Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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From June to November THE FRANCE ISRAEL SEASON 2018,  120 French events in Israel, Innovation, Science, Contemporary Art,
Cinema, Dance, Debate, Literature, Music, Theater and Education

On July 4 and 5, 18: 00-23: 00, Festival very close, festival of urban movement, dance, theater and video, Ilit Marom, artistic director, free
entrance, The City, Haifa

On July 5, 14: 00-19: 00, A party in Haifa, The transparent studio of Galgalatz will host and broadcast from the beach Dado 20: 30, Eliad
Nahum show free entry, Dado Beach, Haifa

On July 6, 10: 00-15: 30, Party on the beach for soldiers, DJ, snack and gift for all (mandatory service soldiers, policemen, mishmar ha
gvul, and shabas), broadcast on Haifa Radio, ground of volleyball, Dado Beach

On July 7, 12: 00, Opening of the exhibition The Man, the Beast and Other Animals, Commissioner, Adi Shelach, with the participation of
the artists Ophra Eyal, Yuval Atzili, Anat Betzer, Yonatan Gold, Shira Glezerman, Meirav Groll , Jim Dine, Etchi Werner Nyiri, Nurit
Yarden, Eliya Cohen Adi Nachshon, Guy Nissenhaus, Hanna Sahar, Leo Ray, Yuval Shaul, Michal Shamir, Yochi Shrem Art Museum of

From July 9 to 14, The 34th Voice of Music in the Upper Galilee Chamber Music Festival, founded by Idith Zvi, artistic director Zvi Plesser,
Festival Artists: Flute, Gili Schwartzman, Oboe, Muki Zohar, Clarinet, Tibi Cziger, Bassoon, Mor Biron, French horn, Chezy Nir, Trumpet,
Avishai Ben-Hur, Violin, Guy Braunstein, Hye-Jin Kim, Rosanne Philippens, Yamen Saadi Musethica, Hisham Khoury Musethica, Viola,
Amichai Grosz, Avri Levitan Musethica, Ara Gregorian, Tali Kravitz Parag, Cello, Zvi Plesser, Michal Korman, Haran Meltzer, Double bass,
Gabriel Volé, Piano, Sunwook Kim, Ohad Ben-Ari, Irena Friedland, Yuval Chen, Elisha Kravitz, Harp, Ada Ragimov, Voice, Alma Sade
Moshonov, soprano, Claire Meghnagi, soprano, Carmit Natan, soprano, Yuval Oren, soprano, Avital Dery, mezzo soprano, Zlata Hershberg,
alto, Ron Silberstein, tenor, Gilad Nezer, bass-baritone, Composing, Haim Permont, Sara Shoham, Shlomi Shaban and Chava Alberstein,
Upper Galilee Choir conducted by Ron Zarchi, The Israel Chamber Orchestra, Marina Maximilian, Gilad Ephrat and the Israeli
Contemporary String Quartet ICSQ, Open Rehearsals as of Saturday afternoon, July 7, Kibboutz Kfar Blum

