Haifa and Galilee:
Restaurants recommended
by cuisine experts
From Haaretz
Daniel Rogov, Haaretz
Dining Out / Haifa's hidden gem
By Daniel Rogov
Haifa's recently opened HaNamal 24 is located in the shadow of Haifa's port, not
far from the railroad tracks On a street so neglected and ugly that upon arriving,
I could not help but wonder why I had come. My apprehension increased as I
entered the restaurant through an old iron door, the kind that usually leads to
warehouses as run-down as the street itself. From there On, however, everything
took a turn for the better.
The first surprise awaited in the narrow entrance hall, which was given a touch
of elegance by pale beige walls, several well-selected antique bric-a-brac and a
carpeted staircase that, as I made my way up, certainly built my expectations. At
the top of the stairs I paused, taking in the unexpected loveliness: Here in this
old, completely redone warehouse awaits an atmosphere so appealing that one
needs a few moments to take it in.
Under the supervision of architect Nathan Feibish, this once ugly space has been
divided into large and small dining areas containing one to eight tables each.
Each area has a different kind of ceiling - some are arched, some sloped, some
are made of brick, some of tiles, some of wood beams. Each room has just
enough dark wood to contrast with the light walls. With a collection of antique
furniture and bric-a-brac as well as fresh flowers here and there, all in fine taste
without even a hint of kitsch, this is the kind of atmosphere that calls to mind the
upper floors at Paris' Le Procope, the oldest restaurant in the world.
We were three, and our meal opened with well-made, rosemary-flavored fresh
Italian breads. In terms of shape and firmness, they were somewhere between
grissini and crisp rolls, and they were served with a good pesto sauce, a
lemon-rich red pepper spread, coarse sea salt and butter. As those were served,
we each received an amuse geule of a single oyster alongside a col d tomato
gazpacho served in a small whiskey glass, as well as spooned over the oyster. The
smooth, perfectly piquant gazpacho was delicious, and the creme fraiche dripped
On top added to its charms. The oyster itself was lovely, but it would have been
even better without that bit of gazpacho; raw oysters are truly at their best when
served with nothing but a few drops of fresh lemon juice.
We continued with three formal appetizers. The first was a lovely offering of
plump shrimp, tails intact, On a bed of lime-flavored coarsely ground hummus
atop a toasted but soft pita. The second was a carpaccio of fillet of beef, cut into
tissue-thin rounds and sprinkled with a light vinaigrette, freshly ground pepper
and sea salt, and Parmesan shavings. Both of those offerings were very good, but
the one that I found most pleasing was the large forest mushrooms filled with a
mixture of goats' cheese, pistachios and garlic and served On a rich, nutty bread.
For a main course, I chose the lamb chops. The thinly sliced, succulent chops
came in a generous portion, topped with goats' cheese before being finished
under a hot grill and set On a well-made, pumpkin-rich risotto. One of my
companions opted for the fillet of drumfish, which was soft with crisp skin, and
set On a bed of what chefs call "eggplant caviar" - grilled eggplant scooped out
of the shell, pureed and then mixed with finely chopped onion, dill, salt, pepper
and olive oil. The third of the main courses we tried was mussels in a butter-rich
sauce prepared with root vegetables and seasoned very nicely with saffron.
We ordered three desserts, each of which turned out to be two or more dishes. On
the first platter, we received a caramel parfait On a thin base of almond sablee,
alongside a tempting banana-flavored brulee and a rich hot toffee cream. On the
second was a Tarte Tatin with a well-made vanilla patisserie sauce, served with a
small bowl of strawberries in a sauce that barely hinted of balsamic vinegar. The
third was three cones - one filled with chocolate ganache, the second with bitter
chocolate mousse and the third with a milk chocolate mousse. Each of the
desserts was delicious enough that the thought of counting calories never came to
Throughout our meal the service was responsive and attentive, but never
annoying or disruptive. Based On the dishes we ordered, the bill for three,
including closing espressos, came to NIS 520. The wine list is a good one, and
even though we selected a bottle of the Hermitage Pied de la Cote of Jaboulet for
NIS 275, good wines are available for NIS 100 and up. It is clear that
chef-partners Guy Avital and Ben Rosh have quickly made this into the most
charming and exciting restaurant in Haifa, and it comfortably competes with the
best of Tel Aviv. Highly recommended.
HaNamal 24: 24 HaNamal Street, Haifa. Open Mon.-Sat., noon-midnight. Tel.:
(04) 862-8899.
Dining Out / The Upper Galilee beckons
By Daniel Rogov
From Haaretz,  03/01/2008
Set in a rustic wood and stone building, the new wine bar at the Pina Ba'Rosh
guesthouse in Rosh Pina enjoys an exquisite view of the countryside. The bar
offers a pleasant slice of country life and calls to mind more of a relaxed, old
English inn than anything one would expect to find in the Middle East. The wine
bar is situated in a long and relatively narrow room, and its walls are lined with
shelves of wine bottles. The room also has several wine refrigerators, along with
an attractive bar and several small tables. Wanting to sample several of the
various wines and take in the overall atmosphere, I took my place at the bar.
I was initially impressed by the broad selection of Israeli wines, which hail from
some of the better wineries in the Galilee, Golan Heights and other regions. The
second thing to impress was the number of wines available by the glass at prices
that will positively surprise those who make their way here from Tel Aviv or
Jerusalem, where prices tend to be exorbitant. I was also pleased to note that the
bartender On duty was well familiar with the wines On offer.
