Haifa: The 1000 steps On the  Carmel
From Yeffe Nof at the Central  Carmel  to the
German Colony
The view from Yeffe Nof (in Hebrew beautiful
panorama), and the  views that one discovers
going down the steps are breathtaking and
contribute to the pleasure of the walk.
the suspended Bahai gardens
the school of the sisters of  Nazareth  next to the
Shifra steps
the German colony built at the end of the  XIXth
century by German Templars
From the Carmel to Wadi Nisnas
You go down the Yeffe Nof  stairs  till
Abbas street,  turn right into Zionut avenue,
which is all lined with  trees with blue blossoms.
You can see On the way the artists house and the
Beit Hagefen Center, symbol of the coexistence
between Jews and Arabs .  You take Shabtay Levy
street, where the Haifa  Museum of Art is situated
and you find yourself in   Wadi Nisnas. Walking
along the streets of the  wadi , you come to   St
John street.  Aromas of  exotic foods and oriental
Lower, very close to the port, it is the  Haatzmaut
avenue, with its little shops, kiosks and
picturesque stands
Towards Paris square
The path goes along the most busy places of
Hadar, along shops, restaurants, cinemas
and kiosks. Walk towards Shivat Zion street
and continue to the "Town" and to the Paris
You can rest a little, take the Carmelit to
climb back to Hadar or to the Carmel
From  Yeffe Nof to  El Pasha, the itinerary
crosses residential districts of Hadar that
was built in the years 1920-1930. You go
through the Nordau pedestrian street, lined
with cafés and shops. You can continue
going down through the Ajun steps to come
to the house of   Mustafa EL-Halil Pasha  
into the old city
And the Andre Deloro French steps at Technion