The planet Daniel and the stolen time, musical adventure by Ruth Goldberg-
Rosen, music and songs by Revital Bonita, choreography by Irit Gold
produced by the Ravid Theater.
Daniel's mother likes to say that "once upon a  time there was more time!"
Daniel begins to suspect that time is running out - but where does it go?
Do  time thieves really exist?  Will Daniel will catch them?
Solving the mystery is in the hands of Daniel, who is 10 years old. He
embarks on a bold adventure across the universe to recover lost time, 50
Ages 6 -13

Happy Birthday Zaza! By Ronit Smart, after the series Witches magical
words, directed by Shirli Deshe, music by Hever Perlmutter, produced by
the Meditech Theater.
Zaza, the witch  was very afraid that her friends would forget her birthday
and did not know that they will prepare for her a surprise party with a
special magic book. But it appears that someone has stolen the magic book.
Who stole the book? Will the witches  surprise Zaza? 50 minutes,  
Ages: 3 -9

Something wonderful will happen, theater and dance,by Itzik Weingarten,
directed by Galia Fradkin, produced by the Orna Porat Theater for
Children and Youth.
Mom is not home for several days, it's winter outside, Gal is sad. Dad puts
him to bed by ensuring that in the morning, at the first light, something
wonderful will happen and that Spring will arrive. Gal spends the night in
search of Spring that Dad promised. Blankets, pillows and sheets have
become friends and help him fight against   winter.  In the  morning, Gal
wakes up and finds that something really wonderful happened. Mom came
back with a little brother, Aviv (spring). An exciting show and magical
power of the imagination. 50 minutes,
Ages: 4 to 9

The World According to Alon, a captivating story between laughter and
tears of a child who is different and unique, by Orly Schwartzberg, staged
by Yael Tillman, produced by the Association for the Advancement of
Theater for Israeli children and youth.
Alon is different and unique. With good intentions and big dreams, he left
the boarding school and returns home, two weeks before the end of the
summer vacations to join a class at a school in his neighborhood. The
meeting between Alon and his new environment is loaded, exciting,
sometimes funny. For the originality of his thought and through his  
special way, Alon will delight his surroundings and us, 60 minutes, Ages: 7
to 13

When the shark and the fish first met, a play that changes the laws of
nature, inspired by a tale by Gilad Shalit, by Uri Omanut, Ronen Yifrach
and Iris Pen, directed and choreographed by Oz Morag, music by Yossi Ben
- Nun.
In the Mediterranean the rules are very clear: sharks and fish are
ennemies, and that, for many years. But a friendship binds between a small
fish and a shark with an inquiring mind. Both prepare a scenario with
which they hope to convince everyone that true friendship is more
important than prejudice. Is it possible to change the laws of the ocean? 50
Ages: 4 to 10

The legend of the disappearing sun, musical fantasy with a moral, by Dana
Dvorin, Li Nachat Shalom and Karen Cohen, directed by Dana Dvorin,
music by  Ben Seidman, choreography by Michal Herman, produced by
Somewhere, far from everything you know, is a land of small creatures.
Who could believe or even assume that everyone in this country is running
on six legs. One morning, landed in this kingdom a strange creature,
speaking   Zvuvit announcing that the sun will disappear. Thus begins an
adventure whose heroes, the flies are remarkably similar to humans.
The "Legend of the disappearance of the sun" is presented in humorous
and witty rhymes, a snapshot of a competitive society with excessive
consumption habits and lack of reference to the plight of others, but with a
faith that can create a more cohesive society, 50 minutes
Ages: 4 -12

Peter Pan, a musical based on the beloved story of James Matthew Barrie,
adapted and directed by Zvia Huberman, decors, Smadar Lishiansky,
costumes, Karen Nuss, music, Tal Bellachrovicz and Burke Feldman,
choreography: Eldad Groisman .
Peter Pan, the eternal child returns to the stage with Wendy, Captain Hook,
Tinkerbell and the Lost Children. A new and original interpretation of the
story that has fired the imagination of children for generations. Fly  to the
country "it will never", discover a new  unforgettable magic... 70 min,
Ages: 4 -12

