November in Haifa 2017
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In Haifa
Outdoor exhibits in Shaar Palmer street, Downtown, Haifa
Haifa municipal museums 1599 50 22 11:
Haifa Museum of Art. Haifa Museum of Art. Dangerous art, Curators, Svetlana Reingold, Limor Zered Alpern, and Revital Silverman
Grun, Representations of the struggle of the oppressed, and creation of a space for activist intervention. 80 Israeli and International leading
artists in this cluster of exhibitions. Among them: Ai Weiwei, Tracey Moffatt, Vik Muniz, Maria Maria Acha-Kutscher, Gilbert & George,
Daniel Arzola, Gil Yefman, Khen Shish, Eldad Rafaeli, Ben Hagari, Oren Ziv, Oded Balilty, Nirit Takele, Keren Anavy, Dede and Nitzan
Mintz, AME72…Safe Shore / State of Emergency Curator: Limor Alpern Zered Participating Artists: Larry Abramson, Ronit Agassi, Peleg
Dishon, Avraham Eilat, Danil Gertman, Ben Hagari, Orly Hummel, Shiri Matalon, Adi Nes, Miriam Nishri, Aviva Ori, Adam Reynolds,
Hanan Sade, Doron Solomons, David Tartakover, David Wakstein, and Guy Yechiely; Dede and Nitzan Mintz: Out of Place;Oren Ziv:
Asylum Seekers in Israel; We Refugees *; Queer Performance: From Gilbert & George to the Present Day; Women in Protest : Reveal and
Struggle Conceal, Protest - Knight, Mask Struggle,
Centre for Arts, Haifa Museum of Art,  On November 14, 17:00, Opening of the exhibit Once Upon a Time: The Art of Jewish Children in
Germany at the Dawn of the Second World War,  addressing the Audience: Ms. Hedva Almog, Deputy Mayor of Haifa, Ms. Susanne Anna,
Director of the Stadtmuseum, Düsseldorf, Mr Nissim Tal. Director of Haifa Museums, The exhibition is presented as a gift from the city of
Düsseldorf to Haifa, Curators: Bernd Kreuter, Staadtsmuseum, Düsseldorf Adi Shelach, Haifa
Mane Katz Museum, Chana Orloff: Feminist Sculpture in Israel Curator: Svetlana Reingold. Hara Raucher, Ira Reichwerger, Sharon
Balaban, Ronit Baranga, Hilla Ben Ari, Meira Grossinger, Meirav Heiman, Vera Korman, Tova Lotan, Mira Maylor, Dalia Meiri, Orly
Montag, Esther Naor, Tali Navon, Chana Orloff , Hanna Sahar, Vered Sivan, Amira Ziyan.  
Herman Struck Museum, Herman Struck, A dreamer on the Carmel
Please note The museum is closed on Saturdays Berlin: The City of Lights: between the two world wars, and  New objectivity, German
immigrants in Palestine and Hermann Struck, and Shahar Marcus, Self print, videos and impressions, curator Shaked Shamir 'To October
15,  closed until November 11Herman Struck Museum, Haifa
Maritime National Museum,  Lod mosaic, Photographs of Jerusalem in the 19th century, Divinities and Heroes Sculpture in Greco-Roman
Mythology, Pirates: Skull and crossbones, Sailor's craft, Hebrew fleet in the 20th century, Shipments of cargoes, The rudder Of Atlit,
Storage jars in the maritime trade, Ancient Navy  
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa, The Art of Tea, The Blue Era, Humour with Love, Japanese Erotic Art from the Ofer Shagan,
First part on display till April 1, display of 2nd part from April 5, l Collection Curator: Dr. Ilana Singer Blaine More info: 04-8383554,
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa
Haifa City Museum,   Country, city, little boy, little girl childhood in Haifa (1930-1960), Commissioner Liat Magali and Balata-ceramic tiles
Commissioner Keren Ben Hillel and Inbar Dror Laks  from July 22, To Collect Haifa Exhibitions, from the Yermiyahu (Yeri) and Shoshana
Rimon's collection, and Daily Souvenirs
Shaar Palmer, Campus HaNamal, Haifa  Artists Group Exhibition -Downtown of Haifa and northern artists, Plum, Smadar Shindler
commissioners and Boaz Moy until March 19,
