September in Haifa 2017
For children
Trips, Excursions, nature
Haifa Museums, exhibits, workshops, activities
Haifa Art Museum   8523255, Haifa Art Museum and Center for the Arts
Hecht Museum, workshops, activities, Haifa University
-Maabadada,  interactive exhibit,  interdisciplinary creativity, Janco Dada Museum, 9842350, Ein Hod
-Tefen Open Museum, art exhibits, stories and  workshops, Tefen Industrial Park
-Mischakyiot, jamborees, parcs de games et parcs water
In many malls
-BaLaGan, attraction park, aquatic park, cars track,  Kibbutz Yagur
-Ein Gev,  tour of the kibbutz in a little train, sailing and fishing On the lake, Grand-pa Yosef's wood workshop 0545658821,
Kibbutz Ein Gev
-Agricultural circus Moshav HaYogev, different sectors of the economy,
quizzes puzzles and secret writing, planting pots and agricultural activities,
circus workshop 054-5500274
-Ananda, games and activities up to 5 years, HaMoshav 33 Karkur 04-6274111
-Bim Bam Boom,  Kibbutz Merhavia, 04-6598955
-Canada Children, indoor play area for small children, Centre Canada,  Metula, 04-6950370
-DagDougim, Facilities and activities for babies, 69 Tchernichovsky,  Haifa, 04-8333365
-Grand Canyon, Haifa, Simha Neve Golan Haifa Sheanan, 04-8221000
-Virtual park, virtual games, simulations 8 PICA, Haifa 04-8254985
-Yalduta Games facilities Address : Mall Hashmura, Zichron Yaakov
-Inbal and TamarJamboree, games, workshops Kibbutz Beit Alpha 04-6533922
-Kangaroo BeTnua, Workshops for children, 95 HaDekalim, Pardes Hanna Karkur, 04-6231632
-Luna Gal, water park, Hof Golan, Tiberias, 04-6678000/8/9
-Labyrinth in the Valley Mavoch HaEmek , Sde Yaakov, 050-5404473
-Labyrinth Palm,  Mavoch HaDekalim, Maze, paint ball, pedal flights, Ayelet HaShahar, 04-6932226
-MishakKeif, Games, jamboree, books, Kiryat Motzkin,  Achi Dakar 504-8744757
-Hof Gay Park, water park, South Tiberias, 04-6700713
-Olam HaAgadot, Games, inflatables, cars, Aharonovitz,  Neve Haim Hadera,04-6213028
-Pealton Games, activities, climbing, ropes, ball pool,Gan Shmuel 04-6222035 1700-50-44-64

