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From October 2 to 7, Israeli Music Festival, musical celebration with dozens of Israeli music concerts East and West, Old and New, Israeli
classics and Israeli creations performed by the best Israeli ensembles, soloists and orchestras, in 5 cities: Zichron Yaakov, Beer Sheva, Tel
Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem

On October 10, foliage distribution for the succah at the following locations:
�� 10:00 Kiryat Shmuel - Dov Frumer Street in the parking lot
��11:00 Kiryat Eliezer - Meyerhoff Square
�� 12:00 The gym of Romema

From October 12 to 21, The 35th International Haifa Film Festival Artistic Director Pnina Blayer, International Competitions: Carmel
Competitionof International Cinema, Judaism and Israelity, Golden Anchor Competition, feature films from Mediterranean and Balkan
countries , Israeli film competition, Israeli fiction competition, Israeli documentary competition, Israeli Short Film Competition, Young
Creators Competition: presentation of short films by high school filmmakers, International Film Screenings and meetings with their
creators, Master Classes and Meetings with film industry professionals, International marketing and promotion forum, The Israeli film
market Cinemarket Haifa and Outdoor events, night shows open to the public, live music, outdoor film screenings craft market in the park ,
many cafes and pubs open  late at night,  Screening Halls: Haifa Auditorium, 142 Hanassi Ave.,  Haifa Cinematheque, 142 Hanassi Ave.,  
New Rappaport Hall, 140 Hanassi Ave.,  The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Auditorium Raphael, 89 Hanassi Ave.,04-8383554,  The
Krieger Center for the Performing Arts, 6 Eliahu Hackim St. Carmel Zarfati,  04-8598012,  Syncopa, Paris Square - Khayat 5 , 054-614264
Fringe Cinema,  Haifa
On October 15, 16 and 17, 19 :30-23 :30, 45 VR-AR narrative films & new-media installations by Israeli & international artists,   in a
futuristic, post-humanistic, three-dimensional atmosphere, filled with technological advancements & unique immersive stories; performance-
art events, groundbreaking technological developments, experience of the future of cinematic creation in the fields of Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality, 3D Scanning, Volumetric Video and Photorealistic Animations ( Intel U.S and  Israeli startups – Tetavi & Scan
the City;  VR-AR experiences meant for kids, a showcase of award-winning animations, VR films created by Israeli created by Israeli
full catalog, curator and producer:Tal Michael,  Haring  Portown, Hanamal 32, Downtown, Haifa