Beit Abba Hushi,  Memory of the Future, by artists from Berlin
Beit Chagall, Haifa, 04 – 8522355, Israel Association of painters and sculptors Artists  In Italy with love, ink and pencilpaintings by Helen
Bar Lev,
Beit Hecht, Merkaz Carmel,
Beit HaGefen,  
Museum Without Walls Museum, guided tour through the galleries and artistic works in Wadi Nisnas, an open exhibition space for artistic
works on walls and roofs of homes, in internal courtyards, and public areas. More than sixty artistic works integrating wi, and responding to
Wadi Nisnas revolving around tolerance, promoting the Arab-Jewish discourse, and multiculturalism as well as the neighborhood’s local
Ghost dance, group show, Artists: Aya Abu Roken, Nour Ibrahim, Ruba Salameh, Nardine Srouji, Lammis Ammar, Hanna Qupty Curator:
Fadwa Naamna, Closes in August
Beit Nagler, Kyriat Haim,04-8724694, 04-8728220
Beit Yad LeBanim, Haifa, 04-8254386  
Castra Center, Haifa,
Grand Art, New Gallery of Contemporary Art, Grand Canyon Sunrise exhibition group media varies by students of the University of Haifa
HaAgaf gallery, HaNamal 67, Haifa, Be my guest, group exhibition
HaAgaf HaSheni, HaNamal 67, Alchemy by the studio Maltesha’s artists, Roe Fabian, Michal Rivlin, Eliassaf Kovner, Yonat Sinatra, Ilan
Dotan, Uri Nir, Sivan Gross, Uri Gordon, Yoav Weiss, Gil Tselner, Yagodin Michael, Yasha Rozov, Fabio Kahane, Shlomit Goldfinger
Monopol Gallery, Haifa, Noa Heyne,  Suspension of disbelief, sculptures, closes January 31
Kaleidoscope, HaNamal 35, Haifa Exhibition of photographs by Eyal Pinkas
Kartel, Art and Music,  HaNamal 10, Haifa
Haifa French Institute, 04-8312333  Carrefour, crossroads,  Mediterranean Center for Contemporary Art
Haifa Italian Cultural Institute, Milan, a place to read, photo exhibit by Foundation Mondadori, patronized by EXPO MILANO 2015.
presented by Massimo Lomonaco
Hecht museum, Haifa University Archeology, art, history, exhibits
Hecht Center for the Arts, Haifa University,  Archeology, Creative Modalities, Gershon Knispel, Works on Paper until On December
Hecht Arts Shrine, University of Haifa,  
Karo art, Haifa
Krieger auditorium foyer, the 21th Haifa International Contest of Caricatures, on the subject The freedom of expression, life in a
multicultural society, exhibition of drawings from September 24 to October 5, September 24 to October 5,
Munio Gitai Weinraub Museum of Architecture, Public housing,   Curators: Sharon Yabu Ayalon and Nitzan Satt
Madatech, National Science museum,Technion historic building, Haifa, Beyond Planet Earth,  Interactive displays, guided visits,
demonstrations, Cinematrix, My green house, sports and sciences
Morel Derfner Gallery, 21 HaGanim, Haifa, Twins Duo morality, photographs, Noga Shtainer
The New and Bad, Hayat 1, Haifa, Bring  me a grand child, Yael Balaban and Haya Rokio, Opening On March 6, 20 : 00
O*GE Gallery,  HaNamal 35, Haifa
PEKA gallery, Amado Building, Technion, Haifa
Gallery Paula Sharp, Haifa, new space exhibition of gallery artists
Picasso gallery, Castra commercial center,  Landscape curves, group exhibition
The Pyramid,  Haifa, Center for  contemporary art,  
Rappoport auditorium Foyer, Haifa From  October 4 to 14, 10:00, Caricatures Exhibition of the 23rd International Caricatures Contest of
Haifa, Two subjects, New Technologies and Partys and Festivals, free admission, Foyer, Rappoport auditorium, Haifa
Tiltan College of Graphic Design and Communication, Haifa   Tiltan HaAtsmaut 65, Haifa 1800343030 Tiltan I have a dream until  
October 10, group exhibition of students of the College Academic
The wing, HaNamal 51, Haifa, Go figure, group exhibition
Wizo  Academic College for  Design and Education, Haifa   

