Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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From April 30 to May 3, Italy, Cultures, the Mediterranean, The hidden cultural heritage under water, under ground and within buildings,
First Interdisciplinary International Conference on Cultural Heritage and Urban Restoration in the Mediterranean Countries, Lectio
Magistralis: Prof. Federico Bucci, Politecnico di Milano, Event held in English, on April 30 and May 1, Haifa Municipality, and on May 2
and 3, The Hospitallers' Compound, Acre

On May 4, 10: 00-11: 00, Victory Day Parade marking 73 years of victory over the Nazis, Herzl Street, Hadar, Haifa

From May 4 to 8, Giro d'Italia, 176 cyclists, three gears in Israel, followed by 18 days of racing in Italy to Rome. Free entry at the start, at
the finish and along the races,
On May 3, 15:00, Opening Ceremony and Presentation, Safra Square Jerusalem, On May 4, Race in Jerusalem, On May 5, 2nd gear, Haifa
(Sammy Ofer Stadium)-Tel Aviv-Jaffa (Charles Clore Park), Start from Sammy Ofer Stadium, -10: 00, Doors open, music, food, DJ,
exhibitions, sales and activities for children, 13:40 departure ITT (individual time trial) Haifa Stadium Sammy Ofer 13: 50 / Haifa Paz
Bridge 14: 10 / Kyriat Bialik Road 4 14: 23 / Acre HaHagana 14: 37 / Ahihud Junction Road 70 14: 59 / Somech Junction Road 70 15: 19 /
Yagur Junction Road 70 15: 37 / Ein Tut Junction Road 70 15: 58 / Zichron Yaakov Road 652 16: 11 / Zichron Yaakov Herzl 16: 18 /
Cesaree Road 6511 16: 30 / Cesaree Rotschild 16: 36 / Yanai junction route 2 16: 56 / On May 6, 3rd gear Beer Sheva Eilat

On May 5, 20:00, Victory Day, Celebration of the Red Army's victory over Nazi Germany, Neve Yosef Community Center, Haifa

On May 7 and 8, How to narrate the history of architecture? | Centenary of the Birth of Architectural Historian Bruno Zevi, with the support
of the Italian Cultural Institute in Haifa and Fondazione Bruno Zevi. In the presence of the Italian Ambassador in Israel, Mr. Gianluigi
Benedetti, Event held in English, Architecture Hall, Madatech - National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, Haifa

On May 9, 9: 30, Europe Day, 9: 30-12: 30, Conference Parallel societies in multi-ethnic and multi-identitarian societies, Living together,
living apart in Germany, Europe, and Israel, - Sfadia Auditorium, University of Haifa, Multi-Purpose-Building ; 9: 00-14: 00,
Market, Cafe Deshe, University of Haifa

On May 10, 15:00, Concert in memory of the writer Ronit Matalon, music in dialogue with his work, Etti Ben-Zaken and the Ensemble
Modalius, free entrance, HaMizpor Hall, University of Haifa. Haifa

