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Probablement de Antonio Borg, probably by Antonio Borg
Piani diversi di tutte le isole... manuscript, plate 100 Date: 1760-s
Joseph Roux
Recueil des principaux plans, des ports et rades de la Mer Mediterranie...
Plate 119 , Date: 1764 , Place: Marseille
Lignes des bus Egged
Egged buses
Ligne de la Carmelite (metro)
Carmelit subway
Croisey, 1763, carte pour servir a l'histoire des Druses
Peutinger, table
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Description et Carte de la Terre
Paul Lucas
page d'accueil
Utilisez le planisphere de Nicolaus Caverio
You might prefer to use Nicoalus Caverio planisphere
Joseph Gaitte, 1753
Haifa is  situated in Asia, the beautiful woman on the right of the picture
Haifa est en Asie, representee par la dame elegante assise a la droite de l'illustration
Globe terrestre et globe celeste  de Louis XiV, Coronelli
L'histoire d'Israel par les  cartes
The history of Israel through maps
Plus moderne: Les fonds marins au large de Haifa, et Haifa vu de satellite
More modern: Sea bed imaging along Haifa and Haifa bay, satellite image
Sonar map reveals secret life of seabed      Haaretz May31th 2007
By Zafrir Rinat

Israeli scientists have been studying the seabed along Israel's coast for many years. But they've been
groping in the dark, not entirely understanding its precise structure. Now, however, thanks to sonar
technology, that is changing. High-quality sonar scanning is being used to produce maps more detailed
than ever before. Practical applications include planning of ports and artificial islands, as well as
monitoring greenhouse gasses and delineating marine nature reserves.
The new mapping project has been moved ahead in recent years by researchers from Tel Aviv University,
the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute (IOLR), and the Survey of Israel. The
project focuses on the continental shelf - the area of the seabed up to a few hundred meters from the
shoreline. One of its main results is detailed imaging of the northern seabed, from Haifa to Rosh Hanikra.
Arik Golan of the IOLR explains that the sonar system on the institute's research vessel was brought to
Israel from the U.S. by Israeli geologist John Hall, and had been developed originally for the U.S. Navy.
The mapping, which was led by Roni Sadeh of Tel Aviv University, was implemented by measuring 850
million reverberations from the seabed at depths ranging from eight to 900 meters, during voyages totaling
4,218 kilometers.
Surveys of the Tel Aviv beach area were also conducted, some of which examined the feasibility of
building artificial islands, and some for Golan's research into the effect of the seabed's emission of
methane, a gas that contributes to global warming.
Underwater wineries
Imaging of the Haifa Bay revealed the country's geological past. For the first time, the underwater
calcareous sandstone (kurkar) ridges can be seen. Sitting parallel to the beach, these ridges show the
location of coastlines dating back 10,000 years, when the level of the sea was lower. Calcareous sandstone
hills are now to be found up to a depth of 40 meters below sea level. These ridges bear the remains of
fishing villages from eras before the Neolithic period.
"Cisterns have been found at a depth of six to seven meters. They may have been wine vats," Golan says,
adding that he has also found underwater water cisterns off the Tel Aviv coast using the same methods.
Near Haifa, the continuation of the Carmel range can be seen on the sea floor. A huge canyon was found
off of Rosh Hanikra, created from past flows into the sea of the Kziv Stream. Sediment floating northward
from the Nile Delta over thousands of years covered part of the seabed, but did not manage to cover the
canyon. Between Haifa and Acre, the primordial stream beds of the Kishon and the Na'aman can also be
Geological rifts were also found in a few places. Golan says there is a debate among scholars about the
exact location to which the Carmel extended into the sea, and how active some of the documented rifts are.
"Without the information we are collecting now, projects like artificial islands could not be planned, nor
could the environmental impact be understood of port construction, such as the blockage of sand flow and
the future impact of changes in the level of the sea because of global warming," Golan says.
The imaging project will also allow biological data to be gathered, especially on the underwater ridges,
where a varied population of marine animal and plant life thrives. According to the director of the Science
Division of the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority, Dr. Yehoshua Shkedi, the project is
like topographical mapping on land, allowing us to understand habitats and decide where marine nature
reserves should be established.
Les Dinosaures dans la ville (2008) et a Madatech
The dinosaures have left.
Les dinosaures sont partis
Haifa, rues et sites

