Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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Hag HaHagim The Festival of Festivities, a unique multicultural festival that takes place every year during the month of On December,
celebrates and symbolizes the meeting of the three religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The festival offers art exhibitions and events in
Wadi Nisnas and Beit Hagefen: stands, activities and shows by Jewish, Arab and international artists:
Concerts of liturgical music in churches
Scenes of shows in Beit HaGefen and Wadi Nisnas
Street artists
Children's Theater
Exhibitions in the galleries and around the festival area, in Beit HaGefen and Musee sans murs in Wadi Nisnas
National Antiques Show List of participants
City tours and art exhibitions, guided tours around the festival space and meetings with residents of the wadi.

On December 2 and 3, Jacob's Ladder Festival,  Winter week end,  folk music festival and workshops for children and adults , SALLY
Singer-songwriter THE FLOY JOY SWING BAND Swing LARRY & MINDY A Tribute to Elton John JOKERS & THIEVES A simple twist
of Dylan DÉJÀ VU 60s 70s Rock And Roll JL IRISH SESSION BAND Traditional Irish music,
Program,  Kibbutz Ginnossar

On December 7, 8, 9, Al-Sham - Festival of Arabic gastronomy in Haifa 2016, Tastes and stories of Arab cuisine, With 70 renowned Arab
and Jewish chefs invited to Downtown Haifa restaurants who will prepare dishes and desserts from the Levantine cuisine. Events:
from around the world,  inspired and combined with specialties from different countries, / Pop-up shops, tasting and cooking classes, crafts, / Sindyanna, sale of
olive oil, locust bean paste, soaps and other traditional products / Alakblaoi and Andalusia, from Umm al-Fahm, the oldest spice merchant in the country /
Nasreen Jabarin, specialist in phytotherapy / Tools decorated with Arabic and Hebrew inscriptions from Futuna Jaber  / Shows of Arabic music, produced by
Qahira Enan, Arabic music intergenerational, shows and belly dances, contemporary Arab music groups in Pubs/ Shepherd Bir Zeit beer, and a selection of
wines from the village of Jish / Peanuts and pretzels are replaced by hot and spicy lupine beans  / Food for thought, dialogues and lectures, on the development
of Arabic cuisine, with experts of gastronomy, oenology, chefs, intellectuals. / Media coverage of Arabic cuisine presented by Efrat Asel with Janna Gur, Ronit
Vered, Nawarre Jaber, Omar Alwan, Yuval Job, / Arab food in poetry and prose with Dr. Ghaleb Anbosi and Hila Alpert, words and food and their role in
Arabic creation, reading poetry and prose in Arabic and Hebrew. / Culture of Likut of the Levant, collection, pillar of the Shami kitchen of women, a boost to
the immune system of members of the family, that the industrialized world has eliminated, debate with Dr. Liora Gvion, Hussam Abbas, Duhul Safadi, Salman
Abu Rukun, Dr. Ismail Atamna / Tasting truck on Paris Square, in memory of Nadima Sabiti, the mother of Wadi Nisnas, remembering pans, perfumes,
conversations and her warmth for five decades, each day     several of her specialties will be prepared/ Chefs who will prepare unique dishes in downtown Haifa:
Hamudi Abulafia, Bilquis Abu Rabia, Hila Alpert, Johnny Gorica, Jacob Hiiat Kamal Hashalmon, Zuzu Hanna, Muin Halabi, Dr. Nof Atamna-Ismail, Yaron
Kastenboim Alaa Moussa, Elias Matar, Itamar Davidov, Omar 'Alwan, Hamudi Aokalh, Nashat Abbas, Yossi Sheetrit, Matan Abrahams, Doholsfadi, Amos
Sion, Ayelet Latovich, G'ozifasfor, Lmashadi, Erez Komorowski, Futuna Jaber, Salah Kurdi, Sbinhooldmn, Shadi Farm Bishara, Aliadsoki, Roy Sofer,
Mayaser Abu Shehada, Nora Hosiisi, David Frankel, Eldad Shmueli, Tarkataha./ Eateries, Bakery, Pubs, Restaurants and Hosts: Morel Cheese, Chang That,
Bakery, Mossi, Kingzrood, Java Cafe, Shani, Pastry, Bulgarian Grill Shamli, Burekkas Bashir Haahala, Sangria, Izmir Turkish Bazaar, and the Beanstalk
Angus, Giotto, Dobrin 7, Anchor, Namal 24, port, pub Pint, Vanya Bistro, Hamarat Talpiot, Kula, Libirah, Lahza, beer haMaayan, hummus Maran, studio
Pasha 99, El Puerto, Saint-Etienne, Jacob Kebab, Alice pub, chick Paddy chick Faraj, coffee Sammy, restaurant Starr, syncopated Bar, The City, Haifas,
Dollhouse, Swidan Naama, After Dark, Barkey, Bora Bar, hummus Abu Rami, hummous Elyahu, bread and meatballs Tsitsu, pot of Katie, Slot, Clemnis,
Kizelris, pastry Spir0, restaurant Strudel,
Downtown, Haifa

