January in Haifa 2007
"Netiot"  at KKL, Keren Kayemet l'Israel
Be generous, more than ever, ,so many beautiful forests have been destroyed because of the war
Tree planters prayer
January 2nd to 4th, workshop at the Haifa University,  Women in Medicine and Medicine for Women: European and
Mediterranean Cultural-Historical Context
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Calendar of holidays
Concerts, performances, plays etc... in the halls of Haifa
Cultural events in the museums of haifa
January 2nd , 20:00, Concert: Jubily of the Haifa Chamber Choir, benefit concert for children in difficulty in the North
and in Haifa :  Avizon, Scarlatti, Carmel, Bach, Braun, Mozart, Vivaldi,  Hechtauditorium, Haifa University
January 2nd, 19:00,Truffaut Cycle ,  Les 400 coups, Haifa Cinematheque , Hanassi 142, Haifa
January 3rd , 17:00,  Festival for  1 Shekel, Fortisakharof, Din Din Aviv, Haim Uliel, Hadag Nachash, Tomer Sharon,
Cider Hagalil hangar ,  at the Kyriat Shmonah entrance
January 4th , 20:30, Autumn Sonata , based on the scenario by Ingmar Bergman, Haifa Municipal Theater
January 4th , 21:00, The  Indian Patient , produced by Beit Lessin, Carmiel Cultural  Center
January 4th, 20:00 Tapuach bDvash, Yad lBanim , Haifa054 5486434
January 4th, 22:00, Yirmi Kaplan, The Beat,   Haifa8101961
January 5th, 21:00 Alessandro Scarlatti, cantatas, concerti, XVIIIth century music,  St John church , Huri 30, Haifa
January 5th, 22:00, At the Border and Over the Edge, comedy by  Oren  Neeman,  directed by Ofer Shafrir, Theatre
Hatsafon, Kyriat Haim
January 5th, 22:00, Night of  jazz, Alon Farber and the Hagiga Sextet,  Martef 10, Haifa
January 6th,  New exhibits  at the Ein Harod museum of art, Koki Doctori, Ruth Agassi, Michael Kovner
January 6th , 18:00, Cinderella , opera by Rossini , with the Israel Opera , Rappoport auditorium, Hanassi 142, Haifa
January 6th , 20:30, trios for piano, flute and cello, Haydn, Mendelsohn, Polnak, Kapoustin, Hecht auditorium , Haifa
January 6 th, 20:30, Autumn Sonata , adaptation from the scenario  of Ingmar Bergman,  directed by  Itzik Weingarten,
Habimah production , Haifa Municipal  Theater
January 6th , 20:30, A Perfect Wedding,  a comedy by Robin Hawdon, directed by  Moni Moshonov,  produced by
Habimah, Hatsafon Theater
January 6th, 22:00, Tal Friedman, Music of the 70's , Havat Hayoth, Tivon
January 7th, 19:30, celebration of the 75  years of Haim Arlozorov,  Hatsafon Theater, Kyriat Haim
January 8th, 20:00, Carrier, conjugal and family life,  in traditionnal judaism ,  conference by  Mr Samuel Faust,
8226517,  Neve Sheanan Religious Cultural Centre,  Hatichon 39, Haifa
January 9th, 19:30, Big Bang, conference by Pr Yuval Grossman of Technion, Medatech,   Hadar Historic Technion
Building , Shmaryahu Levin 12 , Haifa 862811
January 9th  12:00,  Ecritures Vagabondes, meeting of  six  French drama authors with students of the Haifa
University,  Ehskol tower, room 1620
January 9th , 20:30, Variations for Theater and Orchestra,  directed by  Yevgenie Arye, love songs , folklore, poetry and  
tsigane music  ,produced by Hagesher Theater , Kibbutz Yagur
Les 9 et 10 janvier, La Boheme, concert  version of the famous  opera by Puccini,  Philharmonic Orchestre, Rappoport
Auditorium, Haifa
January 9th and 10th , 20:30,  "A pain in the a...",  comedy written and directed by Francis Webwe, produced by  
Habimah,  Haifa Municipal Theater
January 9th and  10th , 20:30, A Perfect Wedding, comedy by  Robin Hawdon, directed by  Moni Moshonov,  produced
by Habimah, Hatsafon Theater
January 10th , 20:30, Ekodoom, Kibbutz Modern Danse Company ,  Choreography by Rami Beer, Kibbutz Ein Hashofet
January 10th , 16:00, Alain Bousquet, l'humour chez un visionnaire universel, by  Prof Lambert, from the  Universite
des Antilles et de la Guyane,  Hinuch Building , room 570 , Haifa Univeristy