There is no dragon without fire, a puppet show full of surprises, idea,
creation and operation by Orly Oisbrod, after the book by Jack Kent
One night, a giant egg appears in Cashew's room, and a nice little dragon
hetches. But people do not believe that he exists? What happens when
Cashew sees the dragon but not his mother? An original theatrical
presentation on the relationship between imagination and reality. 45
Ages: 3 -12

The fourth magic, a gatebell tale, the magic of puppetry with the history of
the Daughter of the Night, a shepherd and the little doorbell, by Vered
Labar, staging by Orly Oisbrod and Michal Labar
The Girl of the Night has lost her golden bell  among humans. Without it,
she cannot go home. A shepherd found the bell. How can she  recover it?
45 minutes
Ages: 4 -10

El BeBe, the  Baby,   street show with clowns on Mom, baby, and
storytelling for children, by Avi  Zelekha and Dikla Katz, directed by Dikla
Katz, scenery by Tal Frank, original music by Dikla Katz, design of bebe by
Orit Novik Lebowitz, produced by the HaMafteach Theater
Brigitte thirsts for applause and audience acclaim. That's exactly what
she'll get. With her two years old son Albert  in his pram, a damaged doll
and an uncompromising interpretation of the story of Little Red Riding
Hood, she sets out to conquer the world, 40 minute

The first lady, a clown show about the first lady  who is (almost) always
right and the server  who is (almost) always wrong, by Oren Lempert,
directed by Oren Lempert and Jonathan Solage, movement by  Anat
Bendor, choreography by Idit Solage
The first lady of country I was right, decided to go on vacation. She arrives
in country I was wrong, where she met at a restaurant a server who
shamelessly accumulates errors.
A play on neighboring countries, some justice and some errors, 35 minutes

A loving heart, poems and stories for small and big
The musician and actor Arik Livnat interprets original stories and songs,
accompanied by wind instruments: flutes, saxophones, and   shofar on
which children play during the performance, accompanied by pianist
Arnon Friedmann.

Mess on stage, a comedy about life behind the stage by Meital Salkemon-
Hold and Gil Czernovitz, directed by Eleanor Lake, music by Nadav
An actress, a technician and a group of children try to stage a play.
Failures, crises, inventions, surprises, miracles and wonders combine to
mount a funny piece of theater, full of magic, rhythm and virtuosity on the
exciting process of the birth of a show, 45 minutes

Not simply a story, a play that loves books written and directed by Hanoch
Raim, music by Avner Kanner, decors by Talia Ottolenghi
A  courageous librarians sets out to save  books whose contents are erased.
A police officer asked her papers, but instead of showing them, she
convinces him to open a book, and everything follows. He dances with
Cinderella, fights with Captain Hook fights and finally joins the librarian
with the children in the public in reconstructing all the lost stories..
At the end of the show, viewers are invited to reconstruct a giant puzzle
with book covers, 45 minutes

Pyromania, creation and staging by Zohar Berkman, choreography, by the
Pyromania group, lighting by Martin Adin
A spectacular performance of acrobatics and dance with a combination
ofpyrotechnics, fiber lighting, illusions of light and darkness.

The angel, a spectacular show of angels and humans, by Ephraim Sidonie,
directed by Tzipi Pines, choreography by Gilad Kimchi, music by Aldor
Oren and Amir Kanner, costumes by Kinneret Kish, and Orna Smorgonsky,
lighting by Uri Morag
We were once angels in heaven, until the chief of angels
decides to make us human and to send us to the earth. Before that, he
touches between the nose and the lips with his oblivion wand . Therefore
we do not remember this wonderful time.
But what if an angel from heaven escapes and reaches the ground without
being touched by the wand? Is there a place for angels in this world? And
how do humans treat this innocent creature?  A magic play with songs and
dances of angels and humans.The naivete and hypocrisy, love and intrigue,
friendship and flattery in heaven above and on earth below, 80 minutes,
Age: 5 to 13