I sampled three good wines, starting with a glass of the Sauvignon Blanc of
Dalton winery, moving On to Tzora's red Gvat HaHalukim and continuing to the
Cabernet Franc of Pelter. The food here is the same as that served in the
adjoining restaurant, Shiri's Bistro, but offered in smaller portions appropriate
for a wine bar. I started off with a rich tomato soup, which was seasoned nicely
and served with rice in it. This was followed by a small portion of plump and
tasty chicken livers, which were pink in the center as they should be and served
with a generous quantity of fried onions. I also sampled a tasty country-style dish
of whole grilled eggplant with yogurt. I went On to sample two of the meat
dishes: a single grilled lamb chop and a mini-portion of fillet steak served On a
Portobello mushroom. The juicy lamb chop was done medium-rare as requested
and the steak was tender and rich in flavor. To close my meal I enjoyed a small
glass of Tzora's excellent Or dessert wine, which was recently released.
My food bill came to NIS 150 and, considering the number of dishes I sampled,
this represents excellent value for money. Wine prices by the glass range from
NIS 18-30. The atmosphere is pleasant, the service genuinely warm and the
simple but tasty food is appropriate for the wines offered. The bar also serves as a
wine shop and prices are very competitive. Recommended for those who live in
the area as well as for visitors passing through.
The Wine Bar and Restaurant at Pina Ba'Rosh: 6 HaChalutzim St., Rosh Pina.
Telephone: (04) 693-6582; open daily 8:30 P.M.-1 A.M.

The Lebanese kitchen
Located off the main road leading to the village of Jeesh, Lee'ali Beirut is not so
much housed in a building as it is in a shack. Nor is there anything at all fancy
inside, the simple wood tables and chairs, bare wood walls decorated only by a
few old posters and photos hung somewhat casually. Even the view is nothing
special. But be advised that passing by this super-simple restaurant would be a
serious error for those adventurous enough to explore authentic Lebanese
country-style cooking.
Even before the meze is served, the table is set with plates of three kind of olives -
green olives crushed in the Syrian style in a lemony sauce, firm small black
olives in a piquant hot sauce and larger black olives that have been marinated in
a mixture of olive oil, sesame seeds and finely chopped garlic. The olives
themselves burst with flavor but the very best part may be mopping up the sauces
with the hot pita that is continuously served.
The meze itself is best described as humongous, so large in fact that it seems
almost impossible to finish everything that makes its way to the table. Among the
very best offerings were deep-fried cauliflower, broken into tiny bits and tossed
with chick peas and a creamy labane sauce; an eggplant puree with firm mutton
meatballs, all tossed together with yogurt, pine nuts, garlic and parsley; vine
leaves stuffed with cumin- and paprika-rich rice, onion and parsley, and whole
large champignon mushrooms in a lemon-rich sauce based on egg yolks and
olive oil. So impeccably fresh, these were treats. Nor could I find anything but
pleasure in a salad of whole spinach leaves tossed with yogurt and garlic;
zucchini in a rich Bechamel sauce; and several small baladi eggplants that had
been grilled, split open and topped with rich, lemony tehina. Equally rewarding
were large plates of chunky and flavorful hummus and fried chicken liver slices
doused generously with oil, wine vinegar, lemon juice, chopped onion, parsley
and ground cumin. A plate of three long, green peppers was set out - they were
so hot that our waiter warned us to use them sparingly. The only meze dish
which disappointed was the pickled cucumbers, which looked and tasted as
though they had come from a tin.
We were four for lunch, but after the massive meze, we restricted ourselves to
only two main courses. Considering the size of the dishes that appeared, it was a
wise move. The first dish, of large, plump mutton chops was simple but
delicious. The succulent and delicious chops were grilled with the fat intact, to
add flavor, and were rubbed with oil and sprinkled over with crushed garlic,
black pepper and sumac. The second dish - of cubes of lamb stewed together with
onions, garlic, oil, tomatoes and chickpeas, and seasoned with allspice and
cumin - was, to quote Zorba, "splendiferous."
There was simply no way, after this quantity of food, to continue with either
dessert or pastries. However, we did go on to espresso coffees. The owner joined
us and I, as the only smoker at the table, enjoyed smoking nargila with him. Our
bill for four came to an extraordinarily reasonable NIS 440. We had brought our
own wines with us but several wines and beers are available at reasonable prices.
If you live in or visit the Upper Galilee, this restaurant is certainly not to be
Lee'ali Beirut: In the village of Jeesh on the Jeesh-Sasa road (also known as the
Gush Halav road) Telephone: (04)698-9864. Open daily 10 A.M.-10 P.M.
Well, and Falafel, of course!!!!
HaNamal 24
Bracha's Sandwich, 12 Shabtai Levy
St., Haifa, (04) 852-4398

Café B'Klil,  Kid friendly:
a restaurant in a Beduin tent, with
music performance in the Western
Galilee, open On weekends only,
9969432 ( Vegetarian  dairy), Klil,
Western Galilee (near Nahariya)

Chez Martin et Sylvette
Nordau avenue 24, Haifa
Salads, homemade sherbets and ice
Pleasure hunting / How to feed the sandwich generation
By Ronit Vered  from Haaretz-travel

The Legend: Bracha's sandwich
The source of the heady, fragrant cloud that surrounds Bracha Shmueli's small
kingdom is the cheese and ham sizzling together on the red-hot plancha (grill).