January 10th, 21:30, Cycle Truffaut, Baisers,Voles, Haifa Cinematheque, Hanassi 142, Haifa
January 11th , 20:30, first meeting of the Litterary Cabaret for 2007, with  Amos Oz and Avirama Golan,  auditorium
Krieger, Haifa
January 11th,  19:30, Chantons Ensemble, with Willy Adler at the piano, Haifa French Cultural Center
January 11th and 13th, 20:30, Lettice and Lovage, comedy in English by Peter Shaffer,  directed by  Ruth Wilner, Haifa
English Theater,  details and reservations, Hazel 0545398196,  Beit Hagefen, Haifa
January 11th , Concert of film music,  Aviv Ron directs the North Israel Orchestra, Mancini, Legrand, Khatchaturian
and  Shostakowicz, auditorium, Haifa
January 11th, Opening of the art exhibit by Olga Yorkowski, Beit Yad leBanim, Haifa
January 12th , 23:00, Shalom Hanoch,  Haifa Municipality
January 12th , 22:00, Sponga and the Big Town,  comedy with Tsippie Shavit, Hani Nachmias et Irit Anavi, Hatsafon  
Theater, Kyriat Haim
January 12th , 22:00, Rona Keinan, acoustic show ,  Martef 10, Haifa
January 12th , 21:30, Micha Shitrit, acoustic performance , Keshet Eilon
January 12th , 22:00,  Shalom Assayag, stand-up,  Cultural Center,  Naharyah
January 12th , 22:00,  Harel Skaat, Kibbutz Gan Shmuel
January 12th , 22:00,  Keren Peless, Beit Gavriel (Kinereth lake)
January 12th , 22:00,  My wife does not understand me , comedy by Avi Shaaron,  Krieger auditorium, Haifa
January 12th ,  22:30, Monica Sex, Kibbutz Maagan Michael
January 13th, 20:30, the Jerusalem  Quartett , Brahms, Cortage, Dvorak, Rappoport Hall, Hanassi 142, Haifa
January 13th , 21:00, Shalom Assayag, stand-up,  Cultural Center,  Kyriat Shmoneh
January 13th, 21:00 Ofrin Brin et Oded Kedar, pop et jazz, Municipalite de Haifa
January 13th,  21:30,  Hot Jazz : an Hommage to Dexter Gordon, by saxophonist Avraham Burton,  Beit Abba Hushi
January 13th, 22:00, the  Giraffes,Chavat Hachayoth, Tivon
From January  13th to  15 th,20:30, a Perfect Wedding, comedy by Robin Hawdon, staged by   Moni Moshonov,  
production of Habimah, Hatsafon Theater, Kyriat Haim
January 14th   20:30, Thrill  at Beit Shean, by  Hillel Mittelpunkt, Kimaron Hall
January 14th , 18:30 Jerusalem and the demographic problem , conference by Res Gral  Eytan Ben Elyahu,  
Municipality of  Haifa
January 15th, 20:00, And Music Continues Always, Songs of the world,   presented by  Moshe Becker, Youth Symphonic
Orchestra and  choirs,   Rappoport Auditorium,   Hanassi 142, Haifa
January 15th , 16:30 and 18:00 Hansel and Gretel, by  Humperdinck, with soloists singers from the Opera Studio  and
the North Symphony Orchestra directed by   Tamir Chasson, Krieger  auditorium, Haifa
January 15th, 20:30  and January 16th, 17:00 et 20:30, Kol Nidrei by  Yehoshuah Sobol,   production of the  Herzliyah
Ensemble  Theater , Kibbutz Yagur
January 16th, 17:30, Lettice and Lovage, comedy in English by Peter Shaffer,  directed by  Ruth Wilner, Haifa English
Theater,  details and reservations, Hazel 0545398196,  Beit Hagefen
January 16th,20:30, Adaptation Period , by Tenessie Williams, staged by  Dedi Baron, production of Habimah, Hatsafon
January 16th, 22:30 Eran Tsur, Morrison club, Haifa
January 17th, 17:30, Peter  and the Carnival,  Kibutzim Dance Company, Kibbutz Cabri
January 17th, 20:30, Aide Memoire,  Kibutzim Dance Company, Hall Rappoport, Haifa
January 17th,, 21:00, Brighton Beach Memories , by Neil Simon, staged by  Edna Mazya, production of the Cameri,  
Cultural Centre, Kyriat Shmonah
From January 17th to 19th, 20:30, Happiness, by  Michael Gurewicz, production of the  Khan, Cultural  Centre, Or
January 17th, 20:30, Jerusalem Israel Camerata, Porath, Bach, Corelli directed by Rinaldo Alessandroni, Rappoport
Hall,  Hanassi 142, Haifa
January 18th, concert dedicated to the memory of Pninah Zaltsman, with  Pnina's pupils Yoni Farhi and Inbar
Rotschild, and members of the North Symphonic Orchestrea, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa.
