Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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On January 8, 9:00, Museum / Mall, Symposium in cooperation with the Department of Art History of Haifa University, an art that seems to
convert the thinking man into the person who acquires, how Shopping and Life Style Define Visual Culture and Art in the Age of Social
Networks, Moderator: Dr. Nissim Gal, 9:00 am, Gathering and Refreshments, 9:30 am, Opening Remarks, Mr. Nissim Tal, 9: 45, Opening
Remarks by Dr. Nissim Gal, Art, Shopping and Selling, 10:00, Svetlana Reingold Lecture, Shopping !, 10:30, Ronit Milano Lecture, Social
Economy and Contemporary Art Market : Online Auction, 11:15, Noam Yoran Halo Conference in Art, Television and Advertising, 12:00,
Break, 12:30, Elad Yaron Lecture, The Oil Paintings of the Daphan village (芬) in southern China, 13:15, Lecture by Dr. Mira Banai,
Barbara Kruger and the business sector, 14:00, Confé Dr. Yochai Rosen, Fashion as a Social Marker of the Paintings of the Netherlands in
the Early Modern Period, 14:45, Lecture by Dr. Yifat Reuveni, Art Consumption and Consumer Art, 15:15 , Thanks and closing remarks by
Marianna Herrera, 15:45, Guided tour of the Shop It! details and tickets 04-9115997, Haifa Museum of Art

On January 11, 8:45, Conference on Pregnancy and Childbirth, organized by Hadas Ben Artzi, Bnei Zion Hospital and Kolbo, 8: 45-9: 15
Rally, refreshments and salon visit, 9:15 - 9:45, Lecture by Shosh Belachsan In pain you will have sons, Is this so? 9: 45-10: 00, Sarit Amir
Lecture, Breastfeeding from the first day, 10: 00-10: 15, Lecture by Dr. Adir Yoffe, The ABCs of Newborn Treatment, 10: 15-10: 30, Aya
Eshel Conference, How to Prepare for the Day after Birth, 10: 30-11: 00 Break and Visit, 11: 00-11: 30, Dr. Shlomi Sagi's Lecture, What to
Expect When awaits a baby, 11:30, draw valuable prizes. Admission is free, upon prior registration. Rappoport auditorium, Haifa

From  January 13th to 25th, Festival of Taste in the Valley, Tiberias, a unique culinary fiesta, a choice of menus, open houses, chefs'
workshos, poutings ...

postponed On January 17, 20: 00, An interdisciplinary event of live art, music, dance, performance and works that challenge the boundaries
between these areas, The Foyer Project - Yael Averbuch and Gefen Lieberman, on culture embodied by social networks ; Arctica, dance, by
Maayan Liebman-Sharon and Yaara Nirel in collaboration with Maya Reshef, original music by Liron Meshulam, an isolated figure in a
cold and alienated space that influences his being and his humanity; Say goodbye to your business, gift project, by Dafna Talmon, the
liberation of property and objects, a free lifestyle; Unboxing by Lihi Shani, Michal Kalisky, the process of opening consumer goods by the
customer who also registers in a real-time video and uploads it to the Internet, self-identity through a consumer culture and concepts of
contemporary beauty; Long Table Culture should disappear from Ofer Tisser and A. Weinstein, eight writers from Jerusalem sit around a
table and read their writings dealing with consumer culture, the public is invited to join, Evening Menu by Shahar Afek, the sense of smell,
in a temporary laboratory, creating a perfume simulanr an experience or a souvenir, In honor of Fctory # 5, Afek has created a special
menu that will be served to the public during the evening ; Totemo, music, promise of the local electro-pop world, release of his first album,
Everything Happens Only Once, Haifa Art Museum

On January 19, 20: 30, Hana Laszlo, Does not rest, Evening benefiting Gan HaYeled, Haifa, sponsored by the Grand Lodge Freemasons in
Israel, Rappoport Auditorium, Haifa

Tu BeShevat
On January 18, 13:00, We plant in the community garden in honor of Tu BeShevat, free admission, Ramat Begin Community Center
On January 20, 16:30, We plant in the garden in honor of Tu BeShevat, free entrance, Neve David West Community Center, Haifa
On January 20, 17:00, Tu BeShvat, community activities, Yodfat Center, Haifa
On January 21, 9:00, Plantations at the Clore Center, Ein HaYam Garden, Haifa
On January 21, 16:00, Planting ceremony, Tu BiShvat ceremony poetry and reading excerpts followed by another ceremony at the town hall,
Admission is free. Gan HaZikaron, Hadar, Haifa
On January 21, 16:00, Tu BeShvat, community activities, Center for Youth, Neve David, Haifa
On January 21, 16:00, Tu BeShvat, activities for children, Beit Czerna, Haifa
On January 21, 17:00, Story Hour, The Transparent Winged Butterfly, narrated and written by Irit Weismann, free entry, Ramat Eshkol  
On January 21, 17:00, Tu BeShvat, family activities in the community, Beit Miller, Haifa

On January 30, 19:00, On the occasion of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019, screening of Ruggero Gabbai's film We
were Italian, in Italian with English subtitles, free admission, Italian Cultural Institute of Haifa
Mercoledì 30 gennaio, ore 19:00, Eravamo Italiani, proiezione del documentario di Ruggero Gabbai, Giorno della Memoria 2019, In
italiano, con sottotitoli in inglese. ingresso libero, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Haifa

On January 31, 9:30, Artistic Freedom - Israel 2019, Moderated by Oded Kotler, Said Abu Shakra, director of the Umm al-Fahem art
gallery, Eliahu Eric Bokobza, painter, Dr. Galia Bar Or, curator of Pyramid, Center for Contemporary Art, Raja Zaatara, city councilor,
Haifa Front, Rabbi Dov Hayoun, deputy mayor of Haifa, holds the cultural portfolio, Abed Abdi, artist, Nissim Tal, director general of Haifa
museums, free admission, tickets must be reserved in advance Tickets will be kept at the museum until 'at 9: 20, 04-9115997, Haifa Museum
of Art

Exhibits, museums, galleries
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Cultural activities 2018-2019 season in Haifa and in the North
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On January 21, Tu BeShvat, New year of the trees