From October 14 to 17, The Israeli Alternative Theater Festival 2019, Acre
Plays in competition
-Play in competition, Disinterestedness of the public, by Ina Eisenberg, directed by Matan Amsalem, produced by David Amsalem, HaBait Theater, Kidoum Nativ HaOman, Beit
Dado, Acre
-Play in competition, Under the same movement, by Mika Kupfer, music by Yaniv Hayon, artistic accompaniment by Nava Frankel, produced by Adi Hellman, with the support of
HaZira, the school of visual theater and interdisciplinary arena. (16+ contains scenes of partial nudity), Hall of the Knights Guimel, The Citadel, Acre
-Play in competition, Silwan in time, by Alma Ganihar, staged by Chen Alon and Sinai Peter, co-creator Samira Syriya, music of Habib Shahada, production of Mara Walach, Beit
Tami, Independent Creators Organization, the beginning of the performance takes place at Uri Buri restaurant, the Lighthouse, Saint Jean d ' Acre
-Play in competition, The blockbuster of God, directed by Noa Freder, music of On Kadosh, production of Hagar Paz (16+ contains scenes of partial nudity), Room Yafe, Acre
-Play in competition, Abattoir, written and directed by Wasim Hir, artistic director Mahmoud Mura, Production by Eleanor Mugrabi, Qalaa Center for Theater Arts, in Arabic with
Hebrew subtitles, hard content (16+), no harm is inflicted on animals during the show, The Diwan, Center for Theater, Acre
-Play in competition, Sto-Ry, written by Chen Givati, Mandelowitz Tal, Oren Dickman, Hagai Sahari, directed by Noa Booker, music by Michael Gottlieb, produced by Chen Givati
and Lior Israel, School of Performing Arts Seminar of Kibbutzim, MAZA, Crypt, The Citadel, Acre
-Play in competition, Suspended, by Maya Arad Yasur, staged by Yigal Sachs, acrobatics: Y Circus, production by Liron Noah and Ensemble Kvutsat Avoda, Small refectory, The
Citadel, Acre
-Play in competition, Riribbering Museum of Hygiene, creation, interpretation, music, video, space, lighting and brand strategy Wackelkontakt Extended: Eyel Lely Biton, Tomer
Demsky, Marco Milewski, Dana Takech, Laufer Ofer, Yoel Feld, Amos Peled, dramaturgy by Nir Shauloff, produced by EXP Excess Productions and the Interdisciplinary Space, the
public remains standing, smoke and sound level, flashing lights not recommended for photosensitive people, Great refectory, The Citadel, Acre
Theaters from abroad
-Theresienstaadt's last rat, USA, Black comedy, cabaret show, script by Hilary Chaplain, directed by Nancy Smithner, creation of Ariel Lauryn, Mindy Escobar, Jason Hicks, music
by Sergei Dreznin, in English, (16+ ), contains scenes of nudity, The Studio, Acre
-Maiden, Girl Italy / Costa Rica, written and directed by Giuseppe Bonifati, produced by Marielos Fonseca (TPMS) and Linda Sugataghy (DOO), in Spanish with translation in
Hebrew, (16+), includes scenes of nudity , White Room, Center for the Theater, Acre
- D.A.K.I.N.I. / Italy, Multidisciplinary show creating dialectical bridges between artificial intelligence and contemporary social theories, with the participation of: Ester Fogliano,
Federica Guarragi, Giulia Parri, Isadora Faye, directed by Isadora Faye, dramaturgy of Emanuele Policante , music by Carlo Valsesia, in Italian with translation in Hebrew, (16+),
includes scenes of nudity, Co-production of the Nordic Theater Laboratory (NTL) / Patronage of the University of Turin - Dipartimento Studi Umanistici and the Association Italian
for Artificial Intelligence (AI * IA) with the support of Compagnia di San Paolo, within the Bando ORA! Produzioni di Cultura Contemporanea
Guests Theaters  
The Center for the Theater of Acre
-Khawaja Bialik (premiere), by Smadar Yaron and Zohir Bahalul, artistic accompaniment by Hila Golan, produced by Julia Assouline and the Acre Theater Center, inspired by
Ronnie Somekh's poem Khawaja Bialik, HaHagana 6, from theater to house, Acre
-Portrait of the Artist Creator, collection of works selected in the program of Acre Theater Center, with graduates of Shira Sharf Halvani School, Miri Yariv, Galia Zoei Lavour,
Sharon Burstein, after the performance, meeting and conversation will be organized with teachers Smadar Yaron, Osnat Shenk-Yosef and Ran Ben Dror, Produced by the Acre
Theater Center, White Room, Center for Theater, Acre, Center for Theater, Acre
-LIVE Shows, Night shows in the festival gardens
On October 14, 15 and 16, 23:00, Akko Alternative Theater Festival, DJ Debtizer, BASE GLITCH, after the show on the lawn, Festival Garden, Acre
On October 15, 24:00, Akko Alternative Theater Festival, LALA, Moroccan Heritage and New Pop Music, Festival Garden, Acre
On October 16, 24:00, Akko Alternative Theater Festival, The Malabi Tropical Tropical Classical Tropical Group - cumbia, meringue, calypso combined with a gypsy and
Mediterranean influence Festival Garden, Acre
-The Lars Noren Clinic, adaptation and staging of Avichai Belhassen, music by Rafael Solomon, produced by Shakuf Theater Ensemble, Museum of Prisoners of Resistance, The
Citadel, Acre
- Sukkah-Habad, Festival of light in collaboration with Adama, scene with a soul, Sukkot Festival, 15: 30 Workshops for children - at Sukkah, 17: 00 King David and thespider