January 18th, 22:00, Amir Lev, Electric Show , Martef 10, Haifa
January 18th, 22:00, Arkady Duchin, piano concert, Hemdat Yamim
January 18th, 20:30,  Plaza Suite by Neil Simon, HaifaMunicipal Theater , staged by   Leslie lawton, production of the  
Cameri Theater
January 18th, 20:30,Fat Pig, by Neil La Bute, staged by  Moshe Naor, production of the  Cameri,  Cultural  Centre,
January 18th, Porgy and Bess by Gershwin, Israel Kibbutzim Orchestra directed by  Yaron Gottfried, Cultural Center,  
January 18th, 20:30, Vertigo and the Diamonds , Vertigo dance company , Kibbutz Kineret
January 18th,  19:00, Civilisation and Gastronomy, Le Perigord, by  Ruty Shimoni, degustation with the  chef
Emmanuel Tellier, Haifa French Cultural Center
January 18th and 20th, 20:30, Lettice and Lovage, comedy in English by Peter Shaffer,  directed by  Ruth Wilner, Haifa
English Theater,  details and reservations, Hazel 0545398196,  Beit Hagefen, Haifa
January 22th , 20:00, Money and Power in our Sages Legends , conference by  Mr Samuel Faust, 8226517,  Neve
Sheanan Religious Cultural Centre,  Hatichon 39, Haifa
January 23th , 19:30, Lightening flashes,  beating heart of the globe, with  demonstrations, by Dr Mustapha Asfour,
from Tel-Aviv University, Director of the  Nazareth Stars Observatory, Medatech,  Historic Technion Building, Hadar,
Shmaryahu Levin 12 , Haifa 862811
January 23th, 19:30, Presentation of the new book Israel Mon Amour, by  journalist Ivan Levai, cocktail,  Haifa French
Cultural Center
January 25th, 21:00, Philharmonic in theUpper Galilee, IPO directed by Gregor Buehl, Tchaikovski
January 26th , 21:30, The sunshine boys , by Neil Simon, staged by Ilan Ronen, produced by the  Yiddishspiel in
cooperation with Habimah, Hatsafon Theater, Kyriat Haim
January 26th , 21:00, Abandonned Property, by Shulamit Lapid, staging by  Itsik Weingarten, production of  Habimah,  
Cultural Centre, Yokneam
January 27th , 17:00 and  20:30, Astrith Baltsan, Debussy, Harp and  Flute, Debussy, Faure, Poulenc, Ibert with Julie
Bunzel(harp) and  Noam Buchman (flute), hall Rappoport, Haifa
January 27th , 20:30, Salomon the King and Shalmai, the Cobbler, staging by Ilan Ronen, Haifa Municipal Theater
January 27 th, 20:30, Piano and Clarinette, Alexandre Fiterstein and Arnon, Erez, Brahms, Debussy, Shulamit Ran,
Polnack, Hecht Auditorium, Haifa University
January 27 th  Opening of photography exhibit LMan and the Sea at the Haifa Maritime Museum
January 27 th  Opening of the  exhibit  Drawers and other corners ,mixed media, by  Karmel Berg, Beit Gabriel, Galilee
January 27 th  Opening of digital paintings  exhibit by Ben Rotman, Peintures digitales, Kibbut Givat Shmuel
January 27th , 21:00, and 28th, 29th, 30th , 20:30, A perfect wedding, staged by  Moni Moshonov, production of  
Habimah , Hatsafon   Theater, Kyriat Haim
From January 27th to 29th , Israel Northern Symphony  directed by Noam Shariff, Gan Lev alto saxophone, Debussy,
Ravel Franck,  Haifa auditorium
From January 28th to February 1rst , the Indian Patient, by  Reshef and  Regev Levi, staging by  Alon Ofir, produced