Extreme, sports, bicycles, boats, carriages, ski, skates....
-Bowling Hutsot HaMifratz, Haifa, Ha Haroshet 6, 04-8402888
-Centre Canada Rink and sports facilities, HaRishonim 1,  Metula, 04-6950370
-Machlik Kerach, rink, Freud, Haifa, 04-8550340
-Ski Gilboa, skiing, 073-2510000
-Caesarea Golf Club,  Golf,  Caesarea, 04-6109500
-X Park, extreme, climbing wall (16 m and climbing routes ), Rope Park: 8 rope bridges (7 m), and low trajectory for children.
Omega- giant 5-storey height, 80 m length. paint ball in a military setting, Steeplechase, Shooter Stationary, Skate board park, roller
skates, BMX bike, Haifa, International Congress Centre, 054-5224281
-Manara Cliff, Tsuk Manara,  extreme activities for the whole family and for all ages, omega, cable, roller, trampoline,  banjee,  
dome, snappling, wall climbing, train, jamboree, free activities: workshop whistles nature, drum circle, stories and musical
instruments, Kibbutz Manara, Upper Galilee
-Hevelvelim, Klil, 050-3232102 / 04-9969438
-Fox paint ball, Nazareth,  Hotel Gardenia,  Nazareth, 04-88573863,  052-3060378
-Paint ball Ayelet HaShahar, 04-6932226
-Dan Karting, Canyon Haifa, Fliman 4, Haifa 04-8501060
-Buggy Hermon, Al Asfour, Buggies (4 +) with parents, Druze hospitality,Majdal Shams, 050-5200222
-Tractors Dishon, Kibbutz Dishon, 04-6997758
-Hava Yah, Bicycles, tractors, jeeps, rope park, climbing wall, animal corner and farm etc. .Sheshet HaYamim, Binyamina 054-
-Merkaz Shetach Alon HaGalil, Bikes and complementary tracks of varying difficulties and lengths, 04-9869888, 052-3100444
-Ofek BeShetach, Bicycle rides, Bethlehem HaGlilit
-Kibbutz Ramat David, Electric bike riding  for the whole family. in the fields of cotton and under the olive trees at your own pace
-Air Taxi  extreme, Extreme sports, para gliding, buggies, takeoffs and landings in the Sharon region in the early morning and at
sunset, Pardes Hanna, Neve Lily 22
-Extreme air Flying tractors (7 +) Achihud junction, 054-7380170
-Paradive, Skydiving Club, HaBonim, 1700-70-20-24
-Lagaat BaShamaim, Hot air Balloons in the Gilboa region, 054-4761704, near Kibbutz Matsuba, 04-9807204, 050-5401129
-Nahariya, Horse carriages, HaGaaton Boulevard, Nahariya  
-Forklifts HaYarden, Carriage rides, Moshavat Kinneret, 052-3701662 052-4547162
-Gilboa Hippodrome, Gilboa, crossroad  Ta'anachim, 04-6071100
-Havat Alonim,  Alonim Ranch, Horse riding, Kibbutz Alonim, 04-9838208
-Havat Etsrobal, Pine Cone Ranch, Horse  riding, Birya Forest, 04-6972746, 052-3595001
-Havat Bat Yaar,  Bat Yaar Ranch, Horses or ponies, rope park, bowling drill, target paint ball, Birya Forest, 04-6921788
-Havat Dubi  Ranch, Horse riding, cowboys, little house On the prairie, jeeps, Ramat Menashe, 04-9895743 054-2274737
-Havat Dor Ranch, Horse riding On the beach, Moshav Dor, Dor Beach Area,  6504-6294997
-Havat HaBokrim, Ranch,  Cowboys, Horses, stv, rangers, electric bikes, jeeps, Kibbutz Merom Golan, 052-8514497, 052-8695832
-Havat HaYaar, Horse Riding, Hadera Forest, 057-7310246
-Havat Mechora, Horse Riding, Kerem Maharal, 04-9842735
-Susei Ha'emek, Horse Riding, Kibbutz Tirat Zvi, 050-5220136
-Kayaks Mayan Hagoshrim, near Kibbutz Hagoshrim, 077-2717500
-Kfar Blum Kayaks, Kfar Blum, 1700-50-60-11, 04-6902616
-Kayaks On the  Betset shore, Entry into the cliffs of Rosh Hanikra, Rosh Hanikra Maritime Center, 052-3798610
-Zodiac boats,  (up to 10 people),  On the Sea of Galilee,   Dugit Beach, Golan, 052-6968072
-Abu Kayak,  Park HaYarden 2km north of the Kinneret, 04-6922245, 04-6921078
-Aya Yam, Yachts On the Bay of Haifa, Maagan Shavit, Haifa, 050, 6555007, 050-5200808
-Jordan River Rafting, Kayaks, rangers, Bicycles,  tomcars,near Gadot, 04-9007000
-Trek Yam Sea Trek, Tornado boats and jeeps, Achziv beach, 04-9823671
Yam Carmel Experience extreme for the whole family, roller coasters, springboards, rope park, omega and climbing wall,
information 04-8733773