(not) scary, based on biblical folk tales by HaMaayan Theater, Children's Scene Tourist Parking, 18:30, Akko Alternative Theater Festival, Riddle for four princes, for the whole
family Children's Scene Parking lot tourism, 21:30, Akko Alternative Theater Festival, The Now Group, Simcha Beit HaShoeva live music performance next to the Sukkah. The
succah is open to the public throughout the festival. Admission is free, Acre
On October 16, -9: 30, 40th Anniversary of the Festival, St. John Acre Acre, Seminar in Memory of Dr. Shosh Avigal, Steering Committee: Prof. Dan Orien, Prof. Shulamit Lev
Aljam, Dr. Henia Rotenberg, Prof. Peter Harris; 9:30 - 10:00 - Conference and artistic reception: street theater on the grass and documentary screenings on the festival; 10:00 - 10:
15 - Greetings from the Mayor of Acre, Shimon Lankari, and Prof Nissim Ben David; 10:15 - 10:30 - Dialogue - How did it all begin? Oded Kotler and Yuval Maskin;
10:30 - 11:30 - First session - Who is this festival? With Albert Ben Chelouch, Eti Citron, Daniela Michaeli and Josh Sagi, moderated by Prof. Shulamit Lev Aljam; 11:30 - 12:15 -
Via Dolorosa - Creation of a processional dance, choreography by Amir Kolban, song by Albar Moabib, restoration of the work by Galia Leaver 2019, in collaboration with Rava
Murkus; 12:15 - 13:00 - Lunch break: 13:00 - 13:15, Dudi Maayan pays homage to Honey HaMeagel with Smadar Yaron, Nati Ornan, Claudia Dolici and Karin Stang; 13:15 - 14:
15, Street Artists at the Acre Festival, presented by Gabi Cohen and Jerome Arush, with Moshe Chanukah Lisa Jacobson and Gili Bachar, David Dosh, Uri Weiss and Herzl Zioni;
14:15 - 15:30, Akko Alternative Theater Festival, New Theatrical Aesthetics, Moderator Prof. Eti Lemon, with the participation of Naomi Yuli, David Maayan, Adva Drori and Ruth
Kanner, 15: 30-15: 45, Pause; 15:45 - 16:00, Akko Alternative Theater Festival, An excerpt from HaShem will comfort you from Maya Buenos, 16:00 - 17:00, Alternative Akko
Theater Festival, The younger generation and the face of the festival to where? Debate animated by Daniela Michaeli and Shalom Shmuelov, with Maya Arad Yasur, Maya Buenos,
Hila Golan, Ofer Amram, 17:00 - 17:15, final accord singing with Zelma of Arbiet Macht Fry, the mythical figure of Smadar Yaron, director Acre Theater Center, Auditorium of
Environmental Studies, Academic College of Western Galilee, Acre
Street theater,  and itinerant performances
-Municipal surveillance-bureaucratic irony, Creators and performers Yossi Rahmani, David Dosh Brashi, produced by StangaTheatronRehovIsraeli Israeli Street Theater, traveling
show, Acre, Acre
-Show of the lowest level, street clowns, Creators and performers Adi Fate and Rafael Shahri, Concept of Paula Pazi, traveling show, Acre
- ANIMOON, by the Mystery Theater, mysterious giant dolls, concept of Olga Gurevich and Julia Guinness, traveling show, Acre
-Jaco and Perla make their market in Acre - first! Creators and performers Limor Yitzhaik and Jack Shvili, Street Clowns, Revital Monita Music, Weizman Street, Acre
-M. Bigfoot and his music box, nostalgia, created and performed by Stuart Kingston, rue Weizman, Acre
International street theater
- Authentic Indian wooden post, choreography and acrobatic techniques, by The Mallakhamb Group Artist India, Parking Tourism, Acre
-Over the sky, street show of dragons and Chinese lanterns, traveling performance by Tongliang Dragon Dance Band of Chongqing, supported by the Chinese Cultural Center of Tel
Aviv, Weizman Street, Acre
Living statues
-The three statues, group of living statues, creators and performers: Bermosa-Ashdod Theater, design by Odelia Lieberman, Festival area, Acre
-The traveling museum, creators and performers: Theater Bermosa-Ashdod, Odelia Lieberman design, Festival area, Acre
-The narcissus, group of living statues, directed by Daniel Butzer, design by Tamar Gini, produced by Stage Outdoor The street theater youth group, Nurit Katzir theater center,
Festival area, Acre
-Mary Poppins, musical group statue, directed by Slait Achi Miriam, musical director of Daniel Payne, choreography by Yelena Abramovich, produced by Stage Outdoor Street
Theater Youth Group, Nurit Katzir Theater Center, East Wall, Acre, Acre
-Living room, group of living statues, creation of Odelia Lieberman, choreography by Yelena Abramovich, produced by Stage Outdoor The street theater youth group, Nurit Katzir
theater center, Festival area, Acre
- Charlie Chaplin,The gold rush, living statue, creator and performer: Matan Blank Yaniv, Festival area, Acre
- Picasso 2019- Living statues, Creators and performers: Sharon Gumbush and Mittel Yelink, design Meital Yelink and Melina Polk, produced by Kibbutz Galuyot Ensemble, East
Wall, Acre
-Dirada, Living sculpture, Merav Elbaz performer, Shmulik Shochat design, Festival area, Acre
-Miss Boca, living statue, idea and execution of Effie Katz, concept of Orgad Edri, Festival area, Acre
-The doll, living statue, actress, designer and designer Shai Lavi Tal, Festival area, Acre
