Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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In December, The Holiday of Holiday Festival, a colorful celebration of music, light and joy for the Hanukkah, Christmas and Adha
holidays. Haifa, a city of religions, cultures, gastronomy and landscapes, shines from sunset to sunrise at Beit HaGefen's initiative since
1993 to cultivate and promote tolerance and mutual respect through culture and art, in Beit HaGefen, Wadi Nisnas and the German colony,  
with Christmas trees, moon crescents and hannoukiot. Street shows, folk music, art exhibitions in galleries and in the streets, concerts,
liturgical music, poetry, theater, literature, guided tours, national antiques fair, meetings with Santa Claus, parades, markets, crafts,
activities for children and the whole family, Haifa
On December 1, at night, Hag HaHagim, Holiday Party, Illuminations and Decorations in the German Colony, Hanukkah Lights will also
be installed at Kiryat Haim (Achi Eilat), Hadar - from Herzl Street to Arlozorov Street, and Neve David, German Colony, Haifa

In December at Haifa Museums the same daily ticket allows you to visit the 6 museums, Haifa Museum of Art, National Maritime Museum,
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa City Museum, Mane Katz Museum, Herman Struck Museum

The Council for the Conservation of Heritage Sites in Israel A month of guided tours of heritage sites accessible to all? Reut Museum,
Kinnereth Court, Naharayim Experience in Old Gesher, Homa OuMigdal Tower and Palisade in Gan Hashlosha, Shturman House,
HaEmek Train Station Welcome Center in Kfar Yehoshua Guided Tours for People with Disabilities, Activities for Groups and Visitors
individual visitors; cognitive accessibility, sensory visualization, linguistic simplification, vocal description etc. The visit must be coordinated
in advance with the site staff. https://shimur.org/ Please contact us in advance with the site for accurate information on accessibility in place.
For more details: 03-5086620 15: 00-19: 00, nechama@shimur.org.il

On December 1, 20: 00, Opening of the 1948 exhibition, meetings and clashes between identities and memories of a decisive year in the past
of the city and the country, with the participation of artists Raida Adon, Jafra Abu Zulof, Farid Abu Shakra, Naftali Bezem, Dorar Bakri,
Eliyahu Arik Bokobza, Ido Beck, Hamudi Jannam, Michael Halak, Issam Darawshe, Orly Hommel, Nachum Zoltov, Yakov Hefetz, Zvi
Tolkovsky, Marcel Janco, Shmuel Katz, Dan Lavi (Lifshitz), Neta Lieber Sheffer, Dotan Moreno, Manal Mahamid, Ibrahim Nubani, Boaz
Noy, Nitzan Ensemble, Meron Sima, Nardin Seraji, Nardin Serouji, Abed Abdi, Ashraf Fuchri / Asad Azi, Gershon Knispel, Mahmoud Kays,
Ruth Kestenbaum Ben Dov, Daniel Rolider, Haya Graetz Ran, Ruth Schloss, Menahem Shemi, Samah Shehadeh, Fatma Shinan,
LidaSharett Massad, Amir Tomashov, Curators Dr. Majed Khmara and Inbar Dror Lax, Haifa City Museum

On December 6, (date not yet confirmed) Illumination of the great Christmas tree of the Orthodox community of Downtown, scene and
carols, (free entrance), Kikar HaMayan, Place de la Source, Nazareth