see also National parks at the bottom of the page
-Museum of Treasures of the Wall, Acre
-Tefen Open Museum, a collection of vintage cars, and the Museum of the Yekkes, Tefen Industrial Park
-Kfar Kedem, in Galilee, daily life in Bible times, Hosha'aya,  Nazareth,   information 04-6565511  
-The Naharayim experience,  light and sound hydroelectric Tel-Or old station,  04-06753336
-Israel Railway Museum, 04-8564180.
-Knights Hall and Acre Fortress, Crusaders, War of Independence, Weizmann 1, Acre, 1-700-708020
-Train site of Kfar Yehoshua, Jezreel Valley, WWI and Yeshuv, guided tour of the train station, 04-9534226
-Mishmar HaYarden Visitor Centre, Yeshuv,  Mishmar HaYarden
-Stam Treasury,  Collection of objects written by hand (by a Sofer Stam) On parchment, Torah, tefillin, mezuzot, interactive
exhibition, Hagdud Hashlishi 62, Safed
-Discovery, Activities On antique Roman culture, Caesarea Port,   04-6174444 or 6550 *
-Johndeereland Museum of tractors, HaMeyassedim, Kfar Tavor Industrial Zone, 04-6772560/70
-Ein Shemer old courtyard, History of Kibbutz,  Pioneer Museum, a former bread oven, fun little train, 04-6374327
-Archaeological Museum at Kibbutz Ein Dor, 04-6770333
-Experience the old bridge Naharayim, Rottenberg's Historical Power Station On the Jordan, Yshuv,  04-6752685, 04-6753336
-Hazer HaCooperatsia, the Cooperation, Yshuv Merhavia, Jezreel Valley, 052-3638051
-Hazar Kinneret, Kinneret Courtyard, Yshuv, Moshava Kinneret
-Hazer Tel Hai Museum, Yshuv, Tel Hai, 04-6951333
-Nahalal Police Station, Yeshuv, Jezreel Valley, 04-6415073
-Memorial Museum of Children, Yad LeYeled, Beit Lohamei HaGhettaot,  Kibbutz Lochamei HaGhettaot, 04-9958044/5
Alona Park Mei Kedem  video tour, walk away in the water tunnel bring appropriate footwear and clothing and lamps poch,
harvest, Amikam

Sciences techniques, how does it work????
-Pirates Museum-National Maritime Museum, navy, boats, maritime transportation
-Madatech, National Museum of Science and Science park   Man and space, Galaxies, Fab Lab, Science outdoors park, Cinematrix,
interactive exhibits: Fly High – Aviation, A Matter of Chemistry, Leonardo da Vinci, Dark Room, Mirror, Mirror Hall, From
Calculations... Puzzles & Games, Visual Deceptions, The Secrets of Life, The Printing Press, My green Home, Magical Science, A
Toy's Story, Historic Technion Building, Hadar, Haifa
Madapark Kiryat Yam, for the study of science and for sport, Planetarium - Observatory films On astronomy, Oceanarium, tutorials
and movies in the field of marine biology Science Garden, principles of wave energy and science, Center for Science, Ethiopian
Heritage Centre, athletic sports, tours and workshop, 04-8751958, Kyriat Yam
-Nisco museum of mechanical Music, Ein Hod, automates, music boxes
-Derech HaEtz, Attraction park in wood On wood, information and registration: 04-6620606
-The magic of photography, history, techniques and art Open Museum of Photography, Tel Hai Industrial Park
-Atar Eshkol  Mekorot  visitor center, how water travels from the Sea of Galilee to your house, an overview of the plant water,
movies, activities, quiz, usedwatertreatment, free entry, details: 04-6500664/3,  1-800-250-270
-Orot Rabin Power Station, Hadera 04-6241063
-Visitors Centre -Hephtziba Electric Station Hadera 03-5677777
Haifa Electric Company  visitors center  03-5677777
-The carpentry workshop of grandfather Joseph, Ein Gev, 054-5658821, 04-6658195
-Solar Garden, Binyamina, Solar cubes, compost, aquaponics systems, wind turbines, water purification etc .HaGiborim 1,  
Binyamina, 072-2612211
-Havayeda -Nature, Carmiel Scientific activities, workshops, planetarium, Carmiel Tsahal 10304-9081240
-Technoda, Olga Planetarium, observatory, science park, an interactive museum, Givat Olga, Rabbi Nissim,  204-6333505
Visitor center Hadera Paper, History and Paper making, Industrial Park North Fridlander 14,  Hadera, 04-6349749/85
Spirolina, Workshop,  preparation of natural soaps, Bethlehem Haglilit, 04-9534842, 050-5404034
-Shirat HaEtz, Woodsong Celtic harps, Rosh Pina,  04-6860313