-Between the drops, living statue, creator and performer Odelia Lieberman, Festival area, Acre
Special projects
-Napoleon aleph / 12 on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Acre Festival, a docu-poetic biographical work centered on the reconstruction of a maabara shack in Camp
Napoléon, the creation of Avi Sabag, produced by Shaked Sabag Barel, with the support of Mousrara, -19: 00, shows and performances sound, Douves, Acre
-A haven of peace, Concerto for Refugee and Orchestra, by Maya Buenos in collaboration with the Raanana Symphony Orchestra, In front of the public, 18 musicians build a
dilapidated boat seeking to reach the refuge, a theatrical, historical and musical journey linking refugee stories from around the world through stories, Syrian refugees (pianist Iam
al-Ahmad), the Yazidi minority (Nobel Peace Prize laureate Nadia Murad), refugees from Darfur (GK Tigitigi) and refugees from ship St Louis (Julius Herman), conductor, David
Zeba, dramaturgy of Kfir Torch-Mashaal, composer and music director Daniel Payne, choreography by Shay Kassel, Bustan Garden, Acre
-The Curse, a two-act play based on Aeschylus, Euripides and Sophocles, written and directed by Oded Kotler, dramaturgy: Ronit Lehrer-Shapek, Production Direction More Sharon,
Music by Assi Maskin and Sivan Imran
Short plays for performance shows
-Translucide Translucent One Too Many Body, A short stage for performance performances, choreography, text, Savion performance, concept and technological development Dr.
Eyal Gross, Savion, Technology and original music by Yuval Shenhar, with the support of the Akadmie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart, Germany) and Sadnaot HaBama, Red Hall,
Center for Theater, Acre
-Clicker, A short stage for performance shows, choreography and performance by Neta Erez and Keren Zohar, musical editing by Audi Ehrlich, Red Hall, Center for Theater, Acre
- His body, A short stage for performance shows, directed and created by Ronnie Tobias Gideon, performer and designer Siuar Awad, design Anni Etedgi Yellin, Red Hall, Center for
Theater, Acre
Youth creates for Acre
- The King has a tendency to die, Eugene Ionesco, directed by Alma Dalal, dramaturgy by Roy Dror, production and music of Noa Levy, by Yuvalim Herzliya School, Beit Hyman,
- Monophilus, Idea and Directed by Ronen Sedis, Raz Levy Designers, Bar Levi, Orel Gabay, by Hilli Ethical Ensemble - Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Beit Hyman, Acre
- Mandragula, by Yacob Shabtai, directed by Shir Boytum, conducted by Bracha Arnan and Michal Gaffner School of Arts, Ashkelon, Beit Hyman, Acre
Shows for the whole family
-Blue and white circus, aerial circus show, tribute to Israeli music, the State of Israel from its creation to the present day, directed by Gabriel Cohen, choreography by Adi Castle
Clapper, produced by Le cirque - Boaz Nir Shalom and Guy Sheffer, East Wall, Acre
-The No Problem Circus
- Exodus, Asphalt Theater, juggling, clowning, acrobatics, music, with the participation of the public, written, staged and composed by Moshe Hanukah, East Wall, Acre
- Panim Theater, images of everyday life, actors, clowns, dolls, acrobatics and improvisation, Directed by Herzl Zioni, produced by the Panim Theater, HaHirbe, Old Town, Acre
- This corner of life, Clown Street show created and performed by Haim Deri, Jardin des Douves
- The Generals, Street Theater for Clowns and Choir, The Conquests of Acre, created and performed by: Eldar Prives, Eyal Talmudi, Benny Eldar, King Chen, Ha Beer, Old Town,
-Clown beat, humor, clarinet and accordion music, juggling and humor, directed by Edgar Grule, HaKeshet Cave Old Town, Acre
- Bubble Trouble, theater of clowns with soap bubbles and music, Created and directed by Lee Nahat Shalom, produced by Bubbling Ltd, Boaz Nir Shalom, Douves Park, Acre
- Olympic Games, show of acrobatic clowns pby the Papo Ensemble, a medal for the country of the clowns? Cree and performed by Shachar Shmuelov and Ilya Tzibolesky, directed
by Gabi Cohen, HaHirbe, Old Town, Acre
- Street wedding, you are invited, created by Mika Nadel and Amir Peter, Sofia Nolar, staged by Sofia Nolar, perimeter street, Old Town, Acre
-An army of clowns, musical show, created and directed by Meirav Elbaz, by BarMuza Ashdod Theater, Weizman Street, Acren
- The Time Machine, Ortal Tzabar and Inbal Kadron, Douves Park, Acre
Dance (for adults)
-Yearning - first, extremes of music and dance, time and different places, music A fish on a land / Lahasa de Sel, choreography and dance by Michal Blank, East Wall, Acre
-Look! Look! Dance for the whole family, Choreography by Lital Netzer, Ben Hurin, Perimeter Road, Acre
- Via Dolorosa, dance theater procession, choreography by Amir Kolban, restoration project by Galia Livar, produced by Henia Rothenberg and Raava Morcus, music by Albert
Maurive, East Wall, Acre
- Love miss need dead, emotion in the prism of social networks, Or Marin and Oren Nahum, with the Re-Search dance program, Kraftwerk music, Numbers, Pretenders, I'll stand by
you, produced by Shimrit Golan Cohen, East Wall, Acre

