December in Haifa 2006
Hag haHagim, a month of celebration,
special exhibits, concerts, films, walks,
food stands, activities for children

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Concerts, performances, plays etc... in the halls of Haifa
December for children

December 7th , 19:30 Children for children fund raising concert organized by Hadassah, Hecht auditorium, Haifa
December 9th Aladin,  12:15 in Hebrew, 14:00 in Arabic, Beit Hagefen theater, Haifa
December 16th 11:00 and 14:00 The Ugly duckling, i n honnor of the 200 th anniversary of Hans Christian Andersen's
birth, in Arabic, Beit Hagefen  theater, Haifa
December 16 and 17th; Adraba
Decembrer 17th Cenderella
December 20th Aluminium
December 21th Ots-li Gots-li
December 23th,11:30, concert for children , Nitzah Shaul, Magical sounds, Strauss, the King of Valse, with dansers
Rappoport  auditorium, Haifa
Decembre 23th SabaTuvia
December 23th , 12:00 A story from the Blue Sea , Hamefaresh theater
December 24,25,26,27,28, and 29th the Festigal
December 30th, Beauty and the Beast
December 30th,Aladin, 12:00 in Hebrew, 14:00 in Arabic, Beit Hagefen theater, Haifa
December 30th, Sachsach, 11:00, The magic of fantasy, in Arabic, Hagefen theater, Haifa
Every Saturday from 10:00, Antique fair at the Haifa Art Museum and at Beit Hagefen
Every Saturday, guided tours of the  Hai Bar-forests and of the Nahal Mearoth caves , Society for the   Protection of
Nature, 984 1750
December 1rst (9:30 to 12:30), Musical Friday , Pablo Casals, from Barcelone to Porto Rico, with Alexander Kotlar
cello and Bella Steinbuch piano, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
December 1rst, 21:00 Hallel Zuri cello, Bach suites, 8530518,; St John church, Haifa
December 2nd ,20:30,the Jerusalem quartett, Tchaikowski, Yanazeck, Beethoven, 8530518, Rappoport auditorium,
December 4th, 18:00, a special Hazanut concert, guest of honour: Prof Ciechanower , Rappoport auditorium, Haifa
December 4th, 19:30, Over the horizon, personnel trip towards other civilizations with Safi Bem Yosef, Spain and
Pyrenees,Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
December 5th, 20:30, Wee dance, D D Danse company, Rappoport auditorium, Haifa
December 6th , 20:30 Violette Salameh,Oum Kultum love songs , 8530518, Rappoport hall, Haifa
December 6th, 19:30, Your Father and your Mother, conference by Professor Haim Bar, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
December 7th, 19:30 Children for children fund raising concert organized by Hadassah, Hecht auditorium, Haifa
December 8th, 21:00 Musica Eterna,lithurgical music, 8530518, St John church, Haifa
December 8th, 9:00 to 12:15 , Fascinating towns, Baltic towns, Vilna, Riga, Chovno and Tallin, conference by
Professeor Arnon Sofer, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
December 8th and 9th, at Nof Ginosar (sea of Galilee), winter Festival of Jacob's ladder (Country, Folk,Irish, ...) with
Aoife Clancy
December 9, 10 and 11 th December at the Rappoport auditorium, and on  December 12th at the  Hatsafon theater, the
North Symphony , concerto for piano by Itai Sobol, played by the composer, Corelli, and Shubert under the direction of
Noam Shariff
December 10th, , Ekodoom, choreography by  Rami Be'er,  Kibbutz Danse Company
December 11th, 21:00, Abandonned Property by  Shulamit Lapid, Hatzafon Theater, Kyriat Haim
December 9th, 20:30, the Tivon choir and the Jerusalem festival orchestra, Mozart, Haendel, auditorium Rappoport,
December 9th, opening of the exhibit Joint Existence, mixed media, by Jewish and Arab artists, Chagall House,
Hazionut, Haifa