On December 6 and 7, 4th A-Sham 2018 Festival, Flavors and stories of Arab cuisine, Ottoman cuisine, multi-sensory festival of knowledge,
special dishes, conferences, guided tours, s evenings, events and activities for children, come taste the Ottoman cuisine in Haifa IrTachit,
Downtown, Haifa.
* The feasts of the sultans of palaces of the Ottoman Empire with their pastries and desserts, conferences and pannels
* Pop-up shops, a small Turkey to explore, taste and feel the Ottoman Empire in Shaar Palmer
* The restaurants in Downtown will host the top Israeli chefs who will prepare and serve dishes from the Ottoman Empire and Turkish
cuisine (≤40 NIS) served during the festival hours, when the chefs stay at the restaurant.
-Back to Black, Guest Chef, Yahaloma Levi, Fida, crispy stuffed with spicy lamb and vegetables, served with a salad of onions, sumac and tarragon, 04-825-
4295 Derech Jaffa 26, Haifa
-Jacko Seafood, Guest Chef Salah Kurdi, Fish Lahmacun, Flatbread with Fish, 04-8626639 Kehilat Thessaloniki 12,
-Donatella, guest chef Jalal Salem¸ Enginar Bakli, version of this dish - cream of beans, and artichoke sashimi, 04-907-7770, Nathanson 14, Haifa
-HaMaagan, Guest Chef: Nieve Mola, Çig Kofte, Lamb Ball with Bulgur, Seasoned with Sweet-and-Sour Pomegranate Concentrate, Tomato Paste and Herbs *
Meat Platter, Vegan Option, 04-8666386, Nathanson 16, Haifa
-HaNamal 24, Guest Chef Dahul Safdie, Cabbage Dolma, stuffed vegetable, 04-8628899, HaNamal 24, Haifa
-Bistro Vanya, guest chef Johnny Gorek, Midiya Dolma, mussels garnished with aromatic rice and decorated with slices of lemon, 04-671-6272, Shaar Palmer 1,
-Hummus Abu Maroun, Guest Chef Orel Kimchi, Hummus at Hünkâr Beğendi, Eggplant Hummus Served in Creamy Béchamel Sauce, 054-6312575 Kibbutz
Galuyot, 1, Haifa
-Hummus Abu Rami, Guest Chef Ran Shmueli, Hummus with Dolma, Green Winter Leaves with Pomegranate Sauce, 050-7532150, HaNamal 30, Haifa
-Hummus Elyahu, Guest Chef Gil Hovav, Hot hummus served with stew of Turkish peas vegetables sprinkles with olive oil, 04-6516430, Shivat Zion 2, Haifa
-Hummus Faraj, guest chef Hila Alpert, hot hummus au kuş başı (bird's head), tiny meatballs with sweet and sour sauce of tomatoes and pomegranate
concentrate, 04-8621276, HaMeginim 29, Haifa
-Hamarat Talpiot, guest chef Omer Alwan, Lahmacun with fish confit, served with yoghurt and techina, 04-6992296, Sirkin 28, Haifa
-Lux, Israel Aharoni Guest Chef, Karnıyarık, dolma, aubergines garnished with meat in a pomegranate sauce, 077-2060970, HaNamal 13, Haifa
-Lahza, guest chef Amos Shion, Balik Akmak, grilled fish sandwiches on charcoal, served in a brioche (Akmak) with a variety of vegetables, 04-6950296,
Nathanson 17, Haifa
-LiBira, Chef Ali Khatib, Dumplings, grilled meatballs, steaming and juicy stuffed with cheese and roasted vegetables, served on a herb salad and focaccia, 04-
3740251, HaNamal 26, Haifa
-Morel, Chef Nayel Zarqawi, Hamsi with Kashik sauce, fresh sardines grilled in charcoal or fried in a Kashik sauce of yogurt with cucumbers, garlic and
shrimp, 04-8441404, HaNamal 33, Haifa
-Nahum Beit Yain, Wine House, Guest Chef Haim Cohen, Alinazik, Beautiful Food, Meat and Eggplant Dish after Long Cooking, 054-471-7517, Khatib 4,
-Saro, Patisserie, Guest Chef Michal Botton, Kazandibi, Delicious Caramelized Milk Pudding Dessert, 04-872-7718, Jaffa 19, Haifa
-Simsama, Chef Barak Aharoni, Ali Nazik, grilled eggplants on a buttered plate seasoned with peppers and cloves of garlic, and also juicy kebabs and sour