From July 12 to 14, , The 11th Osho International Festival, relaxation, nature, meditation, music, dance and movement, therapy,
knowledge, development, conferences, workshops, shows, Dj, with Full Trunk, Tarante Grove Machine, Savannah, etc ... Givat Haviva
On July 13, 10: 30, Japan Day, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa
-Aikido demo with public participation, Aikikai Masatake Dojo - Japanese Sword Art, for all ages, 11:00, 12:30, 13:30, auditorium
- Japanese traditional dances Yosakoi and Awa Odori performed by the Nanaka group, for all ages, 12: 00, auditorium
Artist Workshops with Pre-Registration Only!
-Craft workshop for children and adults with Miho Kataoka, Participants creating fronds from chopsticks and elastics, for all ages, 10: 30, 13: 00, Beit Kish
- Calligraphy workshop with Irit Friedman, traditional technique of drawing in Japanese ink, 14+, 10: 00, 12: 30, Beit Kish
- Japanese stories and legends with Nanako-san, 11: 00, 12: 00, 13: 30, Japanese House, 1.5 floor, Beit Kish
-Lesson of the Japanese language for children, Speak Japanese, write and read with Rika Takaki-Einy, (9+), 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, Library, 2 floor, Beit Kish
-Ikebana for adults - Japanese Arrangement of flowers with Mayo Zadoff, how to make an ikebana design, (14+), 10:30, 13:00, 2 floor, Beit Kish
Series of workshops - pre-registration only! every half-hour, duration of the activity 30 min, 4-6 years accompanied by a parent, from 7+, a parental escort is
not necessary
-Origami - folding paper, 3D folding paper in different and surprising shapes, focus
-Traditional paper decorations workshop in honor of Tanabata celebration - Japanese Star Festival, focus
- Japanese print shop, Drawing rolls with stamps and Japanese marks, Beit Kish Court
-Shop of Japanese three-dimensional pop-up cards decorated with characters and Japanese symbols, Louis Promenade
-Kumihimo - Japanese weaving, Japanese style bracelets and belts, Louis Promenade
- Constant activities - without pre-registration
-Duuma traditional painting, Japanese doll, making a wish, for all ages, Beit Kish court
- Your name and greetings in Japanese using the technique of calligraphy, for all ages, Beit Kish Lobby
-Port of a kimono, every 15 minutes, duration 15 min, for all ages, Japanese Room, 1 floor, Beit Kish (Kish House)
Ninja training arena, "Young Ninja" film and practice of basic but stimulating combat movements! 10: 30-14: 30, For children and young people, Kish House
Courtyard - on the grass
-Make up and Japanese tattoos, become a geisha, a samurai or another Japanese character, for all ages, Beit Kish Court
Guided tours in Hebrew of current exhibitions, Shin-hanga: the new prints, Small is beautiful, The beauty of silence, every half-hour, Please reserve
your tickets in advance, 04-8383554, Tikotin Museum of Art Japanese, Haifa

On July 15, 16, 17, Meeting in Galilee, International Festival of Lyric Art of Saint Jean d'Acre, The France Israel Season, Les Arts
Florissants with William Christie who will conduct The Creation of Haydn, and Acis and Galatea by Haendel,  and The Harmonic Chapel
with Valentin Tournet who will conduct The St John Passion by Bach, Information and Reservations, Crusader fortress of Saint John of

On July 17, 20:30, Charity Night, to save the life of Shoham Shamir, Cultural Center, Carmiel

From July 19 to 21, Pyramid Wharf Festival, from Haifa Port to Wadi Salib, Curator: Galia Bar Gold Art Festival marking the opening of
the pyramid Rediscovering Haifa at a multidisciplinary arts event at sites that have established their identity, combined with dance, music
and architecture shows Three art exhibitions at Silos Dagon, the Railway Museum and the Pyramid, Entrance is free, a shuttle from the
Station of the Eight to The Pyramid, Haifa

On July 22, 20:30, Passerelles, Flowers crack concrete, A group of young French dancers from Rillieux-la-Pape, the DSF Group of young
dancers and amateur dancers and a group of young Israeli dancers, the Gsharim group consisting of Jews, Christians and Muslims came
together to create the choreographic creation Flowers crack concrete under the direction of Yuval Pick, choreographer and director of the
National Choreographic Center Rillieux-la-Pape. Grafitti Space - Downtown Haifa

From July 23 to August 4, Keshet Eilon,  Master classes for string instruments and concerts, Kibboutz Eilon

From July 24 to 26,  The Carmiel International Dance Festival   3 days and nights without a break, about 100 shows and 10000 dancers,
On July 25, 11:30, White Beast offered by Mirage Coy The live artistic performance of dancer and choreographer Sarah Baltzinger mixes
contemporary dance, luminous frescoes and music, all combined in a refined and resolutely modern aesthetic. The audience immerses in a
subtle alliance between the beauty of the moving body and the power of the visual and digital arts, Carmiel
From July 24 to 26, Lo BeShamaim Festival, Not in the sky, study, lectures, debates, excursions, music, Academic College of Tel Hai
From July 24 to 26, Days of Cinema, The 2nd Documentary Film Festival, documentaries, shows, activities for children and the whole
family and an exceptional visual experience, celebration of films, art and nature, free entry , July 24, Kibbutz Galuyot, July 25, Sports, July
26, Rockkolnoa, Givat Ada and Binyamina

