Haifa has a thriving community of English-speaking young adults
(ages 20 and 30).  A planning committee organizes social events twice
a month to help connect young adults with each other for both social
and professional networking opportunities as well as absorption
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On October 1, evening, Sukkot in Haifa: Simhat Torah - Hakafot, Hassidic Dances Night with Torah rolls, Neve Yosef, Hadar, Kyriat Haim,
Ramot Begin, Ramat Alon, Kyriat Shmuel

Learn French, Open Day 04-8312333
On October 3, 17: 00-19: 00, French Cultural Center, Haifa
On October 3, 17: 00-19: 00, Eshkol Payis, Kyriat Bialik
On October 3, 17: 00-19: 00, Merkaz Hantsacha, Kyriat Tivon
On October 8, 17: 00-19: 00, Library, HaDagan Street, Zichron Yaakov
On October 10, 17: 00-19: 00, Rabin Community Center, Carmiel

On October 4, 5, 6, -17: 00, Ein HaYam-Hadera Contemporary Circus Festival, With the participation of Nadege Cunin, Marc Fouilland,
Jean-Michel Guy, Koen Allary, StopToi Company, Loop, Rafael de Paula, Coy of Chaos, Nonada, produced by CircusNext, Amir Guette &
Hemda Ben Zvi, Zoog, produced by CircusNext, Yogi Dekel & Tom Weksler, Pilim, co-produced by On Center, Rafael de Paula Co. of
Chaos Nonada, produced by CircusNext, Nimrod Farchy, Reality Check, created in residence at ON Center, Ein HaYam, Hadera

From October 9 to 16, Nice, Toulouse and Perpignan Cinematheques in France propose a selection of contemporary and heritage films to
make French cinema known to the Israeli public.
In the selection: Trailers (1941), L'Atalante (1934), About Nice (1930), Street of Lost Souls (1929) - Cine-concert with pianist Rudika
Fogielman, The Campaign of Cicero (1990), Filming the Pyrenees (2017 ), Four Corners (1949), Quadrille (1950), Entertainment (1952),
The Morituri Divisions Case (1985), The Prayer (2018) - opening film in Tel Aviv and Luna (2017). Love is a perfect crime (2013) and 21
nights with Pattie (2015) in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Cinematheques in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Holon