bby  Beit Lessin, Cultural Center, Or Akiva
January 28th, 21:00 Cycle Truffaut, projection of the film L'Amour en Fuite, (precedee d' une table ronde autour du
cinema de Truffaut et du livre Aner Preminger aec Shaar Levi et le Prof. Michal Friedman de l'Universite de Tel=Aviv
en Francais), Cinematheque de Haifa, 142 Hanassi, Haifa
January  29th , 18:00, National Competition of Israeli Choirs , Community Center, Akko
January  30th and  31th , 20:30, Crumbs, staging by Ravid Davara, produced by Habimah, Haifa  Municipal  Theater
January 31th,  20:30 and February 1rst, 16:30, The successful, by Michael Gurewicz and Daniel Lapin, staged by  
Michael Gurewicz, produced by the Khan, Haifa  Municipal  Theater
January  31 th  21:00, Variations for  Theater and Orchestra, production of  the Gesher Theater, Auditorium,  St Jean
January 31th , 20:30, A perfect wedding, staging by Moni Moshonov, production of  Habimah, Beit Ygal Alon, Safed
February 1rst 21:00, Rita, International Convention Center, Haifa
February 1rst, 22:00,  Eviatar Banai  and Amir Tsoref, Pub Indica, Binyamina
February 1rst, 22:00 Funk'N'Stein, The Beat, Hanassi 124, Haifa
February 1rst, 22:00 Atomic, Martef 10, Haifa
February 1rst, 22:00, Shai Gabso, Kibbutz Hamadia
February 2nd,  20:30, Tel-Aviv Soloist Ensemble, directed by  Barak Tal, with  Hen Halevi (clarinet), Bocherini,
Lutaslevski, Copland, Haydn, Salle Rappoport,  142 Hanassi, Haifa
February 5th , 21:00, Parsons Danse, choreography by  David Parsons,  Rappoport auditorium, Haifa
February 5th ,20:00, The Sages Legends , window on the world of the Sages, conference by  Mr Samuel Faust,
8226517,  Neve Sheanan Religious Cultural Centre,  Hatichon 39, Haifa
February 6th , 20:30, Litterary  Cabaret,  the Decameron at the occasion of a new  translation , with Asher Sela and
Ruthi Keren, Krieger auditorium, Haifa
February 15th, 20:30, Hello Dolly, by the Light Opera Group of the Negev, Nesher Cultural Center
February 17 th, 21:00, Sheila Jordan and the Yellow Submarine Ensemble , Jazz, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
The events I announce here are only the ones that I happen to know about. I would be delighted to announce other
events if you care to tell me about them.  Please write to                 communaute_francaise_de_haifa@yahoo.ca
I cannot be responsible for errors and last minute changes in the programs.
For children
January 6th , 18:00, Cinderella, opera by  Rossini , by the Israel Opera, Rappoport auditorium
January 15th , 16:30 and 18:00 Hansel and Gretel, by  Humperdinck, with soloists singers from the Opera Studio  and
the North Symphony Orchestra directed by   Tamir Chasson, Krieger  auditorium, Haifa
January 16th, 17:00, The Happy Circus, Alex and Tania, clowns, magicians, jugglers etc... 8413735, 8412795 Beit
Heine, Hacongress 4, Haifa3
January 17th, 17:30, , Peter and the Carnival,  Peter and the Wolf, the Carnival of Animals, Kibutzim Dance Company,
Kibbutz Cabri
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