Agriculture and confection of food products
-The country of Marzipan, Marzipan Museum, 6772111, Kfar Tavor
-Galita, Chocolate, 6755608, Kibbutz Degania
-Metukyia, colorful confectionery workshops, information 046775422, 0528197190, Kibbutz Beit Zera
-Dvorat HaThavor, Culture of bees and of  silkworms, feeding goats, workshops, creative activities, 04-6769598, Shedmot Dvora
-Centre Alonei Aba Bee hives, all children become real beekeepers,  information Batya 052-3576500, Israel 054-4437402
-The Milky Way, Tnuva Visitor Centre, Alon Tavor Industrial Zone,    production of dairy products  from the point of reception of
milk, production processes, automation, computerization and robotics,- information and
registration:  1-800-22-14-22
-From harvesting to the bottle,  Yiftachel Wineries, Alon HaGalil,   fun-oriented activity for the whole family  information:
-Bio Tour, organic farm, agricultural and biological activities for the whole family, closed On Saturday, information and
registration 04-6096986, Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu
-Harduf Organic farm, cows, chickens, seasonal vegetables, registration in advance, 052-725-00-00
-Picking fruits at the  Zack farm, Sde Yaakov, throughout the summer, figs, blackberries, black raspberries, tomatoes, eggplant,
sunflowers and herbs all year round, Closed On Shabbat, 050-553-0862
-Michmanim, ecological biblical village, back to nature in the Bible, oil, honey, candles, cosmetics, agriculture antique, Michmanim
-Dag BaKfar, Yokneam, Fishing and night fishing, attractions for children and adults: sports facilities, fishing  training for adults
and children,  attractions, inflatables, paddling, pool, balls, petting area,  04-9894095
-Dagei HaDan, Dan fisheries, Upper Galilee, production of  trout combined with the scenic North, 45 ponds On the farm, suitable
for different stages of fish farming, and advanced control,  Kibbutz Dan

-Hai Park, Kyriat Motskin
-Zoo, Haifa, animals, night safaris, petting small animals, botanical garden
-Observe birds at Lake Hula, 6937069
-Meet the birds, 9:00, 11:00, Botanical Gardens, Oranim Academic College, 1800-301080, Kyriat Tivon
-Gan Guru, Animaux australiens, kangaroos  koalas,oiseaux, kasoars,  Kibbutz Nir David, Valley Jezreel, 6488060, Kibbutz Nir
-Ducks in the village,  Kfar Baruch, the world of ducks, their lives and their reproductive, types of waterfowl, body structure,
suitability for swimming, flying and life On earth, the process of breeding and nesting, hatching eggs, chicks, crafts,   information:
04-6540882, 052-3221357
-Nature museum, collections of animals, butterflies, birds and mammals exhibits in 3 D of various habitats in Galilee and On the
Golan, games and activities, 04-694-1704, Beit Ussishkin
-Jungle Kef, petting animals, monkeys, poneys, Kibbutz Beit Zera,  04-6775063
-In our yard, visit the barn and barn, milking animals, horseback riding, cooking workshop for children, Zippori, 04-6566402
-The true crocodiles Emet Taninim, Beit Hanania, activities for children, animal corner, walk On a cart pulled by a donkey, tabun,
picnic. Saturday 10:00-17:00, week by appointment 04-6361025
-The challenges of nature, farm Etgarim Bateva, Hahava, Ponies, rabbits, alpacas, sport for the whole family, outdoor games, 054-
3363006 054-4336210, Binyamina
-Ostriches farm, Kinneret, 04-6656556 04-6656555
-Havat Ez Iz, Raising goats, HaHaklai 22 Manechemia, 057-7292996
-Hai Tsomeach domem, Danny's attraction, Talmi address Elazar near Gan Shmuel
-Hamat Gader, Hot springs, spas, Roman antiquities, crocodiles and exotic animals, 04-6659999/66/77
-Mitspor Makor HaHassida the Beak Stork, Bird watching,
Kibbutz Kfar Rupin, Tele04-6,480,396.050, 5395856, 050-2128940
-Centre Reptiles Pet Club, Industrial Zone, Katsrin, 04-6850680
-Taanoug Hai, Pets, Kibbutz Metzer04-6387004
Key words : Haifa, calendar, art, painting, theater, cinema, concerts,
music, lecture, nature, museum, exhibit, community, center, cultural,
orchestra, jazz, staging, opera, restaurants, theater, Kyriat Haim, Kyriat
Parks and nature reserves Authority, walks in nature and guided visits
of historic sites, activities for the whole family
See details at the bottom of the page

