Many  new immigrant monsters, French speaking and Anglo olim monsters as well as  returning citizen monsters  are coming  to
Haifa from many countries:  Belgium, South Africa, Canada, Australia, France, Switzerland, USA and the UK. They will start to
emerge On September 11. They are brought here
On a special project created and initiated by the O*GE interactive art Gallery
and supported by the Municipality of Haifa and Ethos. We need many volunteers to help them in their first steps in Israel. If you
want to help us please contact
Mr Gaston Zahr.

City monsters project , מפלצות העיר a project by O*GE interactive art gallery, Haifa Municipality, Ethos
(September 11-November 30, artistic installations, giant monsters, creative workshops,...
Monsters in Haifa
City monsters to Emerge in Haifa

From September 11th, dozens of urban monsters
will emerge in Haifa, citywide, to touch the lives of
its residents and bring a broad smile to their faces.

Fed up with our sour faces, the city monsters,
invisibly sharing our city, have decided to come out
of their holes and do something to enhance our
mood, and to evoke in us, a range of upbeat, happy
emotions, long forgotten in these difficult times.

A series of street art installations and events will
take place from September 11th -November 30th.
These will range from monster- huge-scale
monsters depicted On buildings, to theme films
projected onto an eight-story-tall outdoor screen; to
design your own monster workshops in schools,
using old toys; to monster-image buses.

The project will invite people, companies and
institutions to take an active part in it, by creating
monsters; placing them in the city; assigning them
a mission or providing them a home.

The city monster project, in close is designed as an
annual series of installations and events that
stimulate creativity, cultural entrepreneurship and
positive thinking among Haifa residents and
beyond. The project was conceived and created by
Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr of O*GE Interactive
Gallery--engaged in promoting interactivity, design
and social responsibility, through innovative,
community-based ideas and solutions.

The City monster project is done in close
collaboration with the municipality of Haifa and
Ethos – Company for Art, Culture and Sport, Haifa