The boy who drew cats, magic, puppets, a Japanese boy, a mischievous cat
and an enchanted Monastery, directed Dina Fiszon, Zvika Fiszon,  , music,
Roy Byrne , dolls: Axel Ewald, Dorit Freulich, produced by the Aurora
What happens to Sacho, the son of peasants, curious and creative each time
he meets Sushi, a real or imaginary cat? Will he agree with the idea of
Mom and Dad? Obey the orders the monk? Who will remove the spell of
the monastery? A celebration of Japanese sounds, shadows and dolls, 45
Ages: 10 to 4

The Egg-Moon Mond Das Ei, theatrical experience forsmall children,
directed by Evelyn Arndt Kirsten Hess, costumes by Brigit Shuna
Two actors greet the audience and invite children to relax. The light goes
out, children experience for the first time: Theater. The play begins with an
egg that contains the world, an illuminated moon, sound, movement, light
and shadows.
The actors experience  with admiration - and with them the audience -  
how everything in this world is changing all the time, changes shape,
disappears and goes back to zero. A story about magic and the beginning of
the egg as the source of all things and all changes, 50 minutes,
Ages: 2 to 4

The wish fish, theatrical adaptation of the legend in a very funny modern
dress, directed by Tal Ben-Bina, music by Amit Poznanski, with the help of
Matan - Center Experimental Theater
An actress with graceful puppets, full of humor, wonder and rhymes.
Suitable for the whole family, the play stresses the importance of happiness
in the face of wealth. with Zahavi - a very nervous goldfish  50 minutes
Ages: 4 to 9

Free to be you and me, a musical, humorous play by  Marlow Thomas and
Friends, directed by Vered Gilboa, decor and accessories by  Yael Herzog,
Piano composition by Doron Sheffer
With a wide range of poems and entertaining and fun stories, children and
parents are led in a free world, free of stereotypes, in which everyone is free
to be who he wants to be. One funny, captivating play  on social values
such as tolerance, acceptance of self and identity. The stage adaptation has
received the Emmy awards, 60 minutes,
Ages 6 -12

Dulce de Leche, a sweet and lovely piece for toddlers, by Blanca Del Rio
and Juan Goitih decors by  Blanca del Rio, produced by Esther Blatgoai
Joaquin Sulan, Escena miriñaque
Stork, the young dancer awaits the birth of her baby, but the wind sweeps
her nest. In her comfortable home, Mom makes milk jam for her baby and
has invited Stork inside. This metaphor encourages a sense of hospitality
through dance, songs and drama, 40 minutes,
Ages: 1 to 5

Night story, The darkness  by Hanoch Raim, scenery and costumes by Talia
Ottolenghi, Music by  Avner Kanner
Amusing suspense about childhood and adulthood, about darkness and light
Time: the early seventies. Place: a kibbutz. Two brothers go out of the
children's house in darkness, to overcome nightmares forever. A journey
through dreams and memories, at the end,  a lullaby brings comfort and
nostalgia, 60 minutes,
Ages 6 -12

First Light, about the life of Thomas Edison, puppet theater, by Yael Erlich
Morag, staging by Dr. Ashley Tubaais
The play "First light" brings the life story of Thomas Edison, from his
exclusion from school to the invention of the first electric bulb. The
presentation is accompanied by music of rare early recordings  by
phonograph, 45 minutes
Ages: 5 -10

Rainbow of colors, adapted from the original story – Little yellow and little
blue by Leo Lion, staged by Adnan Trabshe, sets and costumes by  Sagit
Golda, music by  Bishara Chill, produced by the Mirror Theater
A group of workers, Ahlam, Shadi, Azmi and Nasrat, have painted the
homes of the blue and yellow families. They met two friends - little blue
and little yellow, who do everything together. A show that combines
puppetry, mime, poetry, painting and lots of buffoonery The play will be
shown in Arabic, Hebrew, and sign language  43 minutes,
Ages: 3 -8

Avia's Summer , a play rewarded by numerous awards, adapted from the
book by Gila Almagor, , directed by Itzik Weingarten, music by Yossi Bar-
One summer in the life of Avia, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor,
during the first days of the State of Israel.  Avia studies in a boarding
school because of the illness of her mother. She spends the summer
holidays in the neighborhood where her mentally ill  mother lives, but this
summer is very difficult:  Avia confronts her mother's nightmares, an
alienated and difficult environment, and neighbors who do not understand
the 'experience and distress of her mother and are not sensitive to the pain
of the young girl. Her childhood is removed from her because of the illness
of his mother, but those difficulties forge a strong character. Rubina  
award- 1988, 75 minutes,
Age: 10 years and over