In the North
Ethnographic Museum of Acre, The treasures in the walls, The Royal Game of Ur, history of the game of backgammon
Okashi Art Museum, Old Town Acre, Dance steps, group exhibition
Centre for theater, Acre  
Afeq nature reserve Free Water The 5th Biennial for print, Crusader mill
Afula Municipal Art Gallery, 04-659-1677, Land work, paintings by Osama Said
Beit Gabriel, Lake of Galilee, Tsemach junction, 04-6751175, Shlomo Az Ari, Wind in the machine, The Orchard, Irita Halevy Bar, until
October 2, Hope painting, Amram Stoler, Charcoal 100x70, opening on October 9 until November 6
Beit Yehoshua Hankin Kfar Ministry of Information, mixed media, by Tomer Sapir
Janco Dada Museum, Ein Hod,04-9842350, From a village you are and to a village you will return Artists:  Raid Adon, Halil Balabin, Haya
Jubran, Esther Cohen, Assi Meshullam Ruba Salameh, Adi Oz-Ari, Ashraf Fawakhry, Tamir Zadok, Mahmood Kaiss, Fatma Shanan,
Raafat Hattab
Ein Hod  galleries , in the artists village  Ein Hod Gallery Rocky road mixed media by Ilana Yaron
Gallerina, Moshava Bath Shlomo,  04-6399735
Municipal Gallery  Carmiel, 04-9585022, Shattered bridge, sculpture by  Hava Mehutan   
Galerie of Old Cesarea, Cesarea port
Maleor Gallery, Cesaree, 03-6825842  
Mordecai Anielewicz museum, leader of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Sun-Thur, 8.00-16.00, Information 04-630-9201, Givat Haviva
Givat Haviva Peace Gallery,  04-637 2824, We were born here, photographs, His environment, photographs
Artists House, Hadera, Studio Oman, a school art gallery was founded in 1993 by a group of local artists, headed by Anton Biedermann,
Sketches by  Hava Gadish, the first houses of Hadera
Lev Hadera Mall, Tambourine, Tof Miriam, group exhibition
Gallery Tal, Kfar HaVradim,
Beit Nechushtan, Kibbutz Ashdot Yaakov, Man animal anilam angel man, painting, by Osias Hoffstater, Manipulations by Valeryi
Ayzenberg, Tender cut, by Gili Avissan, Crop and makeup by Omer Sheizaf
Bar David Museum of Jewish Art, 04-6988295, Etti Abergel, Art Archeology of Otherness, installation until October 31
Gallery Kibbutz Beeri, Traces of desert, group exhibition of artists who live at the edge of the desert
Cabri Gallery, Kibbutz Cabri  04 9952252, 40 years of the gallery, group exhibit, Alima, Adva Dori, Raffi Lavie, Menashe Kadishman, Drora
Atelier Shemi, Kibbutz Cabri, Assembly Halil Balabin, Avi Sabah, Sharon Poliakine, Yechiel Shemi Curator
Cabri Printing Intaglio   Sculpture created  printing, in honor of Yechiel Shemi
Gottesman Center for Etchings, Fresh off the press group exhibition, Natalia Zorabova Anna Lukashevski, Sigalit Landau, Jan
Rauchwerger, and others
Ein Harod Museum of Art,  Euphoria 6 days + 50 years, 1967 Turns 50: Wartime Art, Commissaire Dana Arieli; Shuka Glotman: Many
Good Years – Memory Room, installation, curator Tal Gelfer, Gilles Caron: Inner Gaze, newly discovered pictures from the six day war,
curator Mikaela Zyss, Guy Briller: The New Herzls and the Foundation Stone Studio, Curator Elad Yaron, Danny Lavie: 50 years, Same
tune, installation musicale, Curator Yaniv Shapira, till September 30, Eric Vanounou: Barcode Curator Yaniv Shapira till September 10
Beit Shturman, Ein Harod, The Dayan Family album, photographs
Gan Shmuel Art Gallery, Ruth Noam and Ita Ziv, Circles, sculptures and textiles
Yigal Alon Center, Kibbutz Ginosar, 04-6727700,  
Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud 04-6369817, Merav Sudaey Face it, paintings
The white gallery Kibbutz Hatzor, Group exhibition marking the 50th anniversary of the Kibbutz
Wilfrid Israel Museum, Kibbutz HaZorea,04-9899566, Art of Asia,  Wide Margins, center and periphery, group exhibition, contemporary
Chinese photography in honor of 25 years of diplomatic relations China Israel commissioners Dr. Shoshan Brosh-Vaitz, Zhang Fang, and
Adi Yekutieli, Shir Meller-Yamaguchi Beneath the Surface drawings and Paintings by Eti Amram, curator Shir Meller-Yamaguchi
Munio Gitai Weintraub, museum architecture, Kfar Massaryk, The Naaman porcelain,  history of the porcelain industry at Kfar Masaryk,
Munio Gitai Weintraub, museum architecture, Kfar Massaryk, Hila Spitzer Make yourself a house, paintings
Kibbutz Lochamei  HaGhettaot Gallery, 04-9933773, The Good Samaritans of Markowa, curator Evelyn Ackerman, The White Rose, An
exhibition in partnership with the White Rose Foundation (Weiße Rose Stiftung) in Munich   marking the 50th anniversary of relationships
