Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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On December 1, reopening of Madatech National Museum of Planning Science and Technology, Historic Building of Technion, Hadar,

On December 3, 16:00-23:00, Scientists' Night at Madatech experiential event for the whole family that annually attracts thousands of
visitors from Haifa and northern regions. This year, due to the situation, Scientists' Night will be held in your home - Madatech instructors
and Technion scientist men and women will come to you digitally and interactively.
* You can enjoy many other activities as part of the Scientists' Night 2020 event, registration for conferences and workshops via the registration site only   https:
/* | * There may be changes in the schedule, the plan updated on the registration site *
16:00 - 16:30, Electrifying Show in Hebrew / Electrifying Show in Arabic
16:00 - 16:30, Surprising scientific demonstrations in Hebrew
16:00 - 23:00, Experimental videos and demonstrations
16:00 - 23:00, In Brief - Researchers talk about their research
16:30 - 17:00, Surprising scientific demonstrations - Arabic
16:30 - 17:00, Quest Live
16:30 - 17:00, Delicious and Healthy: a conference on food engineering
Scientific riddle
17:30 - 17:50, Corona diagnosis in a new and precise way - Prof. Amit Meller
17:50 - 18:00, Quest Diffusion
17:50 - 18:00, Visit of the exhibition Miracles - in Arabic
18:00 - 18:30, Science with pepper in the kitchen - in Arabic
Visit of the Miracles exhibition - in Hebrew
18:30 - 19:00, Lecture by Prof. Fouad Fares in Arabic: Herbal Cancer Medicines -
Just a question robots
18:30 - 19:00 Science with pepper in the kitchen - Hebrew
19: 15-19: 45, Food of the future - Lecture by Prof. Yoav Livni

From December 10 to 18 Hag HaHagim Festival of Festivals, Illuminations in the German Colony, between HaAtsmaut and HaGefen
streets, in the spirit of the December holidays and the Haifa spirit, a multicultural city shared by all religions, Haïfa, guided walks, art
exhibits, music, cooking workshops, www,haifahag.com
On December 10, 16:00: 00-23: 00, Hag HaGim, Festival of Festivals, Festival Opening, Online and off  www.haifahag.com
24/7, Celebration - an exhibit featuring the works of local artists on municipal billboards in the Hadar district Outdoors
17:00 -19: 00, Salon Al-Jabal - Art and discussion Between mountain and sea - A virtual physical meeting place located on the ground floor
of the Beit HaGefen art gallery. sharing of stories and ideas between artists and local communities in and around Haifa. Online and off
16: 000-20: 00, Open workshop - the artists open their workspaces to the general public and in an intimate atmosphere. Outside
16:30, Christmas Tour - A tour of houses and churches decorated for the holidays, aromas of coffee and the smell of local pastries outside
17:00, The Flavors of Wadi Nisnas - Fatma Shehadeh in a local Arab cooking workshop. Arab cuisine and its impact on its tastes. Online
18: 00-22: 00, Tal Michaelis Botanique - the work traces architectural elements inherent in an old building, to which are added illustrations
from old botanical books animated and revived on the facade of the building Outside
21:00, The Thijwal Ensemble composed of Arab and Jewish musicians from all over the country, folk music in artistic arrangements,
expression of the worldview and the aspiration for a common and egalitarian society. Online
On December 17, 17:00, Hag HaGim, Festival of Festivals, Hebrew Arabic Decorated Houses Competition Rules of the Decorated Houses
Competition in Haifa
The competition will be held in a minimum of 20 households that will enter the competition As part of the holiday festival, a houses
competition decorated will be held in Haifa (light decorations) The competition, initiated by the municipality of Haifa and in collaboration with Beit HaGefen,
is open to all residents of the city. Private owners and condominium tenants are invited to participate in this festive adventure. On December 17-21 and 20, the
contest judges will move between the houses registered in the contest and will award a score according to the following criteria: Originality / creativity / beauty
/ aesthetics • Participation in the contest is free but requires prior registration before 10.12.19 on the haifahag.com site or via the link https://bezeq.infopage.
me/index.php?page=landing&id=396007&token=5da42ffb517f1ab451e1c4a637a75e77 After this date, it is no longer possible to register and to participate in a
• The judges of the competition will move between the pre-registered houses, from 17 to 21.12.2020 in the evening. The first and second place winners will
receive a cash prize. First place: shared house 6000 NIS private house 3000 NIS
Second place: shared house 4000 NIS private house 20:00 NIS
• The competition concerns only the decoration of the facades of the houses (and not the interior decoration of the apartments / hall, etc.)
• Condominiums can only participate in the organization of all tenants (and not individually).
• The winner's prize in the common house category will be awarded to the house committee registered for the competition.
• The participants in the competition undertake to publish the photo of their home in the various media.
• Registration for the competition constitutes approval of these rules.
• When the decorations are completed - each participant will send a photo of the decorated front of the house to the email below.
The photograph will be used for the first screening of the houses by the judging committee. Photographs must be sent Until 17.12.2020 at 1200, as a condition
of participation in the competition.
• The judges' committee will make a tour of the houses which will be entered in the competition, until the date to be determined, and will select the main
houses, from which the decorated house which meets all the criteria will be selected.
• The names of the members of the judging team will be published on the festival website on 16.12.2020
questions and clarification: Olaf Hyder04-48142505Ulfat@bhagefen.org

On December 13, 14 and 15, Akko Alernative Theater Festival, https://www.accofestival.co .il

From December 6-24, Christmas in Nazareth 2020,  Traditional Christmas Market  reduced format,  Nazareth    
On December 6, Christmas in Nazareth 2020, lighting of the Christmas tree, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Nazareth
On  December 24, -15:00,  Christmas in Nazareth 2020, traditional Christmas Parade starting at 15:00  from  Mary’s Well  to Paul VI Street,
17:30, firework, 19:00,  Midnight Mass, Basilica of the Annunciation, Nazareth
On December 25, 7:00, Christmas Mass, in all catholic churches, 10:00  festive Mass, Basilica of the Annunciation, Nazareth

Sale of art works for the restoration of the permanent exhibition of the Wilfrid Israel Museum  and the support of Israeli artists
The early bird sale begins today and December 18 will open to the general public. 200 original works by over 60 excellent Israeli artists: 50%
of the sale of the works will be transferred directly to the artists Musee Wilfried Israel  

On December 31, 10:00, Opening of the exhibit What Will The Neighbours Say? The history of Haifa's gay community, curators Dotan
Brom, Yoav Zaritsky, and Adi Sadaka (the Haifa Queer History Project) and Inbar Dror Lax closes May 26, "Me, the Haifian", In honor of
the Central Zionist Archives centennial, a collection of Haifa posters and broadsides preserved in the archives, about daily life in Haifa,
different ideologies that characterized different periods and local graphic designers and printing houses, closes June 5, 04-9115888, Haifa
City Museum
Exhibits, museums, galleries
Plastic arts, guided visits, workshops
Cultural activities 2019-2020 season in Haifa and in the North
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From December 10 to 18, Hannukah