October in Haifa 2020
Films at Haifa Cinematheque
Films at the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art
In Haifa  cinemas
Beit Nagler Cinematheque
Rosh Pina Cinematheque
Kibbutz Yagur
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Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa

Haifa Museum of Art, Cinema Shabtai

Haifa Cinematheque
For  seniors, ShlishiBeRevii, The 3rd (age) On the 4th (Wednesday)
Family Saturday quality films from around the world!

Cinema Cafe Amami

Museum of Art, Ein Harod

Rosh Pina Cinematheque

Carmiel Cultural Center

Yes Planet Haifa

Galil Hamaravi University Institute, Acre

Beit Nagler, Kyriat Haim

Bar Kolnoa HaAgaf 2, Downtown Haifa

Yad LeMeginim, Yagur

Beit Gabriel, lake of Galilee

Eshkol Payis, Nesher
From October 3 to 10, Haifa Film Festival Festival on line
How does it work?
This year, due to Covid-19 restrictions, the festival will take place as a virtual event only. The festive experience will be streamed
from the Carmel to every cinephile's private screen in Israel.
You could watch the films on your computer, your television, even on your cellphone screen.
Ticket sales will start at the morning of the 27.9
Tickets will be available to purchase beginning on the designated on-sale day for each film, and can be bought until the screening
hour of that film.
The sale is online only. the "seats" are limited.
Tickets can be purchased by clicking on the button Buy Tickets on the film page, on the internet Festival Schedule site, and on
Last Chance To Buy web page.
You may choose to purchase a package of tickets at a reduced price, and even a Festival Pass that gives you a full access to all of
the films.
Just like the past festivals, each film has its own scheduled time and virtual venue. The number of screening is limited, and so is
the number of participants.
You could have a bigger flexibility when it comes to the exact time of streaming.
The films will be available for streaming for 24 hours starting from its designated screening time.
You could watch the films on your computer, your television, your cellphone screen and tablets (Android and Apple - in the latest
version). We recommend using an up-to-date Chrome browser on your computer for the best streaming experience. * Explorer
browser is not supported You could also connect your computer with your TV screen using a suitable cable (a HDMI one, for
instance); if you have a smart TV, you could use a streamer – Chromecast, for example.

Festival Competitions
 International Competition
The International Carmel Competition
Israeli Competitions:
The Documentary Competitions
The Short Film Competitions
Israeli Competitions Awards:
The Documentary Competitions awards
Best Documentary Film award
Special mention to a Documentary Film
The Short Film Competitions awards
Best student film award
Best independent film award
Best animation film award
International Competition:
The International Carmel Competition

On line Conversations with creators
Eretz Ir - Emanuel Mayer chats with Yaki Elon, the director of the film
In Secret - Poetry Clara Winter talks to Lina Chaplin, the director of the film
Body of Truth - Ruthi Director a Conversation with Director Evelyne Shlass
Bitter Honey - Danny Rosenberg chats with filmmakers Udi Klinsky and Revital Oren
The Red Veil - Dr Shmulik Duvdevani speaks with Peter Mostboy, the director of the film
Heroine - a dialogue with directors Shani Egozin, Shira Schneider, Hava Rochlin, Mia Kaplan
The Church - Benjamin Friedenberg speaks with Anat Tal, the director of the film
Winter Journey - A Conversation of Dr Yael Granot Bein with Screenwriter Martin Goldsmith
Leaving Heaven - Tal Barda speaks with Ofer Freiman, the director of the film
Susita - Assaf Galai speaks with Avi Weisblai, the director of the film
Woman sits in director's chair - Dr Meirav Alush-LeBron interviews filmmaker Smadar Zamir
Relic - Anna Somershap's Conversation with Director Natalie Erica James The Names of the Flowers - A
Conversation with the Director
The Names of the Flowers - A Conversation Between Yaron Shamir and Director Bahman Tawasi
Songs of Oppression - A Conversation by Yaron Shamir with Directors Marianne Fair Muraga rt Estefan
Wagnerstein Wagner
From  October 19 to November 1, La Gabbianella e il Gatto Lucky and Zorba, by Enzo D'Alò, Online streaming, in Italian,
subtitles in Hebrew Free participation, The Italian cultural institutes of Tel Aviv and Haifa
https://iichaifa.esteri.it/IIC_Haifa/it/gli_eventi/calendario/2020/10/la-gabbianella-e-il-gatto-italia.html  for children The Italian
cultural institutes of Tel Aviv and Haifa
From  October 19 to November 1, The Cinderella Cat by Marino Guarnieri, Alessandro Rak, Ivan Cappiello, Dario Sansone
for children Online streaming Free participation, Italian cultural institutes in Tel Aviv and Haifa
From  October 19 to November 1, The Prophecy of Armadillo by Emanuele Scaringi Online Streaming Free Participation,
https://iichaifa.esteri.it/IIC_Haifa/it/gli_eventi/calendario/2020/10/la-profezia-dell-armadillo-italia.html The Italian cultural
institutes of Tel Aviv and Haifa
From October 14 to 31 The 19th edition of the accessible animated film festival in Israel! Free online access The
French Cinema Association 2 feature films and 11 animated short films, on the IF Cinéma website.
Feature film
Adama by Simon Rouby Subtitles Czech, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Albanian, Ukrainian, Estonian, Hebrew,
Hungarian, Greek,
Gus little bird, big trip by Christian De Vita Subtitles English, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Hungarian, Italian, Turkish, Greek,
Albanian, Adventure, Young audience
Short films
The Kindergarten Show by Loïc Bruyère Young audience
Bianca Mansani's Workshop Young audience
Matilda by Irène Iborra and Eduard Puertas Anfruns Young audience
The one who tamed the clouds by Julie Rembauville and Nicolas Bianco-Levrin Young audience
The little shoot of Chaïtane Conversat Young audience
Beuââârk! by Gabriel Jacquel Jeune public
Lunolin, little naturalist by Cecilia Marreiros Marum, Young audience
Shamazulu by Jérémie Nsingui Subtitles Arabic, English, Portuguese, Turkish, Albanian, Greek, Young audience
Malika and the Witch by Nabaloum Boureima Subtitles Arabic, English, Portuguese, Greek, Turkish, Albanian, Young audience
The Gift of Ismael Dialo Subtitles Arabic, English, Portuguese, Albanian, Greek, Turkish, Young audience
The Three Truths by Louisa Beskri and Wakili Adehan Subtitles Arabic, English, Portuguese, Turkish, Albanian
, Greek, Young audience
The Fighter by Abib Cissé Subtitles Arabic, English, Portuguese, Turkish, Albanian, Greek, Young audience
The hunter and the antelope by Narcisse Youmbi Subtitles Arabic, English, Portuguese, Albanian, Greek, Turkish, Young audience