May in Haifa 2020
Films at Haifa Cinematheque
Films at the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art
In Haifa  cinemas
Beit Nagler Cinematheque
Rosh Pina Cinematheque
Kibbutz Yagur
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Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa

Haifa Museum of Art, Cinema Shabtai

Haifa Cinematheque
For  seniors, ShlishiBeRevii, The 3rd (age) On the 4th (Wednesday)

Cinema Cafe Amami

Museum of Art, Ein Harod

Rosh Pina Cinematheque

Carmiel Cultural Center

Yes Planet Haifa

Galil Hamaravi University Institute, Acre

Beit Nagler, Kyriat Haim

Bar Kolnoa HaAgaf 2, Downtown Haifa

Yad LeMeginim, Yagur

Beit Gabriel, lake of Galilee

Eshkol Payis, Nesher
Many cultural, sports, entertainment activities, etc. are canceled or postponed to slow the
spread of the Covid 19 - Corona virus. I am unable to keep up to date and publish these
cancellations in our calendar. Please check with the organizers. With all my best wishes
for good health, hoping for better days.

De très nombreuses activités de culture, de sport, de divertissement etc… sont annulees ou
reportees pour ralentir la propagation du Covid 19 - Corona virus. Il m’ est impossible de
tenir a jour et publier ces annulations dans notre agenda. Veuillez vérifier auprès des
organisateurs. Avec tous mes vœux de bonne sante, en espérant des jours meilleurs.
From April 28 to May 14 A Spring of Israeli Cinema - in French # 4 Accessible online and free
The French Institute of Israel, in cooperation with the Cinémathèque de Tel Aviv, the Rabinovich Foundation and the Israel Film Fund,
and in partnership with the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, wished to maintain, during this confinement season, its annual tribute to
Israeli cinema and the French language, by offering both French and Hebrew speaking audiences, "A Spring of Israeli Cinema in
from April 28, 21:00, to April 30, 9:00, "Ben Gurion, epilogue" (2016), by Yariv Mozer and Yael Perlov
from May 6, 19:00, to May 8, 7:00, "Late Summer Blues" (1986, restored in 2016) by Renen Schorr
from May 13, 19:00,  to May 14, 19:00. "A week and a day" (2016), by Asaph Polonsky

Cinema Italia 2020 Online, il Festival del Cinema italiano in Israele,
From April 29 8:00, to May 6, 18:00, LA STRADAdi F. Fellini, Per vedere il film clicca il link
e digita la password: Fellini100
From 7 to 14 May, 18:00, IL TRADITORE, di M. Bellocchio,
From 14 to 21 May, 18:00, I VITELLONI, di F. Fellini di giovedì 21 maggio.
From 21 to 28 May, 18:00, MARTIN EDEN, di P. Marcello
Cinema Italia 2020 online
From May 13 to 20, 8: 00-18: 00,
IL TRADITORE “Le traître” by Marco Bellocchio six prizes in the David Di Donatello competition
Performers: Pierfrancesco Favino, Maria Fernanda Cândido, Fabrizio Ferracane, Luigi Lo Cascio, Fausto Russo Alesi.
in Italian with Hebrew subtitles. the Cinematheques of Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Herzliya, Sderot, Holon, Rosh Pina and Maalot will
screen the film by Marco Bellocchio, with Pierfrancesco Favino.
To see the film, click on the link and enter the password: MTrb2S

Haifa Cinematheque
From May 15, 18:00 to May 17, 18:00 Film for the week end Farewell , by Lulu Wang in English and Mandarin, Hebrew translation
See the link: Password: adieunc1242

-Films on writers and poets, winners of the Sapir Prize for Literature, by Anat Seltzer and Modi Bar On in the series "Cultural Heroes".
The films in the series are available to watch.
Cultural heroes: born again
Director Ran Tal meets Yoram Kaniuk at the Sapir 2010 prize. Watch link:
And three films made by director Sivan Arbel:
Cultural heroes: Girl
Director Sivan Arbel meets writer Alona Frankel Sapir award for "Girl" in 2005. View link:
Cultural heroes: Rows of rows
Director Sivan Arbel on the generation תש"ח Watch link:
Cultural heroes: Tel Aviv 5606278
Director Sivan Arbel meets poet Meir Wieseltier View link:

-Two films from the "Docorona" site of the documentary creators forum:
Queen Khantarisha by Israela Shaar Meoudad Production: Osnat Trabelsi - Trabelsi Productions See the link:
Password: QK2014

-From the series The Hebrews created by Yair Kedar:
My master - the Shabazi enigma of Israela Shaar Meoudad View link:
Plastic art: Another episode of the Royal Academy of Arts “Screen Exhibitions” series English subtitles
Painting the modern garden: from Monet to Matisse by David Bickerstaff following the exhibition presented at the Royal Academy of the
Arts) in London, more than 120 garden paintings by famous painters, Monet's famous water lilies, alongside paintings by Pissarro,
Renoir, Kandinsky, Kala, Klimt, Born and others. View link: