Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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From September 22 to October 29, Honey Festival, please coordinate your arrival for visits: Galilee Flowers Moshav Manot, 04-9806005,
054-4967420, 054-4967418, The Pekiin orchard, 052-2477897, Honey Michmanim, 04- 9881337 Bee Tabor Shadmot Dvora, 04-6769598,
050-5637645, Ophir Alon Hagalil, 052-2824644, Honeysuckle Alonei Abba, 054-4437402, Galil Kibbutz Shamir, 04-6947826

From October 5 to 10, Feast of Israeli Music, Pn pctpber 5 in Haifa, On October 10, in Zichron Yaakov

From October 11 at sunset till October 12 at night, Fast of Yom Kippur.  

On October 13, 20: 00, Opening of the exhibition "Hermann Struck: Zionist Jewish artist - new collection," Commissioner Dr. Irit Miller,
launching of a collection of books and evening dedicated to Mr. Nathan Bernstein for his contribution to Haifa, free entry, Hermann Struck
Museum, Haifa

From October 15 to 24, The 32th Haifa Film Festival movies, gala opening, competition The Golden Anchor, docus, animation, etc

From October 15 to 29, 10: 00-22: 00, The 22nd Haifa International Festival of caricatures, two different subjects:
1. Planning of the city, traffic congestion, social processes in the big city
2. Caricatures, free humor   produced by the Culture Division, Haifa Municipality, Foyer, Rappoport auditorium, Haifa
On October 20, the Haifa 22nd International Festival of caricatures, Academy Awards, free entrance, foyer of the Rappoport auditorium
Rappoport, Haifa

From October 15 to 24, Paprika Festival, The way of the spices, Beit Lehem Haglilit
From October 15 to November 10, Festival of the olive branch in Galilee, visit of pressesin villages, guided tours, walks in the olive groves,
food, dance, music and activities in different places of Galilee and the Golan

