Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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From May 30 to June 9, Milk and Honey Festival, Vallée de Jezréel, musical performances of the best artists and various activities on the
sites of the valley. Oh, what a night with Yoni Rechter, Gidi Gov, Alon Olearchik and Nurit Galron, the Mercedes Band, Red Bend, Full
Trunk and Guy Mazig and an evening in honor of the artist Eli Shamir, with Yair Dalal, Gilad Hildesheim, Noam Dayan and Hovav Ben
Saadia, the Pina Baemek Jezraeli Dance Festival, and 18 other dance troupes from around the country. Merhavia, Kibbutz Celebrates 90th
Anniversary, Israeli Opera Sings Yigal Bashan and Peter Roth, Shavuot's Tikkun with Poet Roni Someck, Poems Inspired by Biblical
Characters (Free Admission), I'm Just a Woman's Picture history and life of Tirza Atar, by Sheila Farber and Laura Rivlin, Otz Li Gotz Li
musical by the Cameri Theater, How a song was born by the Gershonim, exhibition of artists of the Valley at the community center of
Timrat and Zavat Halav exhibition of collective art Beit Hankin, Kfar Yehoshua, national accordion concert with great Israeli musicians,
dance performances, first fruits ceremony in the Nahalal fields, traditional Shavuot ceremony at the Emek Museum, Shavuot celebration at
Ein Dor museum, circus and nautical activities at the agricultural circus, activities in visitor centers, wineries, attractions and stimulating
activities s of the region, details 04-6520734, Jezreel Valley

On June 1 to 10, Hebrew Book Week at Tefen Open Museum, Tefen Industrial Park, special sale of artist books and catalogs with special
discounts of 20% to 50%, Among the proposed books Boaz Vadia, Yair Garbuz, Ofer Lellouche, Ofra Zimbalista, Orit Hofshi, Daniella
Sheinman, Varda Yatom, Naftali Bezem, Dina Recanati, Sasha Stoyanov, impression of the time, Ardin Halter, Chaim Maor, Molly Ben
Sasson, Ahmed Canaan, Ella Amitai Sadovsky, Yizhar Patkin, Avraham Ofek, Moshe Rosenthalis, David Adika, Pasi Girsch, Simcha
Shirman, Micha Bar, David Ginton, details 04-9109613, Art Gallery, Open Museum Tefen, Tefen Industrial Park

On June 5 and 6, 18: 00-23: 00, Wine Festival, Free wine and champagne tastings of major wineries from Israel and abroad, dairy products,
quality pastries and delicacies, musical performances, Jardins de l Rappoport Auditorium, Haifa

On June 6, 7, and 8, The first Galimba Festival, in the Bat Galim district music, culture, concerts, lectures and workshops on the beautiful
promenade, courtyards and lounges of the inhabitants of Bat Galim, Haifa

From  June 6 to 9, Metulla Poetry Festival, We hear the sea from afar,  programm, Metulla

From June 11 to 15, Arabesque Festival of Arab and Andalusian Music Akko 2019, musical direction maestro Tom Cohen, with the
participation of the orchestras Jerusalem Orchestra East West, Firqat Alnoor and Almasiya Orchestra, Sarit Hadad, Sanaa Marahati Miri
Mesika, Violette Salameh, Raymonde Abecassis, Elias Glyanos, Mike Karoutchi, Nancy Hawa, Moshe Louk, Louis Sarouji, and Master
Classes for Children from the Conservatory of Music, Symposium Shared Music and Culture led by Tom Cohen, Music Street Performances
of North Africa from Marrakech, Kabbalat Shabbat ceremony: prayers and hymns in synagogues of the city by Lior Elmaliach, Yaniv
Madar, Sinai Edery, Mordechai Elharar, and Moshe Louk, St. John of Acre, Arabesque Festival of Arab and Andalusian Music Akko 2019, -
19:00, Dakka Marrakchia - Ten musicians playing Gnava music from Marrakech every evening, Festival Gardens, Saint Jean d'Acre

From June 12 to 20, The Hebrew Book Week, publisher booths, reading corners, stories, plays, music, activities,  Rappoport auditorium
Plazza, book exchange fair and show on June 3,4,5 at Beit Nagler, Kyriat Haim and June 10 and 11, at Madatech, Haifa

From June 13 to 15, Festival of the Pyramid of Poetry, a circle of culture - text, music, architecture, painting, video and dance - that
surrounds poetry and joins, Poetry of Wadi and the lower city, the Pyramid, War and Peace, in front of the bay. the challenge posed by the
city of Haifa by Natan Zach and others. poetry rooms, open art workshops, where poets from Haifa and Palestinian artists will practice the
work of singer and the artist. Participants include Meir Wieseltier, Amos Gitai, Meir Shalev, Agi Mishol, Roni Somekh, Miron H. Izakson,
Nissim Calderon, Benny Ziffer, Efrat Ben Tzur, Eran Zur, Yali Sobol, Karn Postel, Karn Postel, and Assaf Roth. Teperberg, Daniel
Salomon, The Pyramid, Haifa
On June 13, 14 and 15, Arab Culture Days Festival - shows, films, master classes, tours, culture, Beit HaGefen, Haifa

On June 28, 10: 30, Haifa Gay Pride Parade This year, walk with the New York March commemorating the 50th anniversary of the
beginning of the Stonewall Revolution, 10:30, Rally at Carmelia Junction, 12:00 pm , Walk to Carmel Center, 13:30, Main Show Great
Pride Party with Eran Margi Drag Queens in Israel, and DJ Mariuma, Free Entrance, Gan HaEm, Haifa
Exhibits, museums, galleries
Plastic arts, guided visits, workshops
Cultural activities 2018-2019 season in Haifa and in the North
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On June 2, Jerusalem Day
On June 9, Shavuot
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