Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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From November 28 to December 2, Haifa Story Festival, art direction Yehonadav Perlman, produced by Beit HaGefen,
On December 1, 11:00,   Kiryat Eliezer's Memories: A meeting with prominent sports figures in Haifa, all football fans at Kiryat Stadium Eliezer with former
sportsmen, coaches, politicians, sports journalists and fans moderator: Yoni Halali, with Baruch Mom, Eli Loewenthal, Itamar Chizik, Zvika Witzner, Yankele
Schechner, Doron Bendor, Yosef Glazer, Vasili Vesiliibski, free entry, Beit HaGefen, Haifa
On December 1, 12: 00,  Wadi Siah and Bustan Kayat's Wadi Tour: between botany, history and social activism, plants, fountain and remains of buildings with
Professor Amotz Dafni, Yakob Shorer, Eyal Friedlander, free admission, Bustan Kayat
On December 1, 16: 30,   Souvenirs of the City, the pearl of Haifa, Moderator Samia Arush, in Arabic with a translation in Hebrew, free admission , meeting:
Parking 44 rue Jaffa, Haifa
On December 2, 11:00,   Doors Open Tour - women of Wadi Nisnas, Ceramics, social and community life, artists, communities, gastronomy, visit in Hebrew.
The number of places is limited, participation is free via pre-registration via Facebook, the website or 04-852525 meeting in Beit HaGefen, Haifa
On December 2, 20:00,   Back to Haifa, after Ghassan Kanafani, adaptation of Makram Khoury, staged Salim Dow, in Arabic with subtitles in Hebrew, free
entry, Beit HaGefen, Haifa

The holiday season will be held this year in Downtown of Haifa, a multicultural city from December 13 to 23, a colorful celebration of
music, poetry, theater, literature, and art. Haifa, a city of religions, cultures, gastronomy and landscapes, shines from sunset to sunrise at the
initiative of Beit HaGefen since 1993 at Beit HaGefen, Wadi Nisnas and at the German colony with Christmas trees, moon crescents and
hanoukiot marking the December holidays of the three religions - Hanukkah, Christmas and Adha. Lights will also be installed at Kiryat
Haim - Eilat Boulevard, Hadar - from Herzl Street to Arlozorov Street, and Neve David.
From December 14 to 23, the 24th Annual Holiday of Hoildays, which is held in Haifa, a city of religions, cultures, food and views. Fridays
and Saturdays, every year in  December. The festival is an initiative of Beit HaGefen - a Jewish-Arab cultural center - and Haifa
Municipality, which founded the festival in 1993, which takes place in Beit HaGefen, Wadi Nisnas and the German colony. The festival aims
to cultivate and promote tolerance and mutual respect through culture and art. Liturgical music concerts in churches, scenes of Beit
HaGefen and Wadi Nisnas, street performances, children's theater, Friday shows in the Beit HaGefen auditorium, exhibition The Festival of
Festivals in galleries and around the festival area, National Antiquities Fair in Beit HaGefen and art exhibitions around the festival area,
Every Friday in December, 12: 00, the The Holiday of Holidays, The Work of Life show literary and musical in Downtown that will focus on
connections, with the beauty of a life together with writers, actors, personalities cultural, poets and musicians, creative meetings combining
literature, poetry and live music, free admission, subject to availability, HaNamal 31, Downtown, Haifa
From December 13 to 15, the 3rd A-Sham Festival: Chef's workshops, flavors and stories of Arab cuisine. Chef's workshops, Downtown,

On December 10, 12: 00-19: 00, At the initiative of  olim from France, stands of gifts, candles, bakery, fricasses, jewelry, books, clothes,
hats, manicures, makeup, eyebrow care, cosmetics, photography and photo art, chocolate, pottery and ceramics, handicrafts, garden
renovation, flowers, thermomix, acupuncture and coffee, works of art from Ethiopia, technology and insurance. Ambience assured, Not to
mention surprise from 16: 00, HamBaGan in the Rambam courtyard, activities for kids, popcorn, games, workshops, Rambam Religious
Community Center, 39 HaTichon, Haifa

On December 14, 11:00, Winter Regatta Reuven Sadnai, 500 sailors from all over the country, Haifa
On December 14, 17:30, Conference of 7 Wisdoms, * Seven Wisdoms: logic and mathematics, natural sciences, law and social sciences,
music, art and imagination, philosophy and metaphysics, medicine and animal science, psychology and mental theory, link between the
ancient wisdom of Israel and modern wisdom. With the participation of Prof. Israel Aumann, Prof. Ciechanover, Dr. Yuval Steinitz, Prof.
Moti Segev, Technion, Haifa

On December 17, Illumination of the big Christmas tree, Kikar HaMaayan, Nazareth, Opening of the Christmas market, 19: 00-22: 00
Illumination of the Christmas tree of the Orthodox community of the city, scene and songs of Christmas, fireworks and opening of the
Christmas market. (free entry), Kikar HaMaayan, Kikar HaMaayan, Nazareth
On December 8,9, 14, 15, 16, 15:30-19:30, Christmas celebration, activities for kids, crafts, stories and concerts, Nazareth Village
On December 17-22, Christmas Market, stands and shows (free entrance), Kikar HaMayayan, Kikar HaMaayan, Nazareth
On December 23, -15: 00, Traditionnal Christmas procession. Begins at 15:00 HaPoalim district along the main street of the city, from
Shikun al-Arab to the main square, HaBessora Street, groups of scouts, decorated vehicles and huge fireworks at the end of the procession,
On December 24, 19:30 Christmas Mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation (conditional free entry at early registration 04-6570555, Nazareth
On December 25, -7:00,  Christmas Mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation and in the churches,  Nazareth

On December 21, 20:00, Opening of the exhibition: Pyramid 1992-2017, dedicated to the artists who founded the Pyramid, Curator: Haim
Duel Lusky, founders Yehuda Yatziv, Israel Wertman, Avraham Eilat, Yaakov Dorchin, Morald Derfler, building: an old school given by
Arie Gurel, former mayor, 20:00 Rally Greetings Rock Concert. The Pyramid, active cultural space and a large gallery, offering space for
artists, under the direction of Shimon Alon, closing on February 28, The Pyramid, Haifa

On December 21 to 23, 6th Winter Festival, Crafts, stories, walks, music,  and gastronomy in Galilee

On December 28, 14: 00-20: 00, LGBT Golden Age Congress, presentation Assi Levi, guest Ivri Lider, 14: 00 Reception, 14: 30 - Greetings
and opening remarks, Chen Arieli, and Sarah Swiri. Musical interlude with Ivri Lider, 15:00, Lecture by Dr. Ruti Litvin, Characteristics of
aging in the LGBT community, 3:45 pm, Aging with pride, debate, 16:30, Coffee and snacks, 17:00 - Presentation of results LGBT
Preliminaries, Dr. Itzhak Shnoor and Dr. Ayelet Berg-Verman, 17:45, Roundtables: Health at Age Three. Relationships and Sexuality
Common Housing Solutions. Emotional and emotional support and assistance. Leisure and culture Internal policy of the community. Social
Networks Exploitation of rights, summary Shelly Natan, 19: 00 - Closing, Avihu Mizan, Director of the Gay Center, dinner, mix and dance,
free admission, registrations 52-3363296, House of the Community for Pride and Tolerance, Haifa
Cultural activities 2017-2018 season in Haifa and in the North
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