From October 11  to 13 , The France Israel Cross Season: The Crazy Day in Israel, held every year in Nantes, directed by René Martin and the
French Institute of Israel in partnership with Elma Arts Concept: making music classical accessible to a wide audience by offering in a unique place more than
300 short concerts, at an affordable price the Elma Arts Center Harmony of Peoples, more than 30 concerts offered to all, big or small, music lovers or novices,
meeting unique between musicians from France and Israeli ensembles, formations and soloists. Moreover, like its big sister of Nantes, La Folle Day of Israel
also has vocation to move with its soloists and small formations in the hospitals, the old people's homes and the jails of the area to share this experience to
people unable to move.
On October 11, 21:00, The Crazy Day in Israel, Rococo Variations Opening Concert, Haydn: Symphony No. 33, in C minor, PI Tchaikovsky: Rococo
Variations, for cello and orchestra (M. Rechtman), Noam Sheriff: TBA | W.A. Mozart: Symphony No. 33, 4th movement, Israel Camerata Orchestra Jerusalem,
Conductor: Avner Biron, Soloist: Hillel Zori, cello, Elma Center for the Arts, Zichron Yaakov
On October 12, 10:30, Romanticism for violin and piano, Dvorák: Romance for violin and piano, op. 11 and Romantic Piece n. 4 for violin and piano, op. 75b,
Ravel: Sonata No.2 for violin and piano, in G major, violin: Mi-Sa Yang piano: Adam Laloum, 12:00, The trio Wanderer plays Dumky, Dvorák: Trio No. 4 op.
90, Dumky, Martinu: Trio in D major, H.327, by the Trio Wanderer piano: Vincent Coq, violin: Jean-Marc Phillips-Varjabédian, cello: Raphaël Pidoux, 13:30,
The Torero Prayer, Dvorák: Piano Quintet in A major, op. 81, Turina: The Oración del Torero, op. 34 (The Bullfighter's Prayer), Adam Laloum: piano and the
Ardeo Quartet: violins: Mi-Sa Yang and Carole Petitdemange, viola: Yuko Hara, cello: Joëlle Martinez, 14:45, The Wanderer Trio from Norway to
Czechoslovakia, Grieg: Andante for piano, violin and cello, in C minor, Smetana: Piano Trio in G minor, op. 15, Trio Wanderer: piano: Vincent Coq, violin:
Jean-Marc Phillips-Varjabédian, cello: Raphaël Pidoux, 16:00, Sonate-Fantasy, Schubert: Sonata-Fantasy in G major, D. 894, Adam Laloum, piano, 17:45, La
Folle Journée en Israël, Private Letters, Janácek: Quartet No. 2, Intimate Letters, Dvorák: Quartet No. 12 in F major op. 96, American by the Prazák Quartet,
violins: Jana Vonášková and Vlastimil Holek, viola: Josef Klusoň, cello: Michal Kaňka, , 20:30, Concerto for Six, Chausson: Piano Concerto, Violin and
String Quartet in D major, op. 21, violin: Dmitri Makhtin, piano: Adam Laloum and the Ardeo Quartet: violins: Mi-Sa Yang, and Carole Petitdemange, violin:
Yuko Hara, cello: Joëlle Martinez, Elma Center for the Arts, Zichron Yaakov
On October 13, 11:00, Fantasy-Paintings and Prince Igor, Rachmaninov: Suite No. 1 for piano four hands, Fantasy-Paintings op. 5, Borodin: Polovtsian
dances of Prince Igor, arr. for two piano pianos: Andrei Korobeinikov and Boris Berezovsky, 12:30, On an overgrown path, Janacek: On an overgrown path,
Book I, Janacek: In the mists, piano: Ido Bar-Shai, 14:00, In memory of a great artist, violin: Dmitry Makhtin, cello: Henri Demarquette, piano: Boris
Berezovsky, PI Tchaikovsky: Valse-Scherzo for violin and piano, op . 23 and Trio for piano In memory of a great artist, op. 50, 17:00, The Cypresses, Dvorák:
The Cypresses, excerpts, Smetana: Quartet No1 in E minor, From My Life, Prazák Quartet, violins: Jana Vonášková and Vlastimil Holek, viola: Josef Klusoň,
cello: Michal Kaňka, 18:30, From Paris to Andalusia, Janácek: In the mists, Debussy: Images, 1st and 2nd series and Study No. 7 For the chromatic scale,
Granados: Spanish dance op . 37 No. 5, Andaluza, Albeniz: Rumors of Caleta op. 71 No. 8, Malaguena and Almeria, from Iberia, Twelve New Prints for Piano,
Piano: Ido Bar-Shai, 20:30, Closing Concert, From War to Peace, JS Bach: Concerto for Two Harpsichords, Schütz: Sacred Symphony, Jerusalem Baroque
Orchestra conducted by Joshua Rifkin, Ensemble Caecilia Soloists, Harpsichord: Joshua Rifkin and David Shemer,
Elma Center for the Arts, Zichron

On October 16, 19:00, Musethika, International Chamber Music Festival, 2018, Teachers, Jakub Jakowicz, violin, Jonathan Brown, viola
(Casals Quartet, Spain), Avri Levitan, viola, Young musicians, Yamen Saadi , violin, Katrin Spiegel, viola, Lia Chen Perlov, cello, Shiri
Tintpulver, cello, Hanson Quartet: Anton Hanson, Violin, Jules Dussap, Violin, Gabrielle Lafait, Viola, Simon Dechambre, Cello, Haydn:
String Quartet in D minor, Op. 76 No. 2, Fifths, Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht for String Sextet, Op. 4, Brahms: String Quintet No. 2 in G
Major, Op. 111, St. Gabriel Church, Rouse Al Jabal Street 50 Neighborhood Salizian 2, Nazareth

On October 25 and 26, 6:00, 24:00, Ultra-Marathon Sovev Emek, 12 km, 21 km, 33 km, 42.2 km, 66 km, 100 km, 133 km and 166 km,
distribution of kits at the stadium, one hour before the start of each race,  Inquiries, 972-3990695, departure from Kibbutz HaZorea,
Yokneam, carob forest, Valley of Peace, Typhoon, Ein HaShofet, Juara, Gilead, Cyclamen Forest and back, through wadis, hills and forests,
Kibbutz HaZorea
On October 25, 16:00, The Haifa Museum of Art hosts  Healing Ink , Artists 4 Israel’s Healing Ink helps survivors of terrorism and violence
heal through the art of tattooing. In Israel, Healing Ink provides free tattoos for those who have been injured in terror attacks, families of the
deceased or heroes of the IDF, helping them reclaim their bodies and continue healing both physically and emotionally. Our international
artists represent the world’s most passionate, respected and generous artists who freely give of their time and incredible talents to help,  
Haifa Museum of Art
Exhibits, museums, galleries
Plastic arts, guided visits, workshops
Cultural activities 2018-2019 season in Haifa and in the North
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lectures, theatre plays etc.... for children and for adults
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On October 1, Simchat Torah
On October 21, Day in memory of Itzhak Rabin
On October 30, Municipl Elections