On May 10, 11 and 12, Yakov's Ladder Festival, Spring Festival Artists: Full Trunk, Middle Eastern blues / Ukus in fabula, Ukulele trio / Dov Hammer
blues power Blues / Spiritual Seasons, Nordic , Scandinavian, Celtic, Medieval / Celtic Fusion, Celtic - Irish, Scottish folk / The Floy Joy swing band, Swing,
Blues, Jazz / Treble Grove Machine, Electro Global Beats / Clementine, Folk / Jokers and thieves, Rock Folk, 60's and 70's / The Heeby Gee Bees, Acoustic
Blues, Rock, Soul / Bernie Pearl, Traditional Southern Blues / Richie, and Beautiful Contemporary folk / Where is Paul Folk / The unstrung Folk Heroes:
Canadian, Irish, Scottish, English, American / Larry and Mindy Tribute to Cat Stevens and Carly Simon / Triadt Swing Rock Jazz / Timrat Haluts Folk-Rock &
Roll-Blues / Judy Antebi- Folk-Rock Band / Mina Bromberg Folk / singer-songwriter / Becki.s Band Acoustic contemporary folk / pop / rock / Originals / Libi
and the Flashback Rock & Roll, Blues / The Fine Marten Original Ethnic Folk / Kim in the sun Electronic Folk / Timrat Beck & Pekidei Hakabala Blues /
The Arava Riders Folk and Bluegrass / Shabbat Nariya Musical Kabbalat Shabbat / The Mottis Country, Blues, Honky-Tonk, Americana / Jack Flash Rockin '
Tribute to the Stones / Philipp Barsky Ethno, World, Celtic / Eli and Rinatya Folk, singer-songwriter / Sherock Blues, Country, Rock / Amit Dvir Acoustic,
Rock, Indian / Jacob's Ladder Irish session band Traditional Jigs and Reels / Forest Spiritual gypsy folk / Galilee Bluegrass Thunder / Shay and Friends
Dance and Movement Workshops Swing dancing with Swing it with Ayelet Shamir & Jonathan Sahar / Irish ceilidh dancing with Carey Academy Israel /
Traditional folk and Medieval dancing with Lidya Smirnova from Spiritual Seasons / Rio abierto with Estrella / Dancefulness Tedarim BeTnua / American folk
dancing with Cyrelle Forman-Soffer
Yoga and Tai Chi Yoga with Ruthi Soudack / Tai Chi / Chi kung with Jonathan Abrahams / Yoga for all with Honi
Holistic treatment with Measim Eruim / Barbara 's Book Swap Bring a book Take a book
Music Workshops Be heard! mic with MC Laurie Ornstein / Social Protest Songs of the 60s & 70s with Aaron Leitner / Medieval Musical Parade with Spiritual
Seasons / Free your voice with Minna Bromberg / Blues guitar with Bernie Pearl / Ukulele Workshop with Ukus In Fabula
Children's Activities Tee Dye with Elisheva Ben Zeev / Musical Theater for Children with Tel-ya Theater / Elephant with Gabriel Raanan / Molly & The
Monkeys: interactive puppet show with Michal Donnell / Musical gathering with Dorit & Ilan / Basket weaving with Sima Salima / Tedarim betnua- kids with
Ayala Turtz Fox / Soapstone workshop Even HaPele / Sewing for kids with Maria Baider / Flintknapping with Oren Prital / Super Charlie's circus corner with
Charlie Sofair / Irish dancing for kids with Carey Academy Israel / Ring Of Turquoise Storytelling,
Kibbutz Ginossar

From May 11 to May 20, Festival of Milk and Honey, study, agriculture, art, music, dance, Jezreel Valley

On May 13, 18:30, Memorial Day for Ethiopian Jews who died on the way to Israel, free entry, Beit Cherna, Haifa

On May 15, 16 and 17, 18: 00-23: 00, Shavuot in Haifa: Haifa Wine Festival, Free wine and champagne tastings of the main vineyards in
Israel and abroad, dairy products, quality pastries and delicacies, concerts of music and stand-up, workshops and conferences, Rappoport
Auditorium, Haifa

On May 16 and 17, 18:00, Student Day, two days of crazy events, two scenes kiosks, inflatable bars, with Eden Ben Zaken, Tuna, Infected
Mushroom, Technion, Haifa

On May 17, 20:00, Opening event of the exhibition: After the Last WarParis-Haifa-Jerusalem: Aviv Itzhaky (1970-1989) In the presence of:
Mr. Yona Yahav, Mayor of HaifaMr. Nissim Tal, Director General, Haifa Museums Curators: Inbar Dror Lax and Efrat Avni Maze, Haifa
City Museum
From May 17 to 20, The 21st Poetry Festival of Metulla, Flower of the Hidden World, Zelda, Tribute to artists who are no longer with us,
from Haim Guri and Zelda to Ronit Matalon through Shaul Chernikhovsky, debates, poetry readings star Haim Beer, Nurit Zarhy, Erez
Biton, Ronnie Somekh, Tsuryia Shalev, Eyal Megged, Haviva Pedaya and others, songs with Eran Zur and Ensemble Shem Tov Levi will
present musical performances, homage to Zelda on the occasion of the 50th anniversary from her first book, Leisure, Metulla

On May 18, 7:00, Race of the stairs, 3 km, height of about 300 meters, 1,075 steps for the popular and competitive sections and 1,500 steps
for the elite, Several courses, For the champions regular race track plus a final section to the 20th floor of the Dan Panorama Hotel, the
highest point in Haifa (only 100 participants). Competition for experienced and amateur athletes, 1,075 steps from HaNamal Campus in La
Ville at Gan HaEm, about 3 km, height about 300 meters. Same route for young people - reduced price. Popular route: Sporty morning
without the stress of competition and temp, stimulating, satisfying and healthy sports experience.

On May 26, 7:00, From Heart to Heart, Open Water Swimming in the Sea, for all ages, HaHof HaShaket, Tranquil Beach, Haifa
Cultural activities 2017-2018 season in Haifa and in the North
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