On September 2, 9:00, Id El Adha Happening, Zoo Haifa
On September 2, 10:00, Shabbat Shachmat, Chess Happening, 058-4600090, Cinemall, Lev HaMifratz,
On September 2, 10:00, Be a bee, the world of bees, Haifa Zoo
On September 2, 12:30, Beating drums on balls, for children, Sportan, Haifa
On September 2, 14:00, Zoolittle, approach and caresses to animals, Haifa Zoo

On September 3, 17:00, Ham BaGan, games and a show: Otz li Dotz li, Ramot Begin Community Center,

On September 4, 17:00, Once upon a time there was a municipality: Creation activity, 17:30, Story time,
Shoemaker and dwarfs, Haifa City Hall Main Building

On September 5, 17:00, Story, Theater and more: The bee, the dove and the apple tree, Community Center
Bat Galim, Haifa
On September 5, 17:00, Story time: The kiss that fled, Library, Beit Yad LeBanim, Haifa
On September 5, 17:30, Yossi and Mrs. Levy, Children's Theater, Community Center, Kyriat Shmuel
On September 5, 17:30, Story hour: Dad makes me ashamed, Neve Sheanan Religious Cultural Center,

On September 6, 17:00, Ham BaGan games and a show: Otz li Dotz li, Youth Center Neve David, Haifa
On September 6, 17:30, Michal HaKatana’s Restaurant, written and directed by Uri Gotshlak, produced by
Misgav Uri and friends, Motzkin Theater, Kyriat Motzkin

On September 7, * 16:30-18:00 - Workshop for children 2-7, * 18:15-19:45 - Workshop for children 8-12,
Welcome back & cheers!|Free workshop for kids Event dedicated to our youngest friends: free reading
workshops for Italian speaking children, by and with Maria Gavina Manca. Event held in Italian. free
admission, Italian Cultural Institute, Haifa

On September 8, 17:00, The King's New Clothes, Al-Hayat Theater, Eshkol Pais, Shfaram

On September 9, 10:00-14:00, Closing event of the interactive exhibition scissors stone paper, the art of the
game, with games on the occasion of Rosh HaShana, 10:30 - A year is coming / a year to come (7+),
creating a cartoon with the events of the past year and our dreams for the new year, our private editiOn a
mobile screen, 11: 00, workshop puppet on a stick (5+), guided tour of the exhibition, focusing on the
workshop content, free activity in the different creative positions of the exhibition, Greeting cards for Rosh
HaShana - creating pop-up cards using bright colors ... children 5-7 years accompanied by an adult, please
register in advance 04-9115997Center for the Arts, Haifa Art Museum
On September 9, 14:00, Zoolittle, approach and caresses to animals, Haifa Zoo