On October 15, 16 and 17, 14th Neve Yosef Community Theater Festival, Neve Yosef presents the Community Theater Festival for the 14th
year of this year, more than 40 performances and performances, original productions and plays theater recognized in Arabic, Amharic,
Russian and Hebrew, activities for children, storytelling, puppet theater, street performances, workshops on multiculturalism, opening show
The show must continue, Roy Malia Reshef, staged by Yakir Portal, music by Nir Jacob Younsey, produced by Neve Aviv Theater, Neve
Yosef Community Center, Haifa

From October 15 to 19, HaMaayanot Festival, Valley Springs Festival, walks, music, activities for the whole family, Vappey Springs Park,
Gilboa, Sachne

From October 15 to 17, -10: 00, Binyamina Festival of Israeli Creation - Sukkot 2019, three days of creation around three cultural heroes
Meir Banai, Barry Sakharov and Danny Sanderson, free activities for the whole family with local artists, sculpture, creation, photo
exhibition, green artist tent etc., Binyamina

From October 17 to 19, Beit Galim Festival 10, Bat Galim artists open their homes and present their art in private homes and public
buildings, shows, conferences, literary and poetry evenings, guided tours of historic homes on traces of writers and poets, children's
playground, movement area near the casino animated by the Beit HaTnua- Chiara Miniani, Yael Avinathan and Julia Zaids, curator and
artistic director Shirley Meshulam, Admission is free, Bat Galim, Haifa

Learn French, Open Days Registration 04 8312333 tsarfatit.co.il
On October 23, 17: 00-19: 00, HaGefen 37, Haifa
On October 27, 17: 00-19: 00, Library Hadagan 4, Zichron Yaakov
On October 27, 17: 00-19: 00, Eshkol Pais, Dafna 5, Kyriat Bialik
On October 23, 17: 00-19: 00, HaHantsacha Center, HaMigdal, Kyriat Tivon
On October 23, 17: 00-19: 00, Rabin Community Center, Hativat Yiftah 200, Carmiel

On October 25, 8:00, World Walking Day, beach walk, 2km and 4km, health promotion  by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and dieticians
from the cardiology team of the Bnei Zion Medical Center, measuring blood pressure and body measurements, sugar index, pulse,
individual advice on nutrition, health and healthy lifestyles for all ages, 9:30, sports session for participants and gift distribution, admission
is free, Dado Beach, Haifa
Exhibits, museums, galleries
Plastic arts, guided visits, workshops
Cultural activities 2019-2020 season in Haifa and in the North
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lectures, theatre plays etc.... for children and for adults
The cost per event is much cheaper if you take a subscription.
On September 30 and October 1 Rosh HaShana
Happy New Year
On October 9, Yom Kippur
From October 14 to 21, Sukkot