yoghurt, 04-8669347, Nathanson 19, Haifa
* Dishes of the whole empire. The restaurants, bakeries, bars and taverns of the lower town serve special dishes from all over the Ottoman
Empire (≤40 NIS)
-After Dark, Iskander Kebab slices of veal served on a pita dipped in tomato sauce and peppers next to a fresh yogurt, 053-5216076, Jaffa 30, Haifa
-Burekas BeCher HaAgala, Triple Burkas stuffed with spinach + cheese + potatoes and onions. The amazing dish that will be served here will offer the three
toppings together, based on a 65-year-old family recipe, 052-8696138, HaAtzmaut 35, Haifa
-Izmir Turkish Burekas, Roasted Aubergine Burekas, Bashmal and Tulum, Grilled Eggplants in a thin dough with raw tahini, with tulum, cheese ripened in a
sheepskin bag, 054-8388553, Moshe Aharon 8, Haifa
-Brew Knows, Çig kofte, a bourgoul-based dough with meat or legumes or peppers and tomatoes, vegan meatballs made from Bourgoul, a flavorful pepper paste
and in the center of the sour pomegranate -douce, in a fine lafa with fresh vegetables, 052-4525891, Nathan Keizerman 8, Haifa
-The pots of Kathy, Dolma stuffed rice pepper with walnuts and Turkish pepper cooked in a sour sauce of sumac and olive oil, 04-6313335, Kibbutz Galuyot 34,
-Yaakov Kebab, Adana kebab, dark red kebab seasoned with a mixture of peppers and paprika,
-Barda Bakery, Peyniri pide, crispy boat-shaped pasta filled with Peyniri cheese and parsley, 04-9817839, HaNamal 6, Haifa
-Gideon Bakery, Baked Caramelized Sugared Techina, Sprinkled with Nuts, Elyahu HaNavi 4, Haifa 04-8662130
-Bank Bakery, Simit, the famous Turkish bagel, coated with sesame seeds, traditional pastry served hot oven, 04-8677642, HaBankim 6, Haifa
-Malabeer, Hot Salep Turkish Sachlab, made from corn starch used as a substitute for wild orchid rhizomes, sweetened and served hot during the winter
months, 052-6655884, HaNamal 32, Haifa
-Patt-Steinbach, Pide Ekmek, round flatbread, decorated with diamonds and adorned with sesame seeds and nigella, 054-7901078, Jaffa 28 Haifa
* The establishment and operation of the cooking workshops was facilitated by Skolinery located at Kibbutz Yagur, which specializes in the transfer of cooking
workshops, pastries and pastries to the general public.
* Tourkey Tours through the Empire Let your feet take you on delightful and fascinating trips around the Ottoman Empire and Turkish
cuisine, without leaving Downtown
*Turkish Cooking Workshops Come learn how to cook, discover raw materials from the Ottoman Empire and taste the dishes that
characterize Turkish cuisine.
* Activities for children, visits and tastings
* The sounds of the Empire, oriental music
On December 6, 14: 00-18: 00, Science Evening open to the community, workshops, shows and demonstrations in the spirit of Hanukkah,
admission is free, Scientific Show: Academy of Caution with Prof Careful, a trip of discovery of dangers in different places, auditorium
Degani 1st floor Spectacle of robots, lighting Hanukkah digital lights with a neon robot, Light in motion graffiti of light on walls with a
special material, electric fireflies with led lamps thrown d 'a height, rotating dreidels with wind, anamorphosis, distorted image in a special
cylindrical mirror, interactive wall - digital art wall, museum exhibition visit digital exhibition, science park, early childhood center and
Netrix - space interactive digital (subject to availability), MadaTech, National Museum of the Science and Technology, Technion Historical
Building, Hadar, Haifa