This tasty combination could have flourished only in Haifa, a city that has always
been particularly open to the charms of these foods, along with those of bacon,
mortadella and salami, manufactured in small, local, family-owned places or
imported by seamen who have seen a port or two.
Whatever the case, the name of the sandwich ordered here by regular customers
or chance diners is the "omelet Casanova" or "Amnon sandwich" - a nod to the
founder of the legendary Haifa sandwich bar. It usually begins with the same
pretty picture: The melted cheese protects the pinkish ham, while two inside out
slices of a spongy homemade roll are browning nearby on the red-hot surface. On
top of the toasted roll, a captivating combination of softness and crispness,
Bracha constructs a layered work of art: hot red pepper spread, homemade
mayonnaise, potato salad, a tower of fresh vegetables, ham and cheese from the
plancha and, on top of it all, cold slices of roast beef, mortadella or French
The result is hot and moist, thanks to the grease of the cheese and sausages, and
the juices of the tomatoes and wonderful spreads; the sandwich takes on a fresh
flavor thanks to the crispness of the fresh lettuce leaves; and in total contrast to
all sandwich logic, it turns out that ham and roast beef, or any other strange
combination of cold cuts, go together wonderfully.
For 38 years Bracha has been standing behind the small, gleaming counter,
constructing each sandwich with maternal care, disdainfully rejecting suggestions
of compromising with inferior raw materials such as industrially produced
ciabatta or Thousand Island dressing. One can only say: May she live to be 120.

Bracha's Sandwich, 12 Shabtai Levy St., Haifa, (04) 852-4398
Where to eat in the Wadi

Ein El Wadi‬
-   wadi‬ 26, Haifa
Falafel of the golden age
wadi 18, Haifa
Allenby Restaurant
Allenby 43, Haifa
Nadima Restaurant
John 35, Haifa
Restaurant Meter Meter
wadi 34, Haifa
Falafel Michel
wadi 21, Haifa
Fish restaurant "Posy"
John 33, Haifa
Falafel George
John 26, Haifa
Mama Pita
Allenby 57, Haifa
Patisserie  shawarma  Mizrach
Allenby 34, Haifa
Bakery  Abed Alhadi Shehadeh,
 Shelach 3, Haifa
Bakery  Massad
Allenby 25, Haifa
Shawarma brothers Sabah
Allenby 37, Haifa
Shawarma Emil
Allenby 33, Haifa
Shawarma Janam
Allenby 41, Haifa
Shawarma Khazin
Shabtai Levi 15, Haifa
Corner Hamenakis
wadi 44, Haifa
Corner Brothers Grayesi
Allenby 18, Haifa
Pizza Vino
Blvd Zionism 31, Haifa
Pizza Sky
Huri  15, Haifa
Shish-kebab Asli
Shabtai Levy 9, Haifa
Bakery Huri  
Huri  43, Haifa
House pastry Pepera
wadi 41, Haifa
Bakery of the wadi
John 36, Haifa
House pastry Altabon
Huri  24, Haifa
Chicken House Baguette
Shabtai Levi 11, Haifa
Abu Kara Center
45 Huri , Haifa
Gastronomic Tourism
Biblical times (wine, olive oil,
cereals, honey)
crusaders (spices to hide the taste of
bad meat, shallots)
ottoman empire (burrekas, humus,
tabouleh, falafel, techina,
eggplants, labene, shishlik)
and new immigrants
austrian and german (shnitzel,
Moroccans, (shakshuka,
italians, (artichokes, pasta)
Indians (dahl)
Americans (hamburger)
Russians(blimis, charcuterie,dark
bread, smoked fish, gerkins)
polish (gefilte fish, liver, tsimmes)
french (cheeses, cakes)
Daniel Rogov

With its combination of industrial and commercial buildings - nearly all plastered
with advertising signs as badly designed as the buildings themselves - and
sidewalks that never seem quite clean, there are probably few streets in the world
more ugly than Haifa's Hahistradut Street. Even the facade of the still relatively
new Lev HaMifratz shopping mall seems somehow vulgar. One can avoid this
ugliness by arriving by train instead of car but even then, once in the mall all
seems to be clustered confusion, with very little to beckon the sophisticated
As in nearly all malls, a section is set aside for dining featuring primarily
mass-market restaurants. What brought me here was hearing that an Italian
restaurant, TaranTino, had opened. Considering that Leon Alkelai is the
consulting chef to the restaurant, I thought the trip worthwhile.

The restaurant itself, like many mass-market eateries of this nature, is attractive
but has a distinctly artificial personality. The brick arches, tile floors and a small
fountain with a marker indicating that it stands 2,227 kilometers from Rome all
seem designed to give one a sense of being somewhere other than Haifa. The
photos of gondolas in Venice add to that feeling. What breaks the illusion,
however, are the large video screens showing performances of not-at-all Italian
songs by not-at-all Italian singers.
Considering that atmosphere is not all, my two companions and I went on to
order. We started off with a mixed warm vegetarian antipasti platter that
surprised both by being genuinely Italian and quite good. Several boiled artichoke
hearts and halved heads of baked fennel were soft, sweet and delicious; the
eggplant slices, happily not overcooked, had just the right hint of bitterness, and
wedges of sweet potatoes and zucchini filled the platter nicely. In what was clearly
a wise move, several slices of beets had been placed in a separate small plate,
thankfully preventing the other ingredients from turning red. Sprinkled with
rosemary and a light hint of lemon and served with a freshly baked individually
sized foccaccia, this simple but well prepared offering gave ample pleasure.