On December 8, -10: 00, Seminar Day Country, city, boy, girl: childhood in Haifa 1930-1960 Commissioner: Liat Margalit 10: 00-10: 15,
Home, and by Nissim Tal Inbar Dror Lex, 10: 15-10: 30, Nostalgia Haifa museum: the country exposure, city, boy, girl Liat Margalit,
curator of the exhibition; 10: 30-11: 15 Guided hike to the path of the Israeli Sociologica, by Prof. Oz Almog, 11: 15-11: 30, Break 11:
30-13: 15 Thus we see, documentary film and meeting with the filmmaker Eric Bernstein and Watchers, documentary, Eliav Lilti Eric
Bernstein and movie collections ( 8mm). Taken by amateur photographers For more details and tickets: 04-9115888, Tikotin Museum of
Japanese Art, Haifa
On December 8, 19:30, Lighting of the Christmas tree, Greek Orthodox Church, Mary's well

Every Friday 10:00, -13: 00, Joint celebration with Western and Eastern music, mixtures, colors, perfumes: leave the bags and start dancing,
Free entrance, Wadi Nisnas market, Haifa

On December 11, 20:30, Singing with joy, Three days of celebrations in the Jordan Valley, Yardena Arazi and Gevatron, Kibbutz Kinnereth
On December 12, 20:30, Singing with joy, Three days of celebrations in the Jordan Valley, Ilanit, his most beautiful songs, Kibbutz Kinnereth
On December 13, 10:30, Singing with joy, Three days of celebrations in the Jordan Valley, Soloists of the Israeli opera sing songs of Nurit
Hirsh, Kibbutz Kinnereth

From December 13 to 20: Christmas Market. Fair, handicrafts street shows, and tasting, Nazareth

On December 17, 19:30, Opening Event for the Exhibition 19th Century Prints and Photographs of Jerusalem, a guided tour of the
exhibition will be held by the curator of the exhibition - Ron Hillel. The opening will include a toast and donuts for Hanukkah, National
Maritime Museum. Haifa

On December 24: Christmas parade, with movements of young people, dignitaries and musicians in the streets, ending on the esplanade of
the Basilica of the Annunciation, Nazareth
On December 24, 19:00, Christmas Mass, Basilica of Annunciation, Nazareth
On December 25: Celebration of Mass in the Catholic Churches, 7:00, Mass at the Basilica of the Annunciation, 10:00, Christmas Day,
Basilica of Annunciation, Nazareth
Cultural activities 2016-2017 season in Haifa and in the North
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lectures, theatre plays etc.... for children and for adults
The cost per event is much cheaper if you take a subscription.
Exhibits, museums, galleries
Plastic arts, guided visits, workshops
From December 25 to 31, Hanukkah