On July 25, Full moon at tourist sites, 18:00, Ganei Choga, 18:30, Menahemia, 19:00, Makor HaHassida, Kfar Ruppin, 19:00, Naharayim
experiences in old Gesher, 19:00 , Flower Museum - Miri Avraham, 19:00, Ganei Choga, 20:00, Beit-Tor Sde Eliyahu, 20:00, HaMaayanot
Park, 20:00, Gan Guru, 20:00, The Naharayim Experiments in the old Gesher, 20:00, An Ethiopian experience, Gramacin Center, 20:00,
We walk with Levi Givon meets Tirat Zvi Entrance, 20:00, Spring Valley, 20:30, Wall and Garden Gan Hashlosha, 20:30 , The Naharayim
Ruins in Old Gesher, 20:30, Menahemia, 20:45, Beit-Tor Sde Eliyahu, 21:00, Gan Hashlosha's Wall and Tower, 21:00, Open Bar Springs
Park, 21:00, The Flower Museum - Miri Avraham, 21:30, Nahurim in Old Gesher, 21:30, Gan Hashlosha, 22:00, Spring Park, 22:00,
Garden Guru, 22:00, An Ethiopian Experience, 23: 00, Bar Open Park HaMayanot, On July 26, 05:00 Park HaMayanot, 06:00 Makor
HaHass ida, Kfar Ruppin, Valley of the Springs, Emek HaMaayanot

From July 26 to August 2, Bein HaKramim Festival, nature, music, dances, shows, choirs, artists and peasant markets, Merom HaGalil
Cultural activities 2018-2019 season in Haifa and in the North
Click here to read the English translation of the programs You can subscribe to series of concerts,
lectures, theatre plays etc.... for children and for adults
The cost per event is much cheaper if you take a subscription.
Exhibits, museums, galleries
Plastic arts, guided visits, workshops
On July 8, 20:00, A beautiful play, free for olim since 1989, in Hebrew with English subtitles,
To register call * 2994

HERZL SAID ... of King Chen
If you want it, it's not a dream; and if you do not want it, a dream is and a dream it will remain "Altneuland
Distribution: Gilad Kletter, Henry David, Ori Yaniv, Ruth Rasyuk, Uri Yaniv, Eli Menasheh, Asaf Pariente,
Ziv Zohar Meir
Israel is the world's start-up nation. It's time to get to know the person who gave impetus to his foundation,
Benyamin Zeev Herzl
The 70th anniversary of the State of Israel is an opportunity to check what Herzl really said and what we did
In 1902, Theodore Herzl published his book "Altneuland" (Old New Land). Intrigue is a distant future in
which a Jewish state is already created.
The 70th anniversary of the State of Israel is an excellent opportunity to remember what Herzl said and to
check what really happened.
This book is a guide for the builders of the new society on the Promised Land:
The text is based on three sources: Altneuland, the history of the State of Israel and dreams of a better future
All this is only a small part of Theodor Herzl's big dream.

From the press:
"A wonderful team of actors, a fascinating performance that allows the public to dream of a better future."
"A naive and touching musical piece, full of inner light." BeinIsrael
"A witty performance: an excellent performance of the actors and a wonderful text," said Herzl, "one of the
country's most relevant productions" .Ynet
"The text is so fascinating that you want to separate everything into quotes, and the stagings are so impressive
that you want to insert each of them into a frame and hang on a wall" as an image. "Blog Botinok
"An ironic and charming performance, a real theatrical entertainment". Yediot Aharonot
"Humor, actors, scenic images and beautiful ideas - all that is strong at the Gesher Theater under the
direction of Evgeny Arye is a wonderful informative evening". Makor Rishon

Motzkin Theater, HaHashmonaim 77, Kyriat Motzin
On July 22, Fast of 9 Av