On September 11, 17:00, Once upon a time: Creation activity, 17:30, Story time, The demon out of the sea,
Main building of Haifa City Hall

On September 12, 10:30, African Legend, produced by the Ramla Community Center, Cultural Center,
On September 12, 17:00, Story Time: Grandmother Mina of Binyamina, Library, Beit Nagler, Kyriat Haim
On September 12, 17:00, Story Time: Caspion, S. Shalom Library, Neve Sheanan, Haifa
On September 12, 17:00, HamBaGan, activities of Rosh HaShana, Shofar, musical activity, apple with
honey, 18:00 Hambagan activity Creative activity, soap bubbles, popcorn, admission is free. Shuttles will
depart from the Community Center Bat Galim - 45 HaAliya St School of Education and Maritime Sports,
Haifa Municipal Navigation Center (near Hof HaShaket), Haifa
On September 12, 17:30, Children's show: Lior cried when her mother left, Community Center, Kyriat
On September 12, 17:30, My best friend, written and directed by Hadass Calderon and Oded Ehrlich,
music by Avi Balali, produced by the Théâtre du Kibbutz, Community Center, Hatzor HaGlilit
On September 12, 17:30, The adventures of the sky blue ass, (6+ and for the whole family, adaptation of
one of the most beautiful books written in Hebrew by the artist and author Nahum Gutmann, adaptation
and setting by Shay Pitowski, music by Alberto Schwartz, choreography by Sharon Gal, with artists from
Haifait, produced by the Municipal Theater of Haifa, Kibbutz Kabri

On September 13, 10:30, The Prince and the Poor, adapted by Gindi Bibitski, Yair Fromer, Harel
Kalamaro, directed by Tsvia Huberman, produced by Goshsen Theater, Eshkol Pais, Tirat Hacarmel
On September 13, 17:00, HamBaGan, activities, games, 19:15, Our song show, free entry, Gan Arad,
On September 13, 17:00, A toast and a show, The most beautiful bin, Community Center, Ramot Sapir,
On September 13, 17:30, Sleeping Beauty, by the Ballet of Israel, music by Tchaikovsky, choreography
Nina Gershman after Marius Petitpas, Cultural Center, Nahariya
On September 13, 17:30, Michal HaKetana’s Restaurant, written and directed by Uri Gotschlak, produced
by Misgav Uri and his friends, Yad Shitrit Cultural Center, Tiberias
On September 13, 17:30, Beigele, adapted and staged by Elinor Agam Ben David, produced by the Artsi
Theater for Youth, Cultural Center, Migdal Ha'Emek
On September 13, 17:30, The King of the Jungle and the Warrior Heroine, by Adina Heymes, directed by
Lior Hamo, 4D, Cultural Center, Nahariya
On September 13, 18:00, Voice, by Pablo Ariel and Henri Anderson, directed by Pablo Ariel, Bilingual
Theater, Free Entry, Baka al-Garbiyeh

On September 14, 17:30, Tinkerbell, musical with little Michal, Auditorium Krieger, Haifa
On September 14, 17:30, The Wizard of Oz, Musical, Beit Abba Hushi, Haifa
On September 14, 17:30, Michal HaKetana’s Restaurant, written and directed by Uri Gotschlak, produced
by Misgav Uri and his friends, Cultural Center, Carmiel

On September 16, 11:00, Hot corn, after the book by Myriam Roth, Motzkin Theater, Kyriat Motzkin
On September 16, 11:30, Creative Workshop, A Wish in a Bottle, National Maritime Museum, Haifa
On September 16, 12:00, Creative Workshop for Children - Rosh Hashana, Sportan, Haifa
On September 16, 12:30, Berale Kids, Songs for Amalia, Berale, Kibbutz Lehavot Haviva
On September 16, 14:00, Zoolittle, approach and caresses to animals, Haifa Zoo
On September 16, 18:30, Children of the Tree, broadcast, Fortress of Shuni, Binyamina