The Circus of Cubes, original theater show, dance, puppetry and   plastic
arts, by Gerd Galia Levy, directed by Gerd Levy Galia and Merit Ben-Israel,
produced by the Train Theater
A couple of clowns wear a pair of cubes, train, fight, wear makeup, fall in
love, with magicians, and a magical world of dance and   happy artists. In
the circus cubes, anything can happen, 45 minutes
Ages: 4 -8

And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, by Hamutal Ben Zeev - Efron,
based on the book of Yaqui Mehraz, staging and choreography by Gilad
Kimchi, songs by Dori Ben Zeev, produced by the Israel Theater for
Fun and exciting musical performance, on friendship, respect for others
and ability to distinguish between good and evil through the story of Zeevik,
the wolf and Talia, the sheep.   Will the wolf really dwell with the lamb? 50
Ages: 4 -10

Gulliver - The journey to Lilliput, puppet theater after the classic book by
Jonathan Swift adapted by Shmil Maayan, directed by Amit Drori, music
by Guy Scharf, produced by the Train Theater
After his ship was  wrecked Gulliver finds himself on the coast of Lilliput, a
country of small people with big desires. For the Lilliputians, Gulliver is an
omnipotent giant,  who can certainly meet all their desires. Gulliver tries to
behave politely towards the Lilliputians. Now ... Everything is possible, even
the imaginary. A wonderful journey, a unique theatrical language, using
models, videos, mechanical toys and dolls surprisingly imaginative, 50
Ages: 4 to 10

Little Mozart, poetic presentation on the growth of the musical genius, by
Gad Cohen, staging by Left Weber, produced by Agadit
Story of the childhood of the greatest musical genius. Mozart played the
piano when he was three! At five years, he composed his first work, but
what he wants more than anything else  is to be ... a little boy. The actress  
creates all the characters with her fingers and objects, accompanied by
music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, 50 minutes
Ages: 4 -10

Alice: Alice in Wonderland, a play in a unique theatrical language, based
on the book by Lewis Carroll, by Kathryn Lange, directed by Pippin
Safiolin, choreography by Marcus Grolh, music by Matthias House,
produced by the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus
Alice's adventures begin whit an out of control birthday. Alice follows the
White Rabbit Alice with the magic mirror to Wonderland. Constantly
seeking a refuge, Alice meets marvelous characters Humpy Dumpty - the
egg, the Queen, the Duchess, two brothers who fight constantly, a mad
queen and a white and shy knight. A choreography full of life and music,
makes Alice in Wonderland a wonderful dream, 90 minutes,
Ages 6 -13

The big Lalula, for toddlers, by  Andrea Gronmeyer, staging by Marcella
Harara and Nicole Livnan
On the stage a big woman sings and dances. She invites kids to join her and
tells them stories that only children can understand, 60 minutes, Age 2-5

Puss in boots, puppets show after Perrault's tale, by Bella Skatob, directed
by Bela Skatob and Oleg Kogut, music by Igor Lifovtzki
Jacques, the miller's youngest son, gets a strange inheritance - a cat ...
What happens when the cat begins to speak? Can the cat change Jacques's
life? Telling the story and jumping between puppets and characters, the
actress invites the viewer to a magical and surprising theatrical experience,
inspired by European classical touring theater, 45 minutes
Ages: 4 to 9.

Street performances, clowns
Melba et les chenapans
From March 31 to April 2
The 20th Haifa International Children's Theater Festival     
20th Haifa International
Children's Theater Festival
There is no dragon without fire
Happy Birthday Zaza
The fourth magic
Avia's Summer
Puss in boots
And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb
When the shark and the fish were first met
The World According to Alon
The fisherman and the goldfish
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First light
Street performances, clowns
Melba et les chenapans
Melba et les chenapans