Haifa: Events
Past events-before November 2006
October and November

After happy Sukkot holidays, when you built a beautiful Sukkah, danced
the Hakafot, walked in the great natural reserves or on the sea shore, seen the latest films and enjoyed the novel
fringe theater plays,visited new exhibits, it is time for Acharei Hachagim!
This means you will have to work a tiny little bit .
But do not worry, you may from time to time find a free moment!(country)
Have a look at this calendar of cultural activities.
You can now renew your subscriptions for the Haifa Symphonic Orchestra ,  or for the  Municipal Theater of
Haifa etc... see our page Culture and Sport
An evening for young people every Tuesday:
October 24th wine degustation(Dan Gourmet),
Octobre 31srt Harmony in the couple, conference by Mrs Keren Or Hen (sponsored by the parents' school)
November 7th How to prepare cocktails (Halevinski pub)
Cultural Centers offer you a rich choice of activities for this new year
Beit Abba Hushi
Beit Yad le Banim
Beit Nagler
The Neveh Sheanan Religious Cultural Center
DancEuropa 2006 : The Five Men show from the UK , at the Auditorium, on October 31th at 20:30
reservations: Mme Sitin Lamdan 8353508
Secrets of life: the world of DNA , National Museum of Science
Concerts of the Haifa Chamber Music Society, (reservations 8363804)
October 21th, Irish music , Evergreen
October 26th , Jerusalem Israel Camerata and the Choros Musicos choir
October 28th, piano recital with Yeol Eum Son and Bishara Harouni
November 4 th, the Aviv quartet
November 6th, conference by the writer Meir Shalev, King David, from Avigail to Avishag (8227850)
On November 8th, an evening at the memory of the great poet Daliah Rabikowicz
with Liora Rivlin, Beit Kriger 20:30
Have you been to the X-Park?
You can find on our page Restaurants cafes and restaurants that serve delicious food, many of them Kosher
Note on your calendar October

Happy Sukkoth, Festival of Tabernacles
You can find the four species (citron, myrtles, palm, willow) at the Shuk Arabat Haminim in different districts
Moadon Beiteinu Yerushalaim street (Hadar)
corner of Bezalel et Hashiloach streets (Mehadrin) (Hadar)
Rambam Center (Neveh Sheanan)
Kiryat Shmuel (most probably but I could not confirm this information)
Exceptionally this year the Municipality does not distribute foliage to cover the Sukkah/
The construction of the Sukkah on municipal grounds is allowed by the Mayor of Haifa for 12 days,
on the condition that it does not disturb; a passage of at least 1.20m must be allowed.
Hakafot, Simhat Torah dances, will take place on October 14th from 20:00 at Rambam Hospital,
in recognition of the devotion shown by the staff of the hospital during te war.

At the Tikotin Japanese museum (Hanassi 89), you can make decorations in traditional Japanese style. (October
8th to 12th from 9:00 to 12:00).
Hakafot on the eve of Simhat Torah. (Rambam Hospital from 20:00).

At the Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum, you can learn to make a ship in a bottle.Guided tours of the
exhibit Naval Art: : artifacts created by sailors during their long trips: wood, ivory, bone objects, ships in
bottles... (Allenby 198, October 8th to 12th from 11:00 to 13:00)

At the Haifa museum of Art: Circus and clowns, an exhibit of art works on this subject.
lots of children activities: building of a mini circus, disguise, etc...(Shabtai Levi 24, October 8th to 12th from
11:00 to 13:00)

Outstanding cultural events in Haifa and the North during Hol Hamoed Sukkoth
International HaifaFilm Festival
Fringe Theater Festival of Acre Festival
Galil Haelion Music Festival (Kfar Blum)

and if this is not enough, look at this site!