We followed this with a shared pizza Siciliana - a thin crusted pizza topped with
tuna, capers, anchovies and black olives on a bed of tomato sauce and mozzarella
cheese. The crust was fine and the topping equally good.
The next two first courses were not as successful. In one, a salad containing
calamari rings, celery, onion and carrots came in a sauce that was so bland that it
was almost unfelt, and the calamari was far too rubbery to enjoy. As for the
carpaccio of fillet of beef, sprinkled rather generously with balsamic vinegar,
coarse salt, ground black pepper, olive oil and rocket - let it only be said that the
meat was far to brown as if it had been sitting too long in the open air and, to add
insult to injury, the beef was grainy enough that it stuck to the roof of the mouth.
This improved dramatically with the serving of our main courses. A portion of
raviolis, larger than usual and filled with a mixture of finely ground shrimps,
calamari and crab meat was lovely, the pasta just thick enough to hold the filling
but soft enough to melt on the tongue. The filling itself was full of fresh seafood
flavors, and the light cream sauce spooned over the dish was equally rewarding.
My own choice, the scaloppini Milanese, was excellent, a beef fillet pounded until
it was thin and broad enough to almost cover the plate, coated with eggs and
breadcrumbs, and fried until the coating was crisp and the meat just soft enough.
Served with a small bowl of tartar sauce, made in the traditional way by
combining mayonnaise and finely chopped pickles, capers and onions and with
small baked potatoes that had been sprinkled with rosemary, the dish was more
Viennese than Milanese but so tasty that it offered no cause for complaint.
The lasagna Bolognese that we tried, prepared in an individual baking dish, was
not quite as tempting, having plenty of chopped beef but lacking the traditional
pancetta, onions and white wine that can add so much to this dish. With good
closing espresso coffees we sampled two desserts: the first a generous portion of
good, but not special tiramisu, and a Sicilian style cheesecake served in a glass,
more a pudding than a cake and rather boring.
Our food bill for three came to NIS 410, to which a bottle of the Barbera d'Asti of
Michele Chiarlo added NIS 135. Worth visiting if one takes care in selecting the
dishes - and if you happen to find yourself at this particular shopping mall.
TaranTino: Lev HaMifratz Shopping Mall, Haifa. Open daily midday-00:30 A.M.
Tel: 04-8408444.
Tfadallu, by Gil Hovav
tastes track in Wadi Nisnas, Haifa
The  *  were given to restaurants by Daniel Rogov  some years ago, we have added those
recently recommended by Ronit Vered (Haaretz) or by the sites rest.co.il
or trip advisor.com
We suggest you call beforehand to make sure when the restaurants are open and
to reserve places

Haifa HaNamal 24 gastronomy, chef Ran Rosh French Mediterranean
European Israeli Vegetarian Friendly Gluten Free and Vegan OptionsHaNamal 24
8628899 ***
Haifa Bistro Venya chef Sivan Shahar gastronomy 6716272 Palmer St. 1
Haifa Zafririm, fresh seasonal produce and fish bar, Chef Yaron Wieder, 04-8112235, 1
Tsafririm, Haifa
Haifa Vintage 077 550-2330 Kikar Kiyat 2 -entrance Yaffo 24
Haifa Mina Tomei Japan Korea Thailand Vietnam India 6668080 Flieman 8 Castra
Haifa  Libira Brewpub, Brew Pub, International 26 Ha-Namal str., Haifa  +972 4-374-
Haifa Tarantino Italy 8408444 Lev HaMifratz
Haifa Rafaello Italy 053-8093571 Flieman 8 Castra
Haifa Umm Kulthum Vegan chef cuisine, Moriah 60, Haifa
HaifaHaifa Steak HaBokrim meat American ranch8501111 Kedoshei Yassi 1 opposite
Merkaz Congressim
Haifa VivinoItalian, Pizza, European Elizabeth Square 1,  Paz gas station, Haifa +972 4-
HaifaVilla Carmel Haifa kitchen varied 057-9441054 Heinrich Heine 1
Haifa El Gaucho meat 9367763Yeffe Nof 057- 120 kosher
Haifa Sinta-Bar Restaurant, Moriya Boulevard 127, Haifa 04-834-1170
HaifaConfi meat Yeffe Haifa Nof 111 Crown Plaza 9th floor kosher
Haifa Golden Coral *** Middle East , Greece Stella Maris Haifa 100 8314399
Haifa Maayan Habirah Balkans Bar, European, Eastern European 8623193 *** 4
Natanson, Haifa
Haifa Jacko fish ** 8668813 12 Hadekalim
Haifa Dozan Middle East 057-9443301 Ben Gurion 35
Haifa Ein El Wadi‬, traditional Palestinian food 26 Wadi‬,
Haifa Fatush   Middle Eastern cuisine  Sderot Ben Gurion 38, Haifa, +972 4-852-4930
Haifa Shtroudl Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Vegetarian Friendly39 Shderot Ben
