April in Haifa 2020
Religious congregations
Sabbath times
Sunset hours
Calendar of holidays
New immigrants are most welcome in all religious congregations. Some of these congregations have explicitly requested the people
responsible for aliyah in Haifa to invite olim hadashim for festivals and activities
Hillel Haifa students and young adults
Café Habad
Ahuza synagogues , MAKA,  Rabbi  Professor Danny Hershkowicz  orthodox
you are warmly invited to  join all the activities:
Updated program of activities in English
Technion Synagogue   
Orayta Jewish Campus Life, Mondays 18: 00-18: 30 The stage is yours, discussions between students, 18: 30-19: 30, Reading the
Bible, a modern vision, with Rabbi Dr. Doron Ledwin, Wednesdays, 8: 00-9: 45 Topics of the Talmud, guided study with Rabbi Yossi
Stemler Dr, Room 103, student House, University of Haifa
Or ViShua yeshiva and Technion synagogue Rabbi  Eliyahu Zini, orthodox
Moriah  congregation  masorati Rabbi Duby Hayyon.
Or Hadash, The Lyons Center for Progressive Judaism, Rabbi Dr. Edgar Nof  
Congregation Ohel Avraham, reformed, Rabbi Gabby Dagan
Nigun Halev, Kabalat Shabbat at 18:00,  Nahalal
HaMidrasha Oranim Academic College
Haïfa Limmud  Study for the varied streams of judaism
Invitations by religious congregations
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Shabbat with Habad
Religious life in Haifa
Many cultural, sports, entertainment activities, etc. are canceled or postponed to slow the
spread of the Covid 19 - Corona virus. I am unable to keep up to date and publish these
cancellations in our calendar. Please check with the organizers. With all my best wishes
for good health, hoping for better days.

De très nombreuses activités de culture, de sport, de divertissement etc… sont annulees ou
reportees pour ralentir la propagation du Covid 19 - Corona virus. Il m’ est impossible de
tenir a jour et publier ces annulations dans notre agenda. Veuillez vérifier auprès des
organisateurs. Avec tous mes vœux de bonne sante, en espérant des jours meilleurs.