On December 15, 10: 00-15: 00, A wind of change, design, culture, etc. open studio, The artists will open their workshops to visitors, will exhibit
and organize artistic meetings, with the participation of David Bahar Perahia, Yael Balaban, Foley Blum, Gabi Ben Haim, Hamudi Gahnem, Israel Wertman,
Michael Halak, Yaakov Hefetz, Nitzan Seth, Orit Siman Tov, Yuval Feiglin and Samah Shehadeh. And Exhibition of Photographs and Poetry - With the book
between my legs, the intimacy between women and books in the private and public sphere and in their points of interaction, in a reality or each poem having a
feminine, masculine orientation, gay, nationalist, post nationalist, Zionist or post-Zionist or sexual is rejected as a provocation, 11: 00-13: 00, A wind of
change, design, culture, etc. open studio, Artzchen: a creative workshop for the whole family with the artist Guy Kaplan workshop that will bring to life thrown
objects or Unused, during a "ceremony" Participants must wear screens, chairs, mirrors, weights, planters, vases, plates, etc. and will be guided by the artist, the
workshop includes the material and is free, please register to in advance 04-835-4299, 12:00, A wind of change, design, culture, studio etc open, Talk at the
show What makes a pyramid here? hosted by curator Galia Bar On with the participation of artists Samah Shehadeh, Nardin Serouji and Miriam Brock-Cohen,
13:00, A wind of change, design, culture, studio etc open, Aravrit a Hebrew and Arabic hybrid letter system, with Liron Lavi Turkenich, project creation, the
city of Haifa as a starting point, signs, dilemmas and letter design, a story of hope, living together, people in the train and a French ophthalmologist, 14:00, A
wind of change, design, culture, studio etc open, Elizabeth Krugolov STRIX, a performance of tattoo, video and sound, SMG the process of building the
individual and how the consciousness changes our society, 15:00, A wind of change, design, culture, studio etc open, Change of nerves: Hana Hamam on
fashion, the underground and the general public,  16:00, A wind of change, design, culture, etc. open studio, City Square: What is your vision of Haifa? Hyde
Park style event where each participant will be able to present to the public his vision of Haifa in two minutes, in the presence of Haifa activists and activists,  
17:00, A wind of change, design, culture, etc. Open studio, One-on-one: Speedidating with cultural leaders, Inbar Dror Lax, Svetlana Reingold, Galia Bar On,
Ben Riftin, David Gottesman, Shai Ilan, 18:00, A wind of change, design, culture, studio etc open, The future is already here, meeting with the new leaders of
the city, Rabbi Dubi Hayon and Nahshon Tzuk on the future of culture and art in Haifa, 19: 30, A wind of change, design, culture, etc.  Poetry, an event in the
space, exhibition of photographs and poetry: With the book between my legs, animated by Meital Nissim and Lilach Weber,
free entry, The Pyramid, home
of contemporary art, Wadi Salib, Haifa

On December 18, 16:00, How beautiful we are! An event marking the International Day of Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities, Ziv
Shilon Conference, Bridging the Limits of the Possible, Performance with singer Moran Mazuz, visually impaired, who participated in the
"One Star is born "and the Just Touch dancers Zehava Fedens and Oren Breuer Admission is free! The event is accessible, information: 04-
8227850, Beit Abba Hushi, Neve Sheanan, Haifa

From December 18 to 22, Christmas Market, gift stands, decorations and treats, and shows (free entry), Kikar HaMayan, Place de la Source,
On December 23, -15: 00, Christmas procession along the main street of Nazareth, HaBessora Street, to the main square,groups of scouts,
decorated vehicles and a huge fireworks at the end of the procession, Nazareth
On December 24, 19: 00, Christmas Mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation, Nazareth
On December 25, Christmas Masses in the Basilica of the Annunciation and in the churches of Nazareth
Exhibits, museums, galleries
Plastic arts, guided visits, workshops
Cultural activities 2018-2019 season in Haifa and in the North
Click here to read the English translation of the programs You can subscribe to series of concerts,
lectures, theatre plays etc.... for children and for adults
The cost per event is much cheaper if you take a subscription.
On December 6, Mother's Day in Haifa