Gurion, Haifa  +972 77-700-4312
Haifa Abu Maru, Humus, Middle Eastern Kibbutz Galuyot Street 1, Haifa  054-631-2575
Haifa Kadarim  Middle Eastern, on the beach, David Elazar St 33, Haifa, +972 4-851-
Haifa Meat meat 057-9443942 HaNassi 129
Haifa Angus meat 48626603 27 HaMeginim
Haifa Pasta Factory Italy 057-9427413 Kedoshei Yassi 1 opposite Merkaz Congressim
Haifa Rola Levantine KitchenLebanese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern Moriah
11, Haifa +972 53-937-0326
Haifa Isabella bar Italy 057-9443415 Machanaim 8
Haifa Bracha sandwich 8524398 12 Shabtai Levy
Haifa Emil Shawarma, 33 Allenby, Haifa
Haifa Cafe Louise, breakfast, salads, vegetarian, vegan  Moriya Boulevard 58, 04-834-
Haifa Elkheir Druze CuisineLebanese, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
139 Shderot HaNasi, Haifa +972 4-850-0090
Haifa Nof Bay View  Chinese Restaurant HaNassi Blvd 101, Haifa, +972 4-835-4311
Haifa Kalamaris Restaurant, sea food Stella Maris  100, Haifa 04-831-4908
Haifa GiraffeJapanese, Asian, Chinese HaNassi 131, Haifa,+972 4-810-4012
Miki Shemo, Pâtisserie Shemo T. 04-8492273 Chef Miki Shemo; 6 rue Hativadat, Kiryat
Haim / 04-8418840; Moriah Boulevard 30, Haïfa / 04-8104448; 2 rue Shalom Aleichem,
Neve Shaanan Haïfa / 04-8224684, 14 rue KKL-JNF, Kiryat Motzkin / 04-8111505

Kiryat Ata Ale GefenMediterranean, Middle Eastern Sderot HaHistadrut 271 Kiryat Ata
+972 4-629-3746
Kiryat Ata Israela brunch bakeryYehuda Halevi 2, Kiryat Ata,  +972 77-207-0255
Haifa Zanzara  Italian, Pizza, Vegetarian Friendly 103 Ha-Galil, Haifa  04-832-5555

Acre Uri Burri **** fish Seafood, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern 9552212 9552212 dock
near the lighthouse
Acre Mercato, Italian, Seafood, European, 1 Weizman | The Turkish Bazaar 24,
Acre +972 4-822-2144
Acre El Marsa Restaurant, Bar, Seafood, Namal HaDayagim 13, Acre, +972 4-901-9281
Acre Doniana Seafood, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern. Homat Aco, Acre, Israel +972 4-
Acre Hummus Said, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Israeli, Old City Market, Acre, +972
Acre Maadali, Mediterranean, Turkish, Contemporary, The Turkish Bazaar, Acre +972 4-
Acre Abu Cristo *** fish Seafood, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Old Acre Marina,
9910065 Pisan harbor
Acre Savida Chief Dan Smulovitz fish Sea Food Bar Seafood, Mediterranean, Middle
Eastern 9019062 14 Salah e-Din, Turkish Bazar
Acre Kukushka   grill snack bar, Israeli, Mediterranean9019758 Turkish Bazar
Acre Napoli Restaurant Italian, Pizza, Mediterranean Salah e-Din  Khan a-
Shwarda, Acre +972 4-955-0523
Acre Shfaram Ice Cream ice 052-3068906 Turkish Bazaar
Afula Maklot Vanille,Cafe, Israeli, Vegetarian Friendly9 Joshua Henkin, Afula +972 4-
Afula  Hazarfatia HaktanaItalian, European, Vegetarian Friendly Rehov Shprintzak 5  
Near Central Station, Afula 7610230, Israel
Arabeh Ayesh Umelakh sinye 6225320
Beit Gabriel Wisdom of The Pretzel, American Israeli, Ma'agan Beit Gabriel, +972 4-675-
Beit Oren, Cat Ballou, viande Tsomet Beit Oren, 04- 8248474
Beit Shearim HaKdira shel Noga ** country 9830730
Binyamina,  Tishbi Winery RestaurantIsraeli, Mediterranean, Gluten Free Options
Carmiel  RotmanIsraeli, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options
Lotem Misgav Carmiel,  +972 4-677-8884
Derech HaAliya, Binyamina +972 4-628-8195
Binyamina Gaya bistro 6181818 Industrial Zone , opposite the railway station
Bnei Yehuda Hanahtom Chef Ronen Lavie bakery French country loaves Italian baked
goods pizza, focaccia and calzone, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and locally-produced
olive oil. Nof Golan commercial center, 6601222  
Caesarea Helena Fish Mediterranean Seafood Israeli Vegetarian Friendly Gluten Free
Options6100108 Old Port ***
Cesarea Mariposa Mediterranean Vegetarian FriendlyGolf Club, Caesarea +972 4-626-
Daliat al Carmel Middasat Hakeves ** Druze 8393510
Deganyia aleph Restaurant 1910 Italian, Mediterranean, European Degania Alef +972 4-
Ein Hod Doña Rosa Argentinian ranch food, grill,  Ein Hod's Artists' Village,+972 4-954-
Gilboa The Herb Farm ** country 6531093
Gilboa Kimmel Shaul Ben Aderet BaGilboa Head area via road Ta'anachim Nof Gilboa ,
Har Cnaan ** K Gan Eden country 6972434
Jordan Iskandar * country 6935544 side road - Gonen Gadot
Jeesh Lee'all Beirut ** Middle East 6989864 road Gush Halav
Katzrin Shos * Meat 6963334
Kfar Naim Sahara 6425959 ** Middle East On the road Afula Tiberias
Kfar Vradim Alumah 957477 **** France Road Tarshicha