entre Israel and Germany; Saving the Children, 1938-1945exhibit planned by the French Jewish organization OSE - Work of Relief to
Children in conjunction with the Ghetto Fighters' House Museum; Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race curated by the United States
Holocaust Memorial Museum; Mezzanine Art Gallery: Sculptures by Samuel Willenberg, the Last Survivor of Treblinka; Visual Testimony
in the exhibition Yizkor Hall Drawings by artist survivor Ella Liebermann-Shiber
Saviors from Merkowa   Maha Zusman Load
Yad LaYeled, Paul Kor
Kupperman House He never stayed for breakfast, media varies, Aviva Uri, Yitshak Danzinger, Michael Drucks, Michal Naaman
Machanaim Gallery, Kibbutz Machanaim, On appointments, 04-6933782,04-69337820526-065182 Eliezer Sonnenschein, From one spark to
an obsession
Gallery, Kibbutz Mishmar HaEmek, 052-3616905,
Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra, Wells, paintings by Jack Jano
Pioneer Settlement  Museum, Kibbutz Yifat
Apter Barrer Centre for the Arts, Maalot Tachshicha, Group exhibition, Printings, varied media, Galilee creative artists
Metula, Beth Shalom,
Mitzpe HaYamim, Line of thought, paintings by Sarah Marcoson
The Edge Gallery, Naharyia, 04-9926813, Chanchal Banga and Einat Peled,  Storytellers
Nazareth French Institute
House of Culture and Art, Nazareth,
Al Saraya Gallery for Culture and Arts, Nazareth, 04-657-6322, Continuous space, group exhibition
Foyer,  Cultural Center, Nesher, Inside and Outside, End of year group exhibition  of paintings of  art students at Larissa Frumkin studio
Gallery Orryta 16 Ganey Tal, Oshaya, Nitza Flantz Bring peace with the light of your face
Rosh HaNikra Gallery, Slik, paintings by Ayelet Carmi
Ramot Menashe Art Gallery
AMOCAH The Arab Museum of Contemporary Art and Heritage Dohaa st. 100, Sakhnin, Hiwar, group exhibition, Adel Abdessemed, Marina
Abramović, Larry Abramson, Anna Andres, Abir Athalla, Asad Azi, Mahmud Badarnah, Avital Bar-Shay, Raed Bawayah, Matei Bejeranu, Nathalie Mba
Bikoro Bashir Borlakov, Daniel Buren, Thorsten Brinkmann, Barbara Eichhorn, Mounir Fatmi , Belu Simion-Fainaru, Mekhitar Garabedian, Jeanno gaussi,
Moshe Gershuni, Patrizia Maimouna Guerresi, Rawan Ismail, Nidal Jabarin, Huda Jamal, Muhammad Said Kallash, Dani Karavan, Jannis Kounellis, Mehdi-
Georges Lahlou, Almagul Menlibayeva, Bohtaina Abu Milhem, Shirin Neshat, Herman Nitsch, Zohdy Qadry, Anahita Razmi, Valentin Ruhry Angelika Sher,
Eva Schlegel, Cengiz Tekin, Jesica Vaturi Maria Vedder, Johannes Vogl, Micha Ullman, David Wakstain, Runi Zarawi, closes on December 31
Tamra Municipal Gallery
Open Museum, Tefen  Industrial Park, 04-9109609, Tefen Muli Ben Sasson, Books filled with rooms The exhibition consists of three rooms:
Excavations of darkness, Sculptured with light, Spaces of the scarlet thread, by Ruthi Ofek curator of the exhibit
Open Museum of Photography, Tel Hai Industrial Park, Permanent exhibition:  
Amdur, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Tiberias, Meet the artist of the house, group exhibition  
Oranim Academic College, Kyriat Tivon, Oranim Gallery of Israeli Art, Inbal Nissim, A day for the prey, paintings, until August 26
Kyriat HaOmanim Kyriat Tivon Craft   Dina Kahana Gueler
Memorial Centre in Tivon, Kiryat Tivon, 04-9837432 Israeli Contemporary Art Gallery, Other animals, group exhibition, curator Yaël
Friedman, About looking, Moran Kliger, curator Michal Shachnai Jacoby
Umm El-Fahm Art Gallery, 04-6325257, Venus Palestina, Fatma Abu Romi, curator Yael Guilat, Bonfires, David Reeb, curator Itamar
Levy, Building codes, Yael Oren Sofer, curator Hili Greenfeld, Michal Blayer, commissioner Ruth Oppenheim , Aswad, but Hariri,
Commissioner Said Abu Shakra,
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On November 4, 11:00, Guided tour of the exhibition Hana Orlov, a feminine look, curator Svetlana Reingold, Mane Katz Museum, Haifa
On November 4, 11:30, Guided tour of the exhibitions The art of tea, Netsuke, Shirone battle kites of artists Endo Hiromi and Kazama
Masao, Impressions of pillar Hashira-e, curator Dr. Ilana Singer Blaine, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa
On November 4, 12: 00, Opening of Bui Cong Khanh's Seam Line exhibitions, Intense Stillness, group exhibition Ayelet Zohar, Asnat
Austerlitz, Shani Batia, Dina Shenhav, Dalit Proter, Jacob Viktor Frid, Michal Shahnai Yakobi, Meshy Koplevich, Ronit Agassi, Wilfried
Israel Museum , Kibboutz HaZorea