On September 18, 10:00, Tishrei activities, plantations, shofar, creative activities, Community Garden,
Ramat Alon, Haifa
On September 18, 17:00, Once upon a time there was a municipality: Creation activity, 17:30, Story time,
How to heal a broken wing Haifa, City Hall main building
On September 18, 17:30, Toast for the New Year, Community Center, Ramot Begin, Haifa
On September 18, 17:30, Michal HaKetana's Restaurant, written and directed by Uri Gotschlak, produced
by Misgav Uri and his friends, Cultural Center, Afula

On September 19, -17:00, The Night of Scientists The Future of Humanity in 2050 Events across the
country, Admission is free
The night of scientists, in collaboration with the Ministry of Science and the European Union, is a night of
scientific activities for the general public. Research institutions and scientific museums across the country
open their doors to the public and offer meetings with scientists. laboratory visits, conferences, shows,
experimental workshops, experiments and scientific activities for children, adapted to a variety of ages.
free admission.
University of Haifa Demonstrations by Dr Molecule, musical show with Dementia, life on Mars and a look
at mathematics, the natural world, psychotherapy in 50 years.
Oranim College, Kyriat Tivon, What will the world look like in 2050: our diet, the climate, our brains in a
hyper-technological environment workshops, sessions and lectures
Madatech Science Museum, Hadar, Haifa, The Future of the Mediterranean, the robots of the past meet
future robots, the future in films, the dangers of the future - cyber threats and technology, Rascio
exhibition, science park and permanent exhibitions.
Al-Qasemi College, Baka Al Garbyia, workshops and meetings with scientists, guided tours, experiences,
activities for all ages, conferences and shows.
Migal - Research Institute in Galilee, Kyriat Shmone, Animals, and our food in the future, place for all the
people on earth? will the bacteria be more resistant? Would the robot be smarter than the person?
On September 19, 17:00, Story, Theater and more: Liat hosts the New Year, 18:00, Games, Community
Center Bat Galim, Haifa
On September 19, 17:00, Ham BaGan, with the magician Yoni Aladini, games, soap bubbles, sports and
creative games, Gan Hachva, Haifa

On September 23, 11:00, Yuval HaMebulbal, Yuval the confused, Pinocchio, writted and staged by Udi
Gottshlak, Motzkin Theater, Kyriat Motzkin
On September 23, 11:30, Visit of the exhibition and Workshop: kites, (5+ accompanied by an adult),
reservations 04-8383554, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Haifa
On September 23, 12:00, Children's Workshop: Rosh Hashana, Sportan, Haifa
On September 23, 14:00, Zoolittle, approach and caresses to animals, Haifa Zoo

On September 25, 17:00, Once upon a time there was a municipality: Creation activity, 17:30, Story time,
King Nadav who loved gold, Main building of Haifa City Hall
On September 25, 17:30, Michal HaKetana’s Restaurant, written and directed by Uri Gotschlak, produced
by Misgav Uri and his friends, Cultural Center, Akiba Gold

On September 26, 16:45, Gymboree for preschoolers, 16: 45-17: 35, 3 months to 3 years, 17: 45-18: 35, 3-
6 years, please register in advance , Community Center, Kyriat Shmuel
On September 26, 17:00, Story, Theater and more: The Mamushi rabbit, Bat Galim Community Center,

On September 27, 20:30, Theatronopera: I want to be an opera singer, Tamara Amitai and Maxime Levi,
directed by Yigal Amitai, for adults and children 12+, Beit HaGefen, Haifa

On September 30, 14:00, Zoolittle, approach and caresses to animals, Haifa Zoo
Museums exhibits, attraction parks and activities
Shows, theater, puppets, stories etc..
On September 21 and 22, Rosh HaShana
On September 30, Yom Kippour
From September 28 to October 28, Europark, giant
fair, roller coaster, bumper cars, rides,
Hutsot HaMifratz, Haifa