Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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During December, -18: 00, Illuminations in the German Colony, between HaAtsmaut and HaGefen streets, in the spirit of the December  
holidays and the Haifa spirit, a multicultural city shared by all religions, Haïfa

On December  1-7, Christmas in Nazareth, Christmas Nights, Nazareth
On December  6, Christmas in Nazareth, lighting of the Christmas tree, next to the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation, Nazareth

On December 6 and 7, Jacob's Ladder,  Winter Festival, Babesa, Rembetiko - Greek tavern music, Maya, Gabriella and Shay, Folk,
Country, Celtic, Gilad Harel & the New Orleans Function Jazz Band, Klezmer Dixieland, Gilad Ephrat Ensemble, Original Israeli, Larry &
Mindy, 60s & 70s Sing along, Lazerus Rising, Country/Blues/Rock, Jam session & Sing-along, with Noam Maggeni & Chen Appel, The
Hollands! Folk/Americana, Déjà Vu Band, 60s & 70s Rock & Roll Hits, Jacob’s Ladder, Irish Session Band, Traditional Jigs and Reels, Nof
Ginossar, Lake of Galilee

From December 9 to 31, Festival of Italian Cinema, Haifa, Maalot tachshicha and Rosh Pina Cinematheques, in partnership with the Italian
Cultural Institute

From December 12 to 15, Nazareth Liturgical Festival, for the Christmas holidays in the city decorated with lights, produced by Polyphony,
077-2018451, Halls and Churches in Nazareth  

On December  17-22, -16: 00, Christmas in Nazareth, all-day Christmas market, arts and crafts, decorations, gifts, local market and
children's activities, food stalls, shows and music, Mary's Well Square, Nazareth

From December 19 to 28,  Hag HaHagim, Festival of Festival, a colorful celebration of music, light and joy for Hanukkah, Christmas and
Adha. Haifa, a city of religions, cultures, gastronomy and landscapes, shines from sunset to sunrise at Beit HaGefen's initiative since 1993 to
cultivate and promote tolerance and mutual respect through culture and culture. 'art. In Beit HaGefen, in Wadi Nisnas and in the German
Colony Christmas trees, moon crescents and hanoukiot, street performances, folk music, art exhibitions in galleries and in the street,
concerts, liturgical music, poetry, theater, literature, guided tours, national antiques fair, meetings with Santa Claus, parades, markets,
crafts, activities for children and the whole family, illuminations and decorations in the German Colony, Hanukkah lights in Kiryat Haim,
and in Haifa, The festival is an initiative of Beit Hagefen - a Jewish Arab cultural center and the Haifa Municipality, which started in the
tradition in 1993. During the festival, there will be various guided tours where you can meet locals and learn to live together in Haifa. The
festival aims to promote and encourage tolerance and mutual respect through culture and art, Beit HaGefen, Haïfa

On December  20, - 8:00, Torchlight Run, in collaboration with Reali School and the participation of high school students from all over the
city Ironi A and Ironi C, the Maccabi Haifa Association and the Haifa Municipality, 6 courses in all the city, ceremonies in memory of the
victims of the hostilities, and luminous beacons on the places of the attacks, race until Beit Biram. 08: 00, Exit to Monuments, 08: 30,
HaShmona Station (Haifa Center), 09:30, Halissa Street HaGiborim Street, 08:45, Monument to Maxim Restaurant (HaHagana Street), 09:
00, Monument to the Victims of the Carmel disaster near Beit Oren, 09: 00, Monument to Matzah restaurant (Ruppin road), 09: 00, Moriah
Street Memorial 50, 10:00, Arrival at Reali school - Beit Biram, 10:30 , Presentation of certificates to outstanding athletes in Beit Biram,
Admission is free, Haïfa

On December 21, 20:00, Opening of the exhibitions cluster: Women Make History, Feminism in the Age of Transnationalism Curator
Svetlana Reingold, Solo Exhibitions: Iris Kensmil, Sharon Lockhart, Yael Meiry, Boryana Rossa & Oleg Mavromati, Izabella Volovnik,
Rona Yefman with Tanja Schlander; This Sex which is not One: Kathe Burkhart, Claude Cahun, Liat Elbling, Alona Friedberg and Limor
Orenstein, Tanja Ostojić (with Marina Grznić), Michèle Sylvande; Fighting their Fate: Yael Bartana, Vanane Borian, Shira Glezerman,
Nava Harel Shoshani, Thalia Hoffman and Dganit Elyakim, Yael Meiry, Inbal Mendes Flohr, Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova, Tanja
Ostojić, Vered Nissim, Boryana Rossa, Zamir Shatz; The Blazing World Curator Anat Martkovich Maya Attoun, Efrat Galnoor, Naama
Roth, Elham Rokni; The Mother Goddess, Curator Michal Shachnai Yakobi Avigail Shklovsky, Michal Blayer, Bianca Eshel Gershuni,
Tsipy Amos Goldstein; Solidarity as a Path to Action, Raya Bruckenthal, Arahmaiani Feisal, Iris Kensmil, Ariane Littman, Masha Rubin,
Shirley Siegal, Mathilde ter Heijne, Shirin Neshat; Hybrids, Creatures of Wonder, Curator: Revital Silverman Grun, Meira Grossinger,
Assaf Rahat, Boryana Rossa, Stelarc, Roey Victoria Heifetz, Anna Yam, During The Opening Event, Dance Performer Roni Hadash will
present "ME, and all of that body" , Supported by Mondriaan Fund, Haifa Museum of Art

On December  24, -15:00, Christmas in Nazareth, Christmas Parade, from Mary's Well to Maqam al-Aadra, in Paul VI Street, ending at the
Basilica of the Annunciation, 17:30, Fireworks, Nazareth
On December  24, 24:00, Christmas in Nazareth, Midnight mass in the Basilica of the Annunciation, Nazareth
On December  25, -7: 00, Christmas in Nazareth, all Catholic churches have morning Mass. 19:00, first mass at 10:00, mass of celebration,
church of the Annunciation, Nazareth

On December  26, 10:00, Winter Regatta, In memory of Reuven Sadani, Israeli Winter Championship, from 350 to 500 sailboats, boats and
surfboards, windsurfers, on three routes expected since the ride close to Rambam Hospital and Stella Maris Observatory, Admission is free,
Quiet Beach, HaHof HaShaket, Haifa
Exhibits, museums, galleries
Plastic arts, guided visits, workshops
Cultural activities 2019-2020 season in Haifa and in the North
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lectures, theatre plays etc.... for children and for adults
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From December 22 to 29, Hannouka
Free entry to the Haifa Municipal Museums for children (18-) from December 19 to 30