On November 11, 11:30, Guided tour of the exhibitions The Art of Tea, Netsuke, Shirone Battle Kites by artists Endo Hiromi and Kazama
Masao, Pillar Impressions Hashira-e, Curator Dr. Ilana Singer Blaine, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa
On November 11, 12:30, Guided visit of the museum and deeper explanations on the subject The strangers lost in Japan by Julia Stoller,
Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa
On November 11, 11:30, Visit of the exhibits To collect Haifa, Everyday souvenirs, Back to wonder, Museum of the City of Haifa

On November 15, 18:30, Our eyes, our land A photo exhibition On the occasion of the second week of the world of Italian cuisine, Macro &
micro maremma, A land to know, a land to love, a land to "taste". A photo exhibition by Marco Arienti & Matteo Lausetti and tastings of
typical Tuscan products. Opening remarks: Dr. Vanna Mazzei. Event organized in Italian. Refreshments from 18:15, free admission, Italian
Cultural Institute, Haifa

On November 17, 11:00, Guided tour of the exhibitions Berlin, City of Lights: Between World Wars and Shahar Marcus: Auto-Print,
Hermann Struck Museum, Haifa

On November 18, 11:00, Guided tour of the exhibition Hana Orlov, a feminine gaze, curator Svetlana Reingold, Mane Katz Museum, Haifa
On November 18, 11:30, Guided tour of the exhibition Dangerous Art, Haifa Museum of Art
On November 18, 11:30, Guided tour of the exhibitions The Art of Tea, Netsuke, Shirone Battle Kites by artists Endo Hiromi and Kazama
Masao, Pillar Impressions Hashira-e, Curator Dr. Ilana Singer Blaine, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa
On November 18, 11:30, Guided tour of the galleries, National Maritime Museum, Haifa

On November 22, 19:00, Loving Vincent, by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, preceded by a lecture by Dr. Doron Luria, Tikotin
Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa

On November 23, 17:00, Guided tour by the curator of the exhibition, The Atlas, the golden age of Dutch cartography, Commissioner Dr.
Filip Vukosavović, National Maritime Museum, Haifa

On November 24, 11:00, Guided tour of exhibitions Berlin, City of Lights: between World Wars and Shahar Marcus: Auto-Print, Hermann
Struck Museum, Haifa

On November 25, 11:00, Guided tour of the exhibition Hana Orlov, a feminine look, curator Svetlana Reingold, Mane Katz Museum, Haifa
On November 25, 11:30, Guided tour of the exhibitions The Art of Tea, Netsuke, Shirone Battle Kites by artists Endo Hiromi and Kazama
Masao, Pillar Impressions Hashira-e, Curator Dr. Ilana Singer Blaine, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa
On November 25, 11:30, Visit of the exhibits To collect Haifa, Daily Memories and Back to the Wonders, with Commissioner Inbar Dror
Lax and Liat Margalit, Haifa City Museum
On November 25, 11:30, Guided tour of the exhibition Dangerous Art, Haifa Museum of Art
Guided visits, meetings, openings