Kafr Rama  Sharabik family restaurant, Galilean Palestinian kitchen, musakhan, stone-
oven-baked pita bread, homemade sumac; eggs baked in fermented goats’ milk; salads,
seasonal wild herbs. Kafr Rama’s main street, 04-999-5768
Kfar Thabor  CafederatziaIsraeli, Cafe, Vegetarian Friendly83 Ha-Meyasdim,
Kfar Thabor  +972 4-676-6233
Kfar Thabor Kiano, Bar Cafe Grill Pub Diner, Park HaMaayan, Kfar Tavor, +972 50-694-
Kibbutz Ashdod Yaakov Etsel Tamar country 6756688
Kibbutz Dan Dag AlHaDan fresh trout fish 6950225
Kibbutz Degania Aleph 1910 Mediterranean / Italy
Kibbutz Ein Gev Marinado meat
Kibbutz Kabri Adalina *** country 9952707
Kibbutz Shomrat Shota, Abkhazian cuisine Eastern European, Vegetarian
Friendly, Vegan Options, Kibboutz Shomrat +972 4-821-9208
Kibbutz Shomrat Alto - Goat Cheese Dairy and Coffee Shop, Mediterranean, Cafe, Israeli,
Kibutz Shomrat +972 54-561-4644
Koah Junction K- bab , Chef Josef Hanah modern Middle East
Kiryat Shmona Nehalim **France 6904875 Centre Gan Hatsafon road Huchshat Tal
Majdal Shams Abu Jabal desserts Hermon Junction, opposite Hotel Narkis
Metula Bat HaIkar ** country Harishonim 21 6997177
Migdal Magdalena Restaurant, Mediterranean Middle Eastern Israeli Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options Gluten Free Options, Migdal Junction, 073-7027299
Mitzpe Amuka Chavat Bat Ya'ar ** meat 6921788
Mitspeh HaYamim Muscat Hotel *** France kosher fresh produce collected daily
from the fields and orchards, the farm and the dairy of Mizpe Hayamim. Gluten Free
Options Vegetarian Friendly, Hotel Mizpe Hayamim Rosh Pina, 04-6994523
Moshav Beit Hillel Rosemarine ** country 7808699
Moshav Betset Martin’s farm country 9875593
Moshav Betset 300g meat 057-9439547
Moshav Kerem Ben Zimra Beit Rona country 053-805349 **
Moshav Livnim Restaurant Roberg, Israeli Kosher Vegan Options, Moshav Livnim, 04-
Moshav Nimrod The Casserole of the witch and the milkman ** 6870049
Moshav Ramot Moshbutz Chef Erez Regev meat
Naharyia, Michael Bistro,  43 HaGefen, Liman, Nahariya
Naharyia, Donatella, Pizza, Fast Food, 36 Shderot HaGaaton, Nahariya  +972 4-992-0011
Nazareth, Restaurant Oud typical Mediterranean cuisines (Arabic, Armenian, Turkish,
Greek and Spanish), Hôtel Nazareth Legacy, Chef Johnny Goric, Paul the 6th, Nazareth
Nazareth, Rosemary, bistro cafe, Nazareth Mary's Well, 04-647-1212
Nazareth TishreenMiddle Eastern, Mediterranean, Fusion El-Bishara 56, Mary's well,
Nazareth +97246084666
Nazareth Dewan al-Saraya Abu Ashraf  Middle Eastern, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan
Options al-Saraya building Old City   Nazareth
Nazareth Kahla Al bisharah st. 21, Nazareth  +972 77-439-4484
Nazareth Dante Chef Elias Mattar gastronomy 077-787-1556 Mary 's Well Square
Diana Nazareth Middle East 6572919 ***
Nazareth Hummus Abu Ghanem Middle East harif green falafel balls, appetizers and
salads  6467237 Pope Paul VI
Nazareth  Alreda Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Israeli  Old City 21, El-Bishara
Nazareth  +972 4-608-4404
Rama Sajur Ezba Daud family. seasonal authentic Arabic dishes, Rama village and Sajur
Rama Azba sinye 053-7105756
Ramat Yishai Nadav 's Desserts pastry, breakfast industrial zone
Ramat Yishai Limousine Meat Restaurant Butcher Shop,  1 Horesh HaAlonim St. Ramat
Ramot Naftali Aluma Bakfar Galilee Inn tapas , varied kitchen
Wine Bar at Rosh Pina Pina Barosh ** varied kitchen 6936582 HaHalutsim
Rosh Pina, Auberge Shulamit, Mediterranean French European Israeli Gluten Free
Options Vegetarian Friendly, 34 David Shuv Rosh Pina 04-6931485 or 04-6931494
Rosh Pina - Am country Burger ** 6801592 new mall
Rosh Pina BaBayit shel Rafa ** meat 6936192 Beit Professor Mor
Rosh Pina Shiri Bistro varied kitchen HaHalutzim 8
Rosh Pina Doris ** 6801313 meat in front of the Galilee mall
Safed Shiitake Kosher Restaurant Jerusalem 53, Safed, +972 52-225-2846
Sde Eliezer Meat-shoss Steakhouse Grill Barbecue Israeli, Sde Eliezer junction near Sonol
gas station, +972 4-699-7005
Tarshiha Boza 8738984 gelato in the village center
Tiberias, Avi's restaurant  Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Israel, HaKishon 4 next
toLeonardo Club Hotel, Tiberias  +972 4-679-1797
Tiberias Torrance Restaurant, Mediterranean, St. Andrew's Galilee, Scot's Hotel, Tiberias
Little Tiberias Seafood, European, Israeli HaKishon St Near Leonardo Club Hotel,
Tiberias +972 4-679-2806
Burgerim Tiberias, Steakhouse Mediterranean Argentinean South American Central
American Israeli, Yehuda Halevi 4, Tiberias, +972-46540150