From October 17 to 20, Acre Fringe Theatre Festival
Plays in Competition
-"Observation 1976" written and directed by Firas Roby and David Maayan, produced by Ehab Bahous Community Center Dado
-A Man / Speaking of Her, by Neta Weiner and Stav Marin, produced by Shir Barby, Beautiful Hall
-PA'AM, by Nadav Barnea, White Hall
-Palestine Year Zero Docu-comedy, written and directed by Einat Weizman, produced by Nana Traub, Knight's Hall A
-Schreber, by Ran Bechor, produced by Daniel Mendelson, Entrance to the Crypt Room
-The Skinny Soldier, by Hanoch Levin, directed by Tal Berner, produced by Elad Goldblatt, Knights Hall C
-Somewhere, by Stav Palti-Negev, directed by Hisham Suleiman, production by Elian Faranche, The Crypt
-A Slideshow Evening, written and directed by Yiftach Klein, Diwan
-Heliogabalus, adaptation and staging by Ariel Wolf, based on the book by Antonin Artaud, Refectory A
Street theater and outdoor performances
Processions and mobile entertainment
-Surfboard (Lifeguards), creation by Eyal Montano
-The Red Troop, Mystorin Theatre Group
-Street of the Three Sisters, Mystorin Theatre Group
-Urban Jungle, photography by Adee Lagziel, staged by Or Avishay
-The Ballerina, by Pavane Teatro
-Living statues
-For Man is a Tree in the Field, by Mira Elbaz, Weizman Street
-The Angel at Rest, creation by Daniel Brusanov and Attar Oren, Weizman Street
-Freedom of the Press, by Raanan Gabriel, Weizman Street
-The Water-Nymph, Fountain of Life, by Narcissus, in collaboration with the Govatron, Weizman Street
-Carousel, by Odelia Liberman, Weizman Street
-The Great Skydive by Achiya Zallayet, Weizman Street
-Grizelda, the Y Circus, The Hirbeh,
Dance and Music
-Ashdodit songs, by Shimon Mimran, music by Yonatan Canaan, East Wall, Central Stage
-Dispersal Tactic, creation and interpretation by Golden Marino and Oren Nahum in collaboration with students of 2nd year of RE-SEARCH Mobile
-Judoka by Avigail Rubin, music by Shirly Gurten and Tom Belkind, Cave des Arches
-Camino - Flamenco, creation and interpretation by Adva Yermiyahu, Festival Gardens Entrance
-Avihu Pinchasov Rhythm Club, composition and interpretation by Avihu Pinchasov Wall East, Central Stage
-Anna RF, Ofir J. Rock: Guitar and vocals, Roy Smila: Kamacheh and saz Or Raveh: Live e Amir Bar-David: clarinet, ney, darbuka, singing, Wall East,
Central Stage
Turkish bazaar
-I'm all about Religion-Race - & - Gender, by Ran Ben-Dror, Turkish Bazaar
-Women Concerto in D minor, by Honi HaMeagel, produced by Ofra Pinker
-Spoken word, by Muhammad Mughrabi
-The Circle, by Tom Lev Dekel and Aniam Dery
Invited plays
Young people create in Acco
-The Flood, written and directed by Nir Erez, with the participation of the actors, produced by The Youth Stage of Kfar Saba, Municipal Auditorium, Acco
-The Caucasian Chalk Circle of Berthold, by Berthold Brecht, directed by Raz Oshrit Hanin, produced by the High School Theatre Group Gaon
HaYarden Darca Sources Valley, Municipal Auditorium, Acco
-Lord of the Flies, produced by the Troupe of the Youth Center of Excellence of the Beersheba Theater, based on the book by William Golding, adaptation
and staging by Tom Schwarzman, Municipal Auditorium, Acco
Acre Centre for Theatre
-Strong Women, King Rashkes, directed by Moni Yosef, music by Dan Hinnzon, in an apartment in the Old City, meeting point at the Sea Gate
-Sevillian's Bordello, written and directed by Revital tovy, Red Room, Centre for Theatre
-Heela: the 3rd Generation, created and directed by Smadar Yaaron, Dr. Natalie Turgeman and Maisara Masri, Studio Hall, Theatre Centre
-Avodat HaMidot - "Fitting In" creation and staging by Osnat Schnek Yosef, choreography by Maria Rosenfeld, Red Room
Centre for Alternative Theatre, Shlomi
concept by Pablo Zalzman and Claudio (Pancho) Edelberg, directed by Pablo Zalzman Produced by Sarit Yahya, Center for Alternative Theatre,
-Performances by students of the School of Theatre, Centre for Alternative Theatre. Shlomi
On October 16, 14:00, "Ba-Salon" by Galit Hermoni, by students of the School of Theatre, Centre for Alternative Theatre. Shlomi
On October 18, 17:00, "Gever, Isha Ka-Lev" by Shachar Sivan and Yitzhak Gvishi, by students of the School of Theatre, Centre for Alternative Theatre. Shlomi
On October 19, 12: 00, "Skhutah" by Nili Spanier, by students of the School of Theatre, Centre for Alternative Theatre. Shlomi
On October 19, 17:00, "Halit" by Michal Weisberg, by students of the School of Theatre, Centre for Alternative Theatre. Shlomi
On October 20, 12: 00, "Noten Barosh" by Assaf Barak, by students of the School of Theatre, Centre for Alternative Theatre. Shlomi
On October 20, 13:00, "Lev poem" by Adam Betzalel, by students of the School of Theatre, Centre for Alternative Theatre. Shlomi
Opening celebration of the 37th Acco Festival On October 17, 20:30, Rami Kleinstein and Keren Peles, artistic direction, Amos Ben David, School of
Marine Officers, Acco
Special projects
It's not about Ebisu, The Ebisu Project Gramby Laboratory of sign language Theatre directed by Wendy Sandler, staging by Atay Citron and Michal
Vaaknin, New Community Center, Acco Antique
-An hour of shared prayer (it's not about illusions it's about love), by Lilach Livne, developing by Tal Haring, text by Hana Livneh, Fortress Pazza
-Underground Prisoners Museum,  On October 20, 20:00, Mr Begin, by Emmanuel Gabriel, directed by David Ben Tsachi, Underground Prisoners
Museum , ancient Acco
-Acco in pictures Acco in pictures photographs by Nazir Shamali, Almanara elementary school, near the Canon- Totach Parking
International Fringe Festival
-SomeFaves, concept, text, music by Ivo Dimchev, JNF Information Centre, Old City
-Othello, Shakespeare, adapted and directed by Diego de Brea, by the National Theatre of Bitola Macedonia, Conservatory
-Concerto, musical improvisation show by Ivo Dimchev concept, musician Dimitar Gorchakov, JNF Information Centre, Old City
Special programs
-Live shows On October 18, Live Show, "Quarter to Africa" Live Afro-Arab party! Arabic maqam, rhythms from Africa, and more jazz funk, DJ Bruno Cruz
On October 19, Live Show, "Liron Amram and the Panthers' Yemenite vocals, and DJ Jamal Rabeah
-Conference On October 19 -9: 30, The Religious and Lay in dance and theater in Israel, Auditorium, Environmental Studies Building,
Academic College Western Galilee Acco
Customs weddings with the Rimaz Orchestra, Drums of Acco, Counselors of Youth Old City Community Centre, the groom is carried by his
friends and family in the city streets, music and dances, Departure from the Festival Gardens
-Circle of energy, On the first day of the Festival, before the shows, all Festival participants and artists join the El-Zaffe at the Khan-Shawarda (inn
merchants) Plazza and form a circle of human energy for a shared blessing.
-Festival photographs, pictures of rehearsals, performances, backstage and the spectator point of view, coordination Eyal Landesman
-Round Table, writers Roey Maliach Reshef, Noa Schechter, Daniel Botzer, Shabtai Shai write together a new drama,
-My first time in Acco, video films documenting designers, entertainers and important people of Israeli culture describing their first experience at the Acco
Festival during 2mn each, on the Internet and various social media.
Theater workshops, dance and music provided to residents by the City Festival Artists
From October 17 to 23, Festival Sindyanna - Sukkot 2016 Kfar Cana, fun activities for the whole family, tasting of olive oil, cooking classes and
basketry, meetings with local producers: carob syrup, honey wine, arak, fenugreek ...
10:00, - Visit with Muna and Orit olive oil factory Sindyanna oil tasting workshop
11:00, - basketry workshop and craft for all custom family basket no prior experience is necessary (2h) Catalan weaving mill (hot pot) (1h)
12:00, - Cooking workshop Baladi cheese, hyssop and olive oil · Preparation and selection of pastries baladi (Ftaiir) stuffed with cheese and hyssop leaves /
stuffed with honey and tahini / fingers of the dough in the oven, stuffed salty goat cheese and hyssop
13: 00, Meeting with boutique producers of Galilee, tastings of their products
On October 17, with the honey maker Ibrahim Kilani,  from Yafi'a.
On October 18, with carob syrup producers, Samiah and Muhammad Abu al-Hija,  from Kaokab.
On October 19, with spice growers Nakhla of Eilaboun and Ehud Soriano,
On October 20, the manufacturer of Arak "Masada" Wadia Hadid  from Ilia.
On October 21, with Jamal Hamodmabit cosmetics manufacturer   from Jan
On October 22, with wine and grappa maker Doha  from Rama.
On October 23, with the producer of tahini halva and Bilal Nasser  from Nazareth
Food: (please order the night before) Breakfast fellah - pita with hyssop and olive oil Sindyanna, labene, olives, salad, tahini, bread, tea and coffee and dessert -
halva and carob syrup.
Traditional lunch - includes maklubeh with: chicken, rice, potatoes and seasonal vegetables (can be vegetarian). majadra, tabbouleh salad, yogurt, tahini,
olives, pita bread, Arabic coffee and teas, carob syrup dessert flavored milk and tahini.
04-6020680   050-4009455 050-4330039, at the entrance of the village of Cana