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Haifa, streets and sites

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Google earth
Cartes de randonnees a pied ou a velo dans les forets du Carmel
Map for bike rides and walks in the Carmel forests
Lignes de la Metronite
Metronit light train BRT system
Colonie Allemande
German Colony
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Transports Transportation
Histoire   History
Du 11 septembre au 30 novembre 2009, des monstres emergent dans
la ville. Trouvez les sur la carte les lieux ou les rencontrer
From september 11 to november 30 2009, monsters appear in the city.
Find them on the map so that you can meet them
Les jardins Bahai
Bahai gardens
Heindrich Bunting 1594
Wadi Nisnas   Hag HaHagim
Al-Idrisi 1154
The world divided by Noah's sons
Le monde divise entre les trois fils de Noe
Route de s oliviers de Haifa
Haifa olive road
Des nuages de pluie aujourdhui au dessus de Haifa?
Some rain clouds today abobe Haifa?
Position des cameras de surveillance des carrefours
Surveilance cameras at intersections
L'orage approche!
Ministere de la Construction,
Ministry of construction, survey of Israel
Cartes topographieques de Haifa, Acre,
Tiberiade, de Galilee,cartes marines etc...
Topographic maps of Haifa, Acco, Tiberias,
Galilee, marine maps, etc..
Carte des accidents de voiture
Map of road accidents
Haifa tourism office, 1970
Office du tourisme de Haifa 1970
Première Biennale Méditerranéenne d’Art Contemporain à Haïfa
First Mediterranean Bienniale of Contemporary Art in Haifa
Technion  Neve Sheanan
Pyramida, galerie d'art dans les escaliers
Pyramida, art gallery in the stairs
Championnat d'Europe du velo de montagne 2010
Mountain bike European championship 2010
Waves, vagues
Jalons   Landmarks
International 420 world championship Haifa 2010
Championnat du monde de voile 420 de Haifa 2010
Globe, William Blaeu XVIIeme siecle,
Musee Maritime National, Haifa
Les 1000 marches, les escaliers de Haifa
The 1000 steps, Haifa stairs
1 Kikar Paris Paris square
2 Solel Boneh
3 HaNeviim
4 Massada
5 Golomb
6 Merkaz Carmel Gan HaEm
Technion Historic building
Hadar  arrival from Tel Aviv
Batiment historique du Technion  
Hadar, de Tel Aviv
Longwave radiation (NASA picture)
radiation (grandes longueurs d'ondes)
Abed Abdi
Alexandrie,  Gaza, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Tel-Aviv, Natanya, Hadera,  Haifa,  Beyrouth
Lihi Chen Haifa-Plovdid, villes jumelles
Gisements de gaz naturel au large de Haifa
Natural gas offshore Haifa
Saint Jean d'Acre
Akko, Acco
BeitGalim Festival
Portes ouvertes, les Artistes de Bat Galim
Bat Galim artists open their doors
1 HaMartef
2 Jack VeHaAfuna
3 Eli's
4 Barki
5 Syncopa
6 HaOgen
7 HaSandak
8 Paula

Pubs au Campus HaNamal
Haifolk music festival venues
Eric  Bokobza
Carte de Lorens Fries, Strasbourg, 1535
Projection of globe
Access to Haifa University and to the Hecht Museum
Acces a l'Unicersite de Haifa et au Musee Hecht
Migrations d'oiseaux
Migration of birds
Stade Sammy Ofer
Sammy Ofer stadium
La Ville
Jacob's ladder folk song festival
Kibboutz Ginossar
Le sentier de Haifa
Haifa trail
Shvil Israel Israel path, stamp
Shvil Israel Le chemin d'Israel, timbre
Festival Sunbeat,
Maayan Harod
Proprete des plages
Beaches cleanliness
La Ville, parcours en Segs
Downtown visit by Segs
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Haifa University Universite de Haifa
Reserve naturelle du Hula
Hura  natural reserve
Carmel, Kineret, Golan, Galilee,
Cartes Geologiques cliquez sur la legende ou sur la carte pour agrandir
Geological Survey of Israel click on the legend or on the map to enlarge
Forets et ccouloirs ecologiques
Forests and ecological corridors
from Tama 22
Forests and maquis
from Amir and Reichtman
Wadi Nisnas
Musee sans murs
Museum without walls
Emplacement des oeuvres d'art: fresques, statues, installations, ceramiques
Place of art works, frescoes, ceramics, installations, sculptures
Ulpan Kibbutz
Oulpan Kibboutz
Stade Sammy Ofer Parkings
Sammy Ofer Stadium Parkings
Venant de Haifa –rue Freud et tunnels
Coming from Haifa -Freud and tunnels
Venant du Nord
Coming from North
Venant du Sud route 2
Coming from South route 2
Venant du Sud route 4
Coming from South route 4
Festival fringe Akko
Horizontal distribution of birds
Distribution horizontale des oiseaux
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Harper-Collins / Collins Bartholomew  2014
map of the Middle East
La voie lactee, Milky way
Galilee, Haifa  NASA
Haifa day jour NASA
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Haifa night nuit NASA
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