Tiberias Decks ** meat 6725513 Lido Beach
Tiberias ** K Pagoda China Thailand 6725513 Lido Beach
Russia Tiberias Chiburchenia 6791263 Ancient market
Tiberias Hakebab Shel Ilan Ha iraqi meat 6744555 Barak Shikun Gimmel
Tivon Beit Lechem Haglilit Octagon meat 6425333 **
TivonTishri, viandes Beit Shearim, Kyriat Tivon Kosher
Umm al- Fahm El Babor ** Head Husam Abbas Middle East Highway 65 6110691
Yokneam Japro *** Japan France 9891988 New Hi- Tech Parkichron
Yokneam Tanduka, Yokneam, 04-9590323 Kosher
Zichron Yaakov  Tishbi Winery Italian, Israeli, Mediterranean, Meyasdim Street, Zichron
Yaakov,  +972 4-628-8195
Zichron Yaakov  Nili Israeli, MediterraneanHa Meyasdim 43, Zichron Yaakov  +972 4-
Zichron Yaakov Restaurant Oratorio, Elma Arts Complex Luxury Hotel, T. 02-5482230,
Chef Gil AviramZichron Yaakov Le rendez-vous,  Hanadiv 15, Zichron Yaakov,
0542094363 Kosher
Zichron Yaakov Piciotto 6290646 **
Zichron Yaakov HaNeshikah France 6390133 ***
Gastronomic travel in Galilee
Good addresses, restaurants and locally grown produce to take away or  for
consumption On the spot

Kolot Ha’adama Market,  organic fruit and vegetables  Sa’ar Sela, Route 65
next to the  Sde Ilan road
Baka al-Gharbiya Farmers market, Thursdays
Savida  fish-sea food Chef Dan Smulovitz, Turkish Bazar, 04-9019062. 12:00-
22:00 Sun-Sat. Acre
Kukushka bar, grilled meat Turkish Bazaar, 04-9019758, Acre
Hummus Abu Ghanem, humus and fresh salads, Pope Paul VI, (next to the
Mashbir), Nazareth, 04-646-7237
Badar Khan, Café, Turkish Bazaar, 04-9552622, 054-2822272, Acre
Shfaram Ice Cream,  Turkish Bazaar,  052-3068906, Acre
Abu Jabal, desserts, Hermon Junction, in front of Narkis Hotel , Majdal
El-Babor, Chef Husam Abbas route 65, intersevtion of Wadi Ara and Ein
Ibrahim, Umm al-Fahm
K-bab, Chef Josef Hanah, Modern Arab cuisine, Koah Junction
Shiri Bistro, 8 HaHalutzim, Rosh Pina
Aluma Bakfar Galilee Inn, tapas, Ramot Naftali
Kimmel BaGilboa, Chef Shaul Ben Aderet, area On the Ta’anachim road via
Nof Gilboa, between Beit She’an and Afula
1910, Mediterranee/Italy, Kibbutz Degania Alef
Marinado, meat, Kibbutz Ein Gev
Moshbutz  Chef Erez Regev, meat, Moshav Ramot,  Golan
Ben Hamo, traditional shipudia, 04- 6100463 ancient indiustrial zone , Or
Chiburchenia, Russian cuisine  , 04-6791263, ancient market, Tiberias
Hakebab Shel Ilan Ha’iraqi, grilled meat  04-6744555Barak, Shikun Gimmel,
The Witches Cauldron and the Milkman, stews,  Nimrod, Golan
Azba restaurant, sinye, Rama, 053-7105756
Ayesh Umelakh restaurant, sinye, Arabeh 04-6225320  
Jelil, traditional ceramics for siniyeh cooking, 052-5959360, Arabeh    
Taufik Khamisi, freshly ground flour, Kana Mill, 052-3113860, 04-6519815,
Kafr Kana
Nani Boutique Bakery, bread and cakes, 077-5618913, Kafr Kama
Mazan Circassian, traditional bakery, 052-3172828, Kafr Kama et
Elbrus Dairy, cheeses, 050-6825975, Kafr Kama
Moadon Halehem Hatov (The Good Bread Club), 04-6782551, Kafr Kama
Hanahtom Restaurant, Chef Ronen Lavie, bakery, pizzas, 04-660-1222, Centre
commercial  Nof Golan, Bnei Yehuda
Nadav’s Desserts, conditory, breakfast, industrial zone, Ramat Yishai
Shirat Ro’im, cheese, 3rd On the left after the entrance to the moshav, 052-
254-8052, Kfar Kish
Boza,  Italian ice cream, 04-873-8984, at the center of the village, Tarshiha
Pavo brewery , 04- 639-8988, Zichron Yaakov  
Balkees Abu Rabie and Abbie Rosner, tour and cuisine workshop, 052-3728452
A Paradise of vegetalian cuisine

Beit Marva 077-7877737 Hana 13, Haifa
Bouddha burger, 053-7102638 Derech HaYam 6, Haifa
Mish Mash Massada 19, 076-5411582 Haifa
Colonia - Colony Café  04-6372040 HaMoshav 33   Pardes Hanna  Karkur
Biga Tivon 053-7931782 Alonim  85 Oaks Kiryat Tivon  
Café Karkur HaMeyasdim 54   Pardes Hanna - Yaacov
Harduf  057-9441306 Kibbutz  Harduf
Dalia, 053-7102645 Amirim
Nevatim 053-7102092 Hatal 5, Kiryat Bialik
and of course in all restaurants, in particular oriental, Middle Eastern or vegetarian  that
offer salads, humus, techina etc
Café Louise, Moriah street, entrance to Carmelia, Haifa
Mina Tomei, Thailande, Japon, Coree, Vietnam, India Fliman 8, 04-6668080, Centre
Commercial Castro
Mina station, 04 6436688 Moriah 11, Haifa  
From February 9 to 12 2014, So Frenchy So Tasty,, The 2nd Week of French
gastronomy in Israel
On February 10 , 11 and 12, 19 French chefs join Israeli restaurants among
the best in Israel and offer the general public to discover a   new and unique menu , made by four
hands, and only for this Week
French gastronomy in Israel.
Among the French guests  we receive in Israeli restaurants :
- Sébastien Sanjou , one Michelin star at the Relais des moines in residence at HaNamal 24 ( Haifa)
with the Israeli Chef Ran Rosh
- Didier Edon , Domaine  des hautes roches in residence at Bistro Venya (Haifa) with the Israeli
Chef Sivan Shahar
- Eric Provost, l’Etrier at the Hôtel Royal Barrière  Deauville in residence at Dante (Nazareth) with
the Israeli Chef Elias Mattar

From November 2 to 11 2013, First Festival of Polish gastronomy in Israel
On November 2, 18:00, Festival Opening Event, Yoske Pincus cooks with Artur Moroz ,
not kosher, reservation 04-8645108,
"In heaven there's no beer, so we have to drink as much as possible
down below" (the motto of Yoske Pincus , 85-year-old bartender and owner of Haifa's Ha'Ogen tavern ) Yosef
(Yoske) Pincus, born in Będzin in southern Poland in 1928, was liberated from the Dachau concentration camp in
1945 and signed On as a cook in Israeli's merchant navy. In 1962 he and his late wife Miriam bought a café On
the Mediterranean coast - where he had landed On arriving in Israel - and transformed it into a pub that is still
active today. Yoske rises early each morning and alongside his son, Gili, who's continuing the family business,
pours draught beer for the regulars and prepares the daily dish - goulash, klops (meatloaf), or slow-cooked pork
chops.Artur Moroz is the owner of Bulaj - a successful pub-restaurant On the Baltic Sea in Sopot, a resort town
near Gdansk in the province of Pomerania. The young Polish chef is among the leaders of the local slow-food
movement, and an enthusiastic proponent of local ingredients; he has became one of the trailblazing chefs of
Poland's contemporary and engaging cuisine. One of the dishes that's regularly served at Bulaj is Jewish gefilte
fish, cured with vinegar and onions and served in a jar. Later in the Polish Food Week Artur Moroz will be
cooking a special Polish dinner together with the chefs of the Machneyuda restaurant in Jerusalem (URL).With
the opening of the Polish Food Week, Yoske Pincus and Artur Moroz will cook side-by-side in the kitchen of
Haifa's Ha'Ogen pub. Each one will prepare his own version of gefilte fish plus a slow-cooked casserole - in classic
Eastern European style.
The Anchor, Ha'Ogen pub, Haifa
On November 8, 12:00, Friday at the tavern, not kosher, reservation 04-8623193,
in 1962, this famed Haifa bar-restaurant is among the last standard-bearers of the Jewish-European tavern
culture. On the menu: chopped liver with fried onions, kreplach, herring, gefilte fish, goose, smoked ham, and the
famous kostitza
Maayan Habirah, Haifa.
On November 8, 12:00-19:00, Launch of Yoske's Friday menu,  not kosher, reservations
In Honor of the Polish Food Week, a new Friday menu will debut at this veteran tavern that has
been part of Haifa's scenery for over seventy years. "The new menu is entirely father's", says Gili Pincus -
referring to the Polish-Eastern Europe menu passed down from his father, Yossef (Yoske) Pincus, the legendary
85-year-old bartender. Pincus was born in Poland in 1928 and was liberated from the Dachau concentration camp
in 1945. He is a retired cook from the Israeli merchant navy, and still today prepares an Eastern European style
dish every morning. The new menu is to be served every Friday from 12:00 to 19:00, and will feature cabbage and
dill salad; ikra (taramasalata); chopped liver; jellied calves foot; potato salad; goulash soup (a winter delight so
thick a spoon stands up in it); stuffed cabbage On mashed potatoes; cholent; hot klops (meatloaf) with potatoes,
and other culinary joys.
Ha'Ogen Pub, The Anchor,  Haifa
On November 8, 12:00, Jack ve'hafunim  Polish style, not kosher, reservations 04-
Jack and the Beanstalk, founded in 1993, has undergone several transformations - from sitting alone
in the dark, to serving residents of downtown Haifa and blue-collar workers with goulash, varenikes, and other
garlic-intensive foods. To celebrate Polish Food Week, the menu will showcase Polish and Eastern European food
(served to a Polish soundtrack) - bean soup, matjes herring with green onions, apples, and sour cream; ikra
(taramasalata) with cream cheese and green onions; chopped liver; potato knishes filled with liver, Polish
cauliflower…and more surprises.
Jack and the Beanstalk,  Haifa
Polish Gastronomy Festival  
So Frenchy So Tasty