From 17 to 24, Sukkot Festival, Tiberias
From October 18 to 20, The 11th Neve Yosef Community Theater Festival, plays, street theater, activities for children, music, dance, in
several spots in the city and at Neve Yosef Community Center, Haifa
On October 18, 19, and 20, 21: 00, Sukkot Downtown,  Vintage and antiques market show : Dana Berger, Mercedes Band and  Assaf
Amdurski respectively Turkish Market, Haifa
From October 18 to 22, The 6th Festival of Sukkot Valley of the Sources Shows, tasting, presentation of collections,
On October 18, 16: 00, Four tastings, delicious snacks of four kibbutzim for the whole family, Show How a song is born, by Yonatan Gefen, free entry, Dining
room, Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin
On October 18, 21: 30, Arkadi Duchin and Micha Sheetrit, Dining room, Kibbutz Gesher
On October 19, 16: 00, Around the table, with Einat Saruf, special show for the whole family around the Multicultural Gastronomy Fair , free entry, Moshav
Tel Teoumim
On October 19, 21: 30, Tikva 6, Dining room, Kibbutz Reshafim
On October 22, 22: 00, The Raanana Symphony Orchestra, Yonatan Razel and Lior Elmaleh, concert and liturgical poems for the night of Hoshana Raba,
Dining room, Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu  
Valley of the Sources

On October18 and 19, Festival Renaissamce, Yehiam
On October 18 and 19, Wood sculpture festival, Derech HaEtz

On October 20, 21 and 22, Festival Beit Galim 7, open homes and art studios, meetings with writers and poets, exhibitions, musical
performances, guided walks, free entrance, Exhibit: Yuval Feiglin, Bar Galim,Bat Galim, Haifa  

On October 24, 21:00, Hakafot Shnyiot, Simha Torah Dances, Esplanade, Sports Arena, Romema, Haifa

On October 29, 8: 00, By bike around the Upper Galilee, 18 km and 27 km, Departure and arrival at Kfar Blum Kayaks
Cultural activities 2016-2017 season in Haifa and in the North
Click here to read the English translation of the programs You can subscribe to series of concerts,
lectures, theatre plays etc.... for children and for adults
The cost per event is much cheaper if you take a subscription.
Exhibits, museums, galleries
Plastic arts, guided visits, workshops
On October 3 and 4, Rosh Hashanah
October 12, Yom Kippur
From October 17 to 24, Sukkot
On October 24, Simchat Torah
Gmar Hatima Tova and a very Happy New Year