December 9th, opening of the exhibit   antique lightings, Museum of  Marine and of Illegal Immigration, Allenby 198,
December 9th, opening of the exhibit  A life of  Rattle, Yair Garbuz,Tefen Industrial Park
December 11th, 9:30 to 12:30 Civilizations seen through the mirror of cinema by Irit Shamgar,Film: the station people,
Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
December 11th, 20:00, Bible today, Mordechai's Meguilah , by Meir Shalev, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
December 11th , 20:30, and 12th, 17:00 et 20:30,Thrill , produced by Beit Lessin,  Hillel Mittelpunkt, Yad leMeginim
Theater, Kibbutz Yagur
December 12th, 21:00, Fat Pig , produced by Cameri Theater, Hatsafon Theater , Kyriat Haim
December 13th, 19:00, The human voice, evolution of vocal music from Middle Ages to the Renaissance, by Alon
Klebanov, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
December 13th and  14th , 20:30, The Club of Merry Widows, produced by Habimah, and  adaptation  of the Club of
the Cimetery, by  Ivan Menchell, Haifa Municipal Theater
December 14th, 20:30, A Perfect Wedding, by Robin Hawdon, produced by  Habimah, Hatsafon theater
December 14th, Eviatar Banai and Amir Tsoref, Martef 10, Haifa
December 15th , 21:00, Love and maddness of the baroque, Haendel, Bach, Purcell etc., St John church, Haifa
December 16th, 12:00, Christmass voices the Vocal Ensemble , Christmass carrols; Haendel, Bach, Polnack, St John  
church, Haifa
December 20th, 20:30, Camerata Israeli Jerusalem Ensemble , Alliso Virselrosa piano, Beethoven, Rappoport  
auditorium, Haifa
December 22th 21:00, Madrigal Singers, Bach, Britten, Victoria, St John  church, Haifa
December 22th  decembre, IPO, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra 70th birthday,  under the  direction of  Zubin Mehta
with  Yefim Bronfman and Micha Meiski, auditorium, Haifa
December 22th, 10:00, See the music, hear the painting, a new series of concerts with Irena Friedland, Liszt, Chopin,
Decembre 22th, 22:00 Standup comedy , Roy Levy, Auditorium Krieger, Haifa
December 23th, 20:30, Mozart, 250 years, Anthony Fey, clarinette, and the Aviv quartett , Rappoport  auditorium
December 25th and 26th ,   Projection of Al Gore's  film "A disturding truth " in Technion , reservations et details
aupres de Maya Givon 052  4467771  ou Eytan Burkat 052 3128070
December 26th, 20:30, the Tel-Aviv Solists Ensemble , withTabah Zimmerman, alto, Haydn, Rappoport  auditorium
December 26th, 20:30, Dan Almagor tells us: With Love... Forever, Auditorium Rappoport, Haifa
December 28th, Presentation by the writer Sami Michael of the film Encounter Point, Cinematheque, Haifa
December 28th, 20:00, Education, Askolot, La Force de la Musique avec Gil Shoacht, en collaboration avec la
Cinematheque de Haifa
December 29th,  Casse Noisette, Auditorium, Haifa
December 29th , 22:00 , the comic actors  Rolande and  Julian Chagrin
December 29th, 21:00, Angels 's songs , Naama choir , orthodoxe, european and balkanic songs , Tchaikovsky, Verdi
and Brahms, St John  church, Haifa
December 29th , 21:30, Israeli songs with Effi Netzer, auditorium Krieger, Haifa
December 30th, 20:30, Piano and violon Sonatas,  Beethoven, Myriam Fried and Yonathan Bis, Hecht  auditorium
December  31th, 22:00 Reshef Levi, Rappoport, Haifa
December 31th, 20:30  "Reveillon",   Celebration of New Year's Eve,  Diner prepared by the chef Emmanuel Tellier,
dance, music, cotillons, 200 IS, priere de reserver a l'avance, CCF,   Haifa
Elan pour l'avenir Technion day in Paris, December 10th , day of meetings, gala evening
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