November in Haifa 2006
Every year, the  municipality of  Haifa dedicates the month
of November to Golden Age people
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Culture and Sport
November in Haifa

During the week 14th to 21th November, with a peak on Friday night, you can observe from a dark spot (for instance a
clearing of the forest) the Leonid  rain . Do not miss it, next time: in our 2066 calendar!
Olive Branch festival in th North (November 7-19th) 1-599-506-061
Have a look at the  rich calendar of cultural activities in the main halls
The famous blue boxes of the KKL, redesigned by famous Israeli artists, will be on exhibit at the Rappoport auditorium
from November 13th to 26th (16:00 to 22:00, weekdays; 9:00 to 13:00 on Friday)
Opening of an exhibit by artist Chen Shish, I was kidnapped by Indians, Haifa University main building (10:00-16:00 week
days, 10:00-13:00 Friday)
Filming, don't move, Haifa Museum of Art, City through the camera lens
The secrets of life, DNA, Technoda, Haifa
Marshim, exhibition of works by young artists series , Haifa museum of art
Product design, it pays, Peka gallery, Architecture dept, Technion, Haifa
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Culture and Sport
Every month a field trip is organized by Beit Abba Hushi; this month on
November 25th , the Sharon park and the natural reserve, (reservations Hezi 8228376 054-4988188)

A series foryoung people, an evening every Tuesday,
November 7th, How to prepare cocktails, Halevinski pub
November 14th, ethic music concert , Casa de Massia (German colony)
November 21th Songs with Dan Toran, Martef 10
November 28th, Art marathon, drawing, sculpture , nude models, at the Tiltan College, Port Campus

For children November 11, 11:30, for children, 3 to 10 years old, Magic Sounds, Beethoven, presented by Nitza Shaul,
November 11th (Rappoport,  Haifa 11:30)
November 14th, 17:30, the Carrot Juice Rabbit, musical comedy for small children , 4 to 8 years old, at the Neveh Yossef,
Haifa  Cultural Center, tickets IS 40 for one child and an accompanying adult, 04-8129200/213
November 14th, 17:30, Little Red Riding Hood,Beit Abba Hushi Gallery.
November 25th, 11:30, for children: danses, acrobatics, video and  theater : Children's games, performed by the group of
Noa Dar ( Rappoport Auditorium)

For seniors, November, the month of the Golden Age in Haifa, see our special page

November at the Centre Culturel Francais de Haifa:
November 16th, 20:30,Parlez moi d'amour, French songs, Brigitte Habib and Israel Gourion, Krieger auditorium, Haifa
November 19th, 19:30, Conference on creole litterature (in French) , with Maryse Conde, Columbia University , coktail,
free entance, CCF-Haifa
November 20th, 20:30, Avant-premiere cinema Nos jours heureux, (French with Hebrew subtitles) with the participation of
Eric Toledano et Olivier Nakache, Krieger auditorium, Haifa
November 23th, 20:00 at theCCF -Haifa,Welcome to the new Beaujolais wine! dances, wine and cheese , with Charlie Drai.
November 30th , Inauguration of the Provence year in Haifa. Conference and concert, Krieger auditorium, Haifa

Conferences on Jewish Thinking (in Hebrew):
November 12th, rabbi Michael Miost, The soul, looking for direction, 19:30, Beitenu, Jerusalem 29, Haifa
November 14th , rabbi Ephraim Ben Zvi, The wonderful path of the soul, 19:30, Beitenu, Jerusalem 29, Haifa
November 19th, rabbi Elyahu Lavie How to develop intelligence, memory and thought, 19:30, Beitenu, Jerusalem 29, Haifa
November 20th, rabbi Arik Naveh, The secret of the formation of the world, 20h00, Neveh Sheanan, 30 rue Sheanan
Center, Hatichon 39 , Haifa tel 8226517
November 21th , rabbi Daniel Steversky Hacohen, The prayer Alinu l'shevach,19:30, Beitenu, Jerusalem 29, Haifa
November 27th, rabbi Moshe Izri: Annullation of Gzeroth, 19:30, Beitenu, Jerusalem 29, Haifa
November 29th, rabbi Tal Rosenthal"Directed imagination , a tool for the development of Jewish spirituality 19:30,
Beitenu, Jerusalem 29, Haifa

November 6th, conference by the writer Meir Shalev,King David, from Avigail to Avishag (8227850)
November 8th, 20:30, an evening at the memory of the great poet Daliah Rabikowicz withLiora Rivlin, Beit Krieger
auditorium, Haifa
November 8th , noon, Yirmi Kaplan,, Technion, Haifa
November 14th launching of the new quad core microprocessor at Intel
November 15th , The  Giraffes at Technion, Ultrasounds.
November 15th and 19th, 20:30, Isaye quartett, Haynd, Beethoven , Mozart and Debussy, Mozart (Rappoport auditorium )
November 21, 20:00, Giselle, the Israel Balelt, Kibbutz Yagur
November 24th, 20:30, On the border and over the edge, comedie, Hall Rappoport, Haifa
November 25th , A girl named  Limonade, by Zippie Fleisher, and Berlioz, Hatzafon Theater, Kiryat Haim
November 25th, 21:00, Kirk Lightsey Hommage to Bill Evans in the series Hot Jazz, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
November 26th, 22:00 Amir Lev, Pub Elephant, Kyriat Haim
November 26, 20:30, Giselle, the Israel Balelt, Haifa Convention Center
November 28th, 20:30, opening of the series of lithurgical and chamber concerts , part of the Festival of Festivals, baroque
voices and instruments,(Rappoport hall)
November 28th, 20h30, Festive opening of the Hag Hahagim festival . Baroque voices and instruments
November 28th, 22:00, Knessiat Haschel, Club Morrisson, Haifa
November 30th, 22:00, Efrat Ben Tzur in her new programm, Martef 10, Haifa
Many Culturel Centers offer you a rich choice of activities for this new year
Beit Abba Hushi
Beit Yad le Banim
Beit Nagler
The Neveh Sheanan Religious Cultural Center

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