dor Gavish, Martef 10, Haifa
April 18 and 19th, 20:30, Concert of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra directed by  Kurt
Mazur, Mozart, Brukner, Haifa  Auditorium
April 19th, 18:00, conference by Tami Katz Priman, Romantism in today's art, Haifa art
April 19th, 20:00, Martin Luther, founder of the Reform and his fights with the popes Beit
Yad LeBanim, Haifa
April 19th, 22:30, Monica Sex, Indika Pub, Binyamina
April  19th, 21:30, Ruth Dolores Weiss and David Peretz, Martef 10, Haifa
April 20th, 22:00, Comic and musical program, with Osnat Wishinski, Beit Nagler, Kyriat
April 20th, 22:00, Singing together, David Elharar tells and sings with guitarist Haim Levy,
Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
April 20th, 22:00, Osnat Wishinsky, The Way I am, Beit Nagler, Kyriat Haim
April 20th, 22:00, Over the Border and over the Hedge, by Oren Neeman, staged by Ofer
Shafrir, Hatsafon Theater
April 20th, 22:30, Shahar Hasson, stand-up, Rappaport Hall, Haifa
April 20th, 22:00, Kahol, Irish and Scottish Music, Martef 10, Haifa
April 21th, 11:00, Folk dance on the beach, Dado beach, Haifa
April 21th, 11:00, Shachrit Shabat, concert, with musicologist Abraham Niederhoffer and
singer Relly Shwartzenberg, Israeli songs, Beit Hannah Hushi, Haifa
April 21th, 20:30, Shuman, Bruch, Mozart, Francaix, Group of chamber music,
Yehuda Gai, clarinette,  Hecht Hall, Haifa
April 21th, 20:00, Arkady Dukhin, Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva
April 21th, 21:00, Tea, by  Roni Pinkowitch,  produced by  Beit Lessin, Hatsafon Theater
April 21th, 20:30, A Flea to her Ear , by Georges Feydeau, staged by Omri Nitsan, produced
by the Cameri, Municipal Theater de Haifa
April 21th, Opening of the group exhibit "Games", mixed media, Galerie de Ein Hod
April 21th, Opening of the exhibit of boat models, Marine  National Museum, Haifa

April 22th evening and April 23th Yom Hazikaron for soldiers and for victims of terrorism,
In the evening, ceremonies take palce at schools or next to monuments in each district. On
April 23th, ceremonies take place in military or civil cemeteries

April  23th  Yom Haatsmauth festivities, Israel is 59!
21:30 Fireworks that can be seen in the whole town:  sent  from the sea shore next to
Maxime restaurant, from the roof of the auditorium at  Merkaz Carmel, from the Sportek at
Neveh Sheanan,  from the yard of the Science Museum  in Hadar.
A special program will be transmitted by radio-Haifa as a background for the fireworks
21:00, Avi Toledano, Claire Ben David and the group Mifgashim BeRechess will be Effi
Netzer's guests, Gan Haem, Merkaz Carmel,, Haifa
20:30, Avi Toledano, Ron Shoval, the Jays Boys, and the national group of
youngsters, Kyriat  Shprintsak, Parc Ofira Navon,, Haifa
20:00, David Broza, Ron Shoval, the Jays Boys, a folk danses group, Takwandoo and local
groups, dances, jazz, ballet, ballroom dances, Neveh Sheanan, Sportek, Haifa
19:45, Festive prayer, benedictions, danses of joy, sports hall, Religious Culturel Center,
Neveh Sheanan, Haifa
20:30 Dancing Independance, with Meir Amsalem, folk dances, with the group of young
dancers of Haifa, the Leo Beck singers group and  the artist Victor Brezinski, Beit
Hakranoth, Hadar, Haifa
20:30, Trio Ma Kashur,singing groups: Nitsanim, Lilach, the Kyriat Haim dance group, the
group of modern dance, the group of young Kyriat Haim dancers,fire works , Kyriat Haim,
Beit Haam Garden, Haifa
After the evening prayer, Independancewith a soul, Hassidic dances  with the groupTehiloth,
program for children with Tuvia Tsafir, Lehavoth a program for the family,
fireworks, Kyriat Shmuel, Communal Center yard
22:00, Rock Atzmauth, exceptional evening for Haifa young people. Sports Hall, Romema,
Aviv Gefen with DJ Dolev Nishlis, Ayalon Tsafon, Atlantis, Tali Metz. Invitations:at schools,
communal centers, students associations. This is a present of Haifa municipality to
the young people of the town
April 23th, 22:00, Shalom Assayag,  Adir Miller, Assi Cohen, Merkaz Hacongressim
April 23th, 00:45, Ma Kashur, Hatsafon Theater
Aprill 24th, Haifa museums will be free
April 24th, parties, games, activities, music and  dance in some districts of Haifa
10:30-16:00 Kyriat Shprintzak,, Haifa
10:30-16:00 Kaudresgarden, Gaston Deferre Center, Haifa
from17:00, Ramat Alon Park, Haifa
April 24th, 20:30, Special Concert by the New Haifa Symphonic Orchestra, Haifa

April 25th, 20:00, Stories of physicians who saved lives on the battle field during the Yom
Kippur war, Beit Yad LeBanim, Haifa
April 25th, the Israel Chamber Orchestra directed by  Doron Solomon, Spanish music, with
Bracha Kol, alto, Reuven Saroussi, guitare and the dancer Netta Sheizaf,
Krieger auditorium, Haifa
April 25th and  26th, 21:00, Aravah Cafe,  by Goren Agmon, staged by Roni Pinkowitch,
produced by  Beit Lessin, Cultural Center, Carmiel
April 25th and 26th, 20:30, A Perfect Wedding, by Robin Hawdon, staged by Moni
Moshonov, Kibbutz Gan Shmuel
April 25th and 26th, 20:30, Working Class Hero, by Yehoshuah Sobol, staged by
Oded Kotler, produced by the Cameri, Cultural Center, Nesher
April 26th, Marathon Bach, the Kibbutz Orchestra directed by  Shalev Ad-El eith soprano
Cornelia Samuelis, Kibbutz Ein Hashofet
April 26th, the Rishon Letzion Orchestra directed by  Yishai Steckler, Mozart concerto, -
piano Dorel Golan, Schubert, Beit Gabriel, concert on the banks of the Galilee lake
April 26th, 20:30, Pure Madness, adaptated from a play by Paul Portner, staged by Dan
Ronen, Haifa  Municipal Theater
April 26th, 21:00, Entangled , by  Yael Ronen, produced by the Cameri, Hatsafon Theater
April 26th, 19:00, George Sand, conference by Dr Erella Azriel, Haifa French Cultural
April 26th, 20:00, Art Nouveau, conference by  Itzhak Harmon, Beit Yad LeBanim, Haifa
April 26th, 20:30, Festive concert of chamber music with soloists of the New Haifa
Symphony Orchestra, in honor of Mordechai Rechtman, Villa Lobos, Beethoven Mozart,
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa
April 27th, 21:30, Singing Club, with Yoni Israeli, Beit Nagler, Kyriat Haim
April 27th, 22:00, the Male Intellect,  by Robert Dubac, with Avi Kushner, Hatsafon Theater
April 26th, 20:30, Martef Tsiur, Drawing with a model. Bring you paper and
charcoal/pencils, Martef 10, Haifa
April 27th, 22:00, Ronnie Patterson, Martef 10, Haifa
April 28th, 21:00, A perfect Wedding,   by Robin Hawdon, staging by Moni Moshonov,
produced by  Habimah,  Kibbutz Gan Shmuel
April 28th, 20:30, the Giraffes, Kibbutz Beit Keshet
April 28th and 29th, 21:00, Aravah Cafe , by Goren Agmon, staged by Roni Pinkovich,
produced by Beit Lessin, Cultural Center, Carmiel
April 28th, 21:00, April 29th and  30th , 20:30, Working Class Hero,  by Yehoshuah Sobol,
staged by Oded Kotler, produced by the Cameri,   Cultural Center Nesher
April 28th, 29th and   30th , 21:00, a Flea to her Ear,  by Georges Feydeau, staged by Omri
Nitsan, produced by the Cameri,,  Hatsafon Theater, Kyriat Haim
April 28th, 20:00, Mosaic of cultures, Olim, people, tastes,  with  Anglo olim and olim from  
France, Ethiopia, Russia, from the whole world! gastronomy , art,  sponsored by
theMinistery of  Integration , with  the mayor of Haifa,  Yonah Yahav, Mrs Yulia Shtraim  
and Moshe Harel, Rappoport Hall, Hanassi 138, Haifa
April 29th, 9:30, 12:30, Cultures in the eye of the camera,Popular  religion in China,
conference by  Safi Ben Yosef, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
April 30th, Israel-France Business Cooperation Conference
April 30th,  May 1rst, 2th and  May 3th, 20:30,  Pure Madness, by Paul Portner, staged by
Dan Ronen,  Haifa Municipal  Theater
April 30th, Opening of the exhibit  of paintings by Shulamit Kimchi, "Man is a tree in the
field ", and Tzag 8, group exhibit, design, animation, video, Beit Gabriel (Galilee lake)
April 30th, 19:30, Beyond the horizon,  Vietnam, wounded country,  conference by  Safi Ben
Yosef, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
April 30th, 20:00, French Music from the Alps to Auvergne,with the  duo Sabalat
(accordeon), Milchberg (bouzouki) and Amit Weisberger (violin),  Haifa Cultural Center
Pleasant places near Haifa
Dreaming in English, portraits of the Jewish Community in
Melbourne -Beth Hatefutsoth, Ramat Aviv
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