Opening of several Kosher restaurants:
In Gan HaEm Habad restaurant in front of the Panorama hotel (8375770)
on the sea shore, Lebanese restaurant under the meridian hotel (8500414)
next to the Congress Center, an italian restaurant next to the gas station-will open very soon
Haachvah at the entrance of the Shulamit hotel (8251748)
and of course all the cafes and restaurants that you can find on the site rest.co.il (select casher)

On the evening of October 12th , dance through the night in Moriah street

Yiftar meal, festive breaking of the Ramaddan fast, an established tradition in Haifa,will take place in Cesarea
street 20, in Wadi Nisnas, October 10that 16:15

Renew your subscriptions to concerts, theaters etc... among many options that you can find on our page Culture
and Sports
the Haifa Symphony orchestra or the Haifa Municipal Theater

Come get read of the bad memories of the war. On October 16th, from 15:00 till 17:00, Rosenfeld 25 in Bat
All the bad memories will be thrown into the sea. Municipality of Haifa in cooperation with Haifa University

Look at the calendar of activities for the new year in your district in the many cultural centers (matnassim), Beit
Abba Hushi, Beit Nagler etc...
Spiritual singing contact Brigitte Kashtan 04-8251020 or bkashtan@netvision.net.il
Past events June
30 juin Visite guidee Societe historique de Haifa Entre Hadar Hacarmel et Wadi Salib, le vendredi 30 juin a
9 heures(environ 3 heures de marche, ne convient pas aux enfants); inscription obligatoire: telephoner a
Ronit Eshet 04-8356382 ou 0544 913383 du dimanche au jeudi de 11:00 a 15:00
24 juin Concert de Jazz Ensemble Newtopia (Beit Abba Hushi 21:00 pour plus de details tel 8227850
20 juin Ensemble Bratsch La fete de la musique au CCF
A partir du 7 juin, la semaine du livre
Camp d'ete au Technion pour des eleves de 15 a 16ans, du 7 au 24 aout. Inscriptions jusqu'au 14 juin.
Yom Hastudent au Technion 12-13juin Ivry Lider, Shalom Hanoch, Aviv Gefen et bien d'autres
25-27 mai, dans les jardins voisins de l'auditorium Rappoport  Degustation de vins et fromages.
Some past events: July August
Intensive summer Ulpan, seminars, study trips organized by the department of fireugn studies of the Haifa
Technion summer camp
Stages d'ete de l'A.P.E.M.
Sand scupltures , legends,  July 13 - 22  Hof Hacarmel.
luna-park, bowling, skating, 3D cinema , karting, funicular, museums, promenades
Town of the stars, every Thursday Dado amphitheater , Dado beach at 19:00 concerts with the most
reknown artists and the most famous groups(July-August)
Hofshishi , Fridays from 14:00 to 19:00, at the Students Beach: beach games, matkot ,backgamon,
flying plates, library etc..(July-August)
Jazz on the Louis promenade , (Louis blues) every Saturday night (July-August)
Festival: Women create Castra Centre danse and artistic sport groups
Brazilian film festival August 1rst-12 , Cinematheque, (Carmel Centre)
Doll Festival des poupees (Hecht house)
August 22-26 , exhibition of dolls created by Israeli and foreign artists
Past events September

Night of the Researchers Hachamim Gam b'lailaat Technoda (Historic Technionbuilding in Hadar)  
TuesdaySeptember 19th from17:00 during the whole night the entrance is free)

Conference in French Dans le cycle le saviez-vous? Conferences scientifiques pour tous: Bioethique: le clonage
en question
avec la participations des Porfesseurs Herve Chneiweiss et Michel Revel
Mardi 19 septembre 1800 CCF, reservation par mail science@ambafrance-il.org (entree libre)

Coca-Cola Live, Rock concert will take place at Maagan Hadayag, with:
Beit Habuboth, Mook E , Aviv Gefen, Hadurbanim, Ivry Lider, Ninette,Idan Reichel's project,Eyal Gona,
Did-Din Aviv, et d'autres
Thursday September